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Find out about the project scenarios supported
by our Data Management solutions and how they
can accelerate your projects, optimize business processes and put important decisions on a reliable and sound basis.

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Data management - English

  1. 1. UniServ DaTa ManageMenT ProjecT SzenarioS High-Quality Company Data The basis for confidence and sustainable growth. Uniserv Data Management supports you in achieving The success of these challenges depends substantially on your corporate goals. the quality of the underlying company data. The optimization of CRM, ERP, e-business or legacy sys- Here you will find out about the project scenarios sup- tems, corporate takeovers, the setup of a company-wide ported by our Data Management solutions and how they business intelligence system or the merging of different can accelerate your projects, optimize business processes systems are challenges which modern companies repeat- and put important decisions on a reliable and sound basis. edly have to face up to nowadays. analytical Business applications Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Corporate Performance Management Governance, Risk & Compliance operative Business applications Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Supplier Relationship Management Master Data Management Customer Data Integration
  2. 2. UniServ DaTa ManageMenT Data Quality Initiatives Plausible company data, i.e. data which stands up to scrutiny on all sides, is the basis and absolute prerequi- TARGET PROJECTS site for optimized process flows in a company. Duplicate and incorrect data records in the company obstruct the Deduplication processes and, if nothing else, call any statements and Address validation decisions made into question. Data enhancement Uniserv Data Management secures the requisite data Sanction list monitoring quality in the operative or analytical business applica- Fraud detection & protection tions. Once data quality has been achieved (data cleans- Combatting money laundering ing) and is regularly monitored (DQ Firewall / Monitor- etc. ing), it speeds up almost all of your business processes and provides you with a competitive advantage which should not be underestimated. Data Integration Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse: Uniserv Data Management really enables you to integrate your com- TARGET PROJECTS pany data across the enterprise. A consistent, high-qual- ity database enables your users to analyze data quickly Data Warehouse and therefore e.g. react to market trends in good time. Business Intelligence Data quality is at the centre of the products and strategic Performance Management orientation at Uniserv. - e.g. sales / revenue planning Uniserv Data Management not only integrates data - Credit check from different data sources, it also ensures high-quality - Payables management - etc. data across the enterprise which satisfies the highest demands. This data foundation provides a secure basis for your decisions. Data Migration / Data Consolidation Merger & Acquisition, Migration of CRM and ERP Legacy company or individual business units. Optimized data- Systems: As a rule, the integration of existing databases bases accelerate your business processes and reduce costs obtained through the acquisition of a company or parts significantly. of a company must take place quickly. Completely differ- ent business processes require the newly migrated data for further processing. Amongst other things, the goal TARGET PROJECTS is to provide consistent and consolidated master data for Company takeover customers, suppliers or articles in the short term. Company split-up High-quality company data is also the key to success in Complete data transfer the migration and consolidation process. By means of ERP migration Uniserv Data Management solutions, you can ensure that Setup of a CRM system data does not occur multiple times or that incorrect data Data archiving is accepted during the data transfer from the acquired
  3. 3. ProjecT SzenarioSData SynchronisationMaster Data Management & Customer Data Integration: ly recorded customer master data is monitored, incorrectUniserv Data Management enables you to create a Single entries are detected or even automatically corrected andView of your customer master data. the up-to-dateness of the data is secured. High-qualityThe so-called ‘Single View of Customer’ elevates your customer master data is the most valuable asset of anycustomer relationships to a new level and presents you company. This has a direct impact on your business.with completely new opportunities in sales and market-ing (e.g. up- and cross-selling). Irrespective of whether itconcerns customer care or customer acquisition, you arealways in the picture and have a clear view of the correctcustomer master data. TARGET PROJECTSIt goes without saying that the automatic consolidationof customer data must also be possible if the various Master Data ManagementCRM and ERP systems work with different customer or Customer Data Integrationreference numbers. Uniserv Data Management supports Simple system synchronisationyou over the entire data lifecycle here. Centrally or local-Uniserv Data Management PlatformThe Uniserv Data Quality Service HubThe Uniserv Data Quality Service Hub is a reliable platform for the provision of all the required Data Quality and DataIntegration Services.
  4. 4. UniServ DaTa ManageMenT ProjecT SzenarioS Uniserv Data Quality Service Hub The Uniserv Data Quality Service Hub is modularly Extract, Transform, Load) enables you to extract data structured and can be operated (a) as a fully inte- from virtually any data source and change it, e.g. enhan- grated complete platform and (b) with selected ce it with new data. With the Uniserv Data Integration individual functions as desired. Services, you are able to set up and professionally ope- rate a Business Warehouse / Business Intelligence system without any difficulty. BASIC FUNCTIONS Data Quality Services rules engine Data Integration Services The Uniserv Data Quality Rules Engine enables you to Rules Engine optimize your business processes during operation. As a Metadata Repository result, internal and external rules in your company (e.g. statutory requirements, internal specifications, etc.) can be flexibly mapped and implemented. Data Quality Services It is therefore no longer necessary to add and maintain The Data Quality Services from Uniserv help you to ensu- rules and rule changes at various points in the individu- re that your data quality initiatives achieve a successful al business processes. Simply store your business rules outcome, no matter whether it concerns securing excel- centrally in the Data Quality Rules Engine. The Data lent data quality for operative or analytical applications, Quality Rules Engine implements your specifications au- the successful implementation of system migrations and tomatically and monitors them in the respective business consolidations, the setup of Master Data Management processes. systems or use of the Uniserv solutions in the SaaS mode, in local use (on-premise) or in hybrid processing. Metadaten Management The Uniserv Data Quality Services generate a high data You can easily keep track of your data with Uniserv quality, ensure the correct transaction of your business Metadata Management. Metadata Management enab- processes (compliance) and form the basis for effective les you to determine at any time which source the data data governance. originated from and which destination systems it was transferred to. Data integration Services You gain an insight into the processing rules of the data The Uniserv Data Integration Services support a large and always know who has altered which data. Efficient number of data sources from a very wide range of Metadata Management is the basic requirement for hardware platforms. Uniserv‘s in-house ETL tool (ETL = cross-system integration processes. UniServ gmbH Rastatter Str. 13 • 75179 Pforzheim • Germany • T: +49 7231 936 - 0 F: +49 7231 936 - 3002 • E: • © Uniserv GmbH • Pforzheim • All rights reserved.