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Unit4 in the Wholesale sector


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Unit4 has 35 years' experience working with wholesalers and more than 400 organisations worldwide take advantage of the time and cost savings that Unit4 solutions help achieve.

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Unit4 in the Wholesale sector

  1. 1. In business for people. Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  2. 2. In business for people.Page 2 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 Unit4 in the Wholesale sector • 35 years’ experience in the wholesale industry. • Over 400 organizations use our wholesale solutions. • Many wholesalers are already taking advantage of the time and cost savings that Unit4 solutions achieve.
  3. 3. In business for people.Page 3 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 “Unit4 has a great deal of experience in automating construction material wholesaling. A number of our partner companies are already working with Unit4’s Wholesale solution and report both good functionality and comprehensive support for staff.“ Veris Construction Materials Group Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  4. 4. In business for people.Page 4 Proprietary and Confidential “To gain competitive advantage, we wanted one method and one ICT area, because automation plays an increasingly large role in our organization. In addition, we wanted a partner who would be able to manage all of our ICT related matters. We asked Unit4 to manage the entire process, not only with software, but also with technical knowledge and the delivery of the right hardware.“ Imbema Group Unit4 in the Wholesale sector7-Sep-15
  5. 5. In business for people.Page 5 Proprietary and Confidential “Whatever we trade in, our ERP and ebusiness platform can help us sell anything. We can now respond quickly to change.“ Autosport Tepper Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  6. 6. In business for people.Page 6 Proprietary and Confidential “Unit4's Wholesale solution is a wonderful application for automating different sort of processes. I have worked with a number of ERP application in my career and I can honestly say that, if correctly implemented and used, it is the best of the bunch for us as a supplier of high- quality connectivity solutions.“ Teesing Unit4 in the Wholesale sector7-Sep-15
  7. 7. Unit4 is changing the rules for Wholesale ERP
  8. 8. In business for people.Page 8 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 The wholesale industry is continually subjected to the changing dynamics within the supply chain. Not only is the chain constantly in motion, organizations too are changing all the time… …more and more wholesalers are transforming from businesses with physical sales to a hybrid of physical and digital sales. Whether they are selling to consumers, resellers or both, more transactions take place online… Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  9. 9. In business for people.Page 9 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 … with Unit4’s Wholesale solutions you can keep evolving as situations in the market change, supporting your strategies and challenges, allowing your business to grow and be agile while remaining cost-effective. Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  10. 10. In business for people.Page 10 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 Our solutions helps Wholesale organizations: • Enjoy full supply chain optimization and automation. • Automate back-office processes. • Deliver significant strategic advantage by responding quickly to the rapidly changing and more demanding customer market with new business models. • Make better-informed decisions and deliver the operational transparency. • Effectively manage high volume/low margin operations. • Connect and increase their collaboration and communication with business partners, suppliers and customers across the supply chain. • Provide more omni-channel services and support ecommerce challenges and opportunities with fully integrated ecommerce platform. Unit4 in the Wholesale sector
  11. 11. In business for people.Page 11 Proprietary and Confidential7-Sep-15 Imbema Group, IT Director at Imbema Groep "In B2C webshops are indispensable, but also a wholesaler like Imbema it is vital that customers can find us online. They increasingly look for products through via Google, so both your site and catalog must be prepared for the right online customer experience. Unit4’s ecommerce solutions not only helps us to organize the information to (potential) customers, but also show our added value as an advisor. Our new ecommerce solution contributes to attracting new business." Logistiek Unit4 in the Wholesale sector