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Digital Gen: Security Infographic


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The Generation-D Dilemma — How Tech-Savvy Workers Are Affecting Enterprise Security.

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Digital Gen: Security Infographic

  1. 1. Rising cybercrime attacks are costing the global economy a fortune. $445 billion (£405 billion) annually SOURCE: 3 Ways to Make Mobile Security As Easy As Hitting The “Like” Button, Forbes, July 13, 2015. The majority of workers report using non-approved applications in their jobs. SOURCE: Stratecast — Frost & Sullivan, The Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT, November 2013. 80% SOURCE: Stratecast — Frost & Sullivan, The Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT, November 2013. Sensitive corporate or personal data will be accidentally exposed to unauthorised users. With SaaS, I am not sure who is responsible for protecting data. 42% Sensitive corporate or personal data will be accessed or stolen by unauthorised malicious actors/criminals. 41% 40% Account information (ID/password) will be compromised. 40% Corporate reputation will suffer due to security or access issues. 42% Computers, mobile devices or networks will be infected by viruses or malware. 35% 32% 34% Unable to secure SaaS usage on all devices. My company will not be in compliance with regulations. Encrypted data will be susceptible to breach. 40% 36% Using SaaS will make me liable for data loss or breach. Data will be lost or deleted by the cloud provider. 38% Users will be unable to access the application, due to service outage, access issues, etc. 30% Even though a large percentage of workers have the following concerns, they still take risks: DILEMMA — HOW TECH-SAVVY WORKERS ARE AFFECTING ENTERPRISE SECURITY. THE GENERATION-D Here’s what Gartner, Computer Economics, and other leading experts have to say about the impact that the digital generation of workers will have on IT infrastructure. Find out how you can give digital generation workers the apps, solutions and support they want without sacrificing control, visibility and security. LEARN MORE AT OUR DIGITAL GENERATION RESOURCE CENTRE. WWW.UNISYS.CO.UK/GENERATIOND 03/16 16-0110 (8)