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【Unite 2017 Tokyo】実演!Timeline+Cinemachineによるカットシーン作り


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講演者:アンディ・タッチ(Unity Technologies)



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【Unite 2017 Tokyo】実演!Timeline+Cinemachineによるカットシーン作り

  1. 1. Timeline & Cinemachine Mixing Gameplay and Cutscenes, within Unity
  2. 2. Andy Touch Product Content Evangelist, Unity Technologies
  3. 3. Timeline & Cinemachine
  4. 4. Game Cutscenes •  Intro Cutscene: •  Embedded Cutscene: Time Timeline: Hero Wakes Up Gameplay: Hero Fights Enemies Hero Enters Room Time Boss Appears Boss Fight!
  5. 5. Game Cutscenes •  Parallel Cutscene: Time Timeline: NPC Enters House Gameplay: Hero Exploring House Timeline: Rainstorm Outside Timeline: NPC Talking
  6. 6. Timeline – 2017.1 Feature •  A built-in Unity feature to sequence cutscenes for your games. •  Can control Animations, Audio, Particles and more! •  Can be extended using the Playables API. Custom Tracks and Clips! •  Flexible to control various different elements of your game.
  7. 7. Cinemachine – Available Now! •  A selection of Camera Rigs & Controls for different view scenarios. •  Very easy to integrate with existing Unity Camera setups. •  Integrates well into Timeline.
  8. 8. Building a small cutscene. Demo Time!
  9. 9. Thank You! Any Questions? @andytouch