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Career choice workshop


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Career choice workshop

  3. 3. My career vision Where do I see My interests myself? What do I like? My life goals How am I going to get to where I see myself?The labour market My skillsWhere do I research What am I good at?occupations/ jobs? My values My support system What is important to me? How do I get the support I need? My career influences Who/ what shaped my career ideas?
  4. 4. MY CAREER VISION Where do I see myself?
  5. 5. MY LIFE GOALS How to get from where I am now to where I see myself…
  6. 6. MY SKILLS What am I good at?
  7. 7. MYVALUESWhat isimportantto me?
  8. 8. MY CAREERINFLUENCES Who/ what shaped my career ideas?
  9. 9. MYSUPPORTDo I knowwhat I needandhow to getsupport?
  10. 10. THE LABOURMARKET Where do I research occupations/ jobs?
  11. 11. MY INTERESTS What do I like?
  12. 12. MY INTERESTS Human Economic &Agriculture & Sciences Management Science, Environ- Art Sciences Engineering mental Reading Working with Law Sciences Performing Persuading & Technology numbers EducationPhysical activity Speaking to or Maths and Working with people Agriculture Working with in front of Sciences money Influencing Working with development of groups Planning Running own others hands/ children Interacting with Problem-solving business Social justice machines Teaching others Designing Leading others Solving difficult Plants Taking care of things Selling situations Animals others Knowing how products/ Fixing things Other cultures things work services Food Spiritual issues Planning Languages Which one of these groups of interests best describes you?
  13. 13. MY INTERESTS Human Economic & Sciences Management CommunicationAgriculture & Sciences Journalism and Environ- Accounting Related Studies Science, Sciences Family Ecology mental Engineering Economic and Consumer Sciences & Technology Sciences Sciences Agriculture, Computer and (Economics, Health Agricultural Law Information Decision Professions Operations Education Law Sciences Sciences, Languages and Related Education Public Engineering Logistics) Philosophy, Sciences Management Applied Management Religion andEnvironmental Mathematics, Sciences (All TheologyManagement Mathematics & management, Psychology Consumer Statistics Industrial Public Sciences Chemistry Psychology, ManagementLife Sciences Public Social Sciences Management) Visual and Law Performing ArtsCareer fields in Unisa Colleges
  14. 14. MYINTERESTS DownloadMy choice @ UnisaGo to pages 30-33 to link career fields with specific qualifications
  16. 16. MY COUNSELLINGSERVICESCareer decisions, career information, employability skills,my studies at Unisa, personal issues, helping you tounderstand processes at Unisa Website E-mail Ask a counsellor Facebook Twitter
  17. 17. IMAGESSlide 4Kumashiro Optique. H-Fusion HFS-702. Available: 5marttj. Watch Your Step. Available: 6delarge. Skills. Available: 7iMorpheus. Friendship Festival: Friendship. Available: 8More Good Foundation. Mormon Family Black. Available: 9P-J-TRASH. Hold my hand forever. Available: 10vasinvictor. Newspaper. Available: 11netum. macro 9. Available: