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Facts About Farm to Table


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Learn about the farm to table concept and get some tips and ideas of how to incorporate a Farm to Table concept into your event or meeting.

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Facts About Farm to Table

  1. 1. FACT ll. l'li‘lil'ilBii‘ "Farm to Table" refers to a very specific method of food production that includes detailed steps: harvesting, storage, prorxéssinrr packaging, sales, and consumption. It has been created as a movement by sriiallei companies in the food industry to promote local farms by having; their fruit, vegetable, and meat products specially delivered to customers. VICINITY HEALTH / ‘i. /(ii fl fir .71 ii l-1.-‘i 33:" r :3, pl: ,ii'. _'(Z %ll'l_". _’, pliirits. r3l'lI. i <'. i'>ir’ii’i’; e'-r’<’: i2il w= r'. i:ln: 'ir': ; [his £i(, ,‘Ijlt_‘i. }SC‘.5 tt". «,: r: t'iar‘ir: es of ; it'astir. ril(~-5 Di iir’iI'. <-r, ('. x’: ~.i-’: i’y plt1St: T". ’£]ll‘. i'(? iR aifti: ::tiri§; , tl'i-. :- qiidlily iif yniii lririrl liy r'; ‘t. 't: r (>7/'. «’U Must . ‘lHlt*. ‘§i'l§1'/ l"‘rtniiillll tr: laluit. -" 5;-: :iv: <:: »i: f. :irrii williiii ;1:ia= .'er. ,a‘r; r-rilTil ri'iile-3 (ll tlir: ir lii: :iri'i-: :- cur lru~; ir‘ir: ss Al arr i, *l". "t*l-:1"; f,: ‘_* llllvlllfj sriui-r. -nil, that's eitiiruiit lialf arr l'ii1_>lJl »; iv. i'a'-, r COMMUNITY Pill! ii1illlf~; lllilllittllllltl latilr '. r:. ii: itir; r'is tiara priweri ll) 'Yl'l[. T'I, l‘. 'L' tlw: z: <:r, iriu'i'iir: slsale Hi It»: .15. tririris ir'y' 2?)": a"ir; t redr. ir: r: the I: §*1lili_| I}litlllllllllliil"y"Q1i"-i. ‘-ntiiie zil-Kr: :"i’ii'. iii;7a§, ir. :3 ‘I: -u: _l ~1ivi. :rsit",4' Several locations around the world have already begun relying on "Farm to Table" providers and restaurants. The result has been an average 17% decrease in food related health problems since 2012. ' ' AJ j T 42% 70% “ of meals eaten by families in the ~ . n g 70°/ o of the calories that people United States have started out Consume Come from heavily frozen. This means that nearly . . processed food, including l50mg half of the food we are eating has of food Colorin Com ared to the been of reduced taste, nutrition, g P 30mg of i950. and quality. Eating "Farm to Table" food has been proven to help prevent: . - Cancer, Obesity, ADHD, Neurodevelopment Defects, Reproductive Defects, and Hormonal defects by l2°/ o. Want to start serving "Farm to Table" food at your events? Here are some wonderful options: Q? 0 Crudités displays 0 Fresh Desserts 0 Fresh harvest jam 0 Locally sourced meat 0 Flower arrangements 0 Organic berries and waffles 0 Grilled vegetables 0 Fresh Lemonade 0 Local wine tasting 0 Homemade biscuits S()UR(‘ES lillp: // phil: l(lClpl‘li1l. Cl')$| ()Cill . cmn/ lop-Iisls/ lop-t1mn-ln-l: ihlc-rcslaumrits-iii-pliiIadclphizv llllp: // curiosity. discuvcry. com/ qucstioi1/l11nn-lo-lziblc-[bod-rno'cincnl htlp: // www. cpicurious. com/ articlcsguides/ (liniriglmvcl/ rcsl:1un1iits/ thrimotab| c_irilm htlp: // calocrucy. cnn. cnm/2010/1 1/09/clarilied-lirnn-lo-tablw hllp: // grccnl i*iiig. :iboiit. coin/ ml/ grccnzillioinc/ :vl~'nnn-'lb-Furk. hlin http: // farmI1avor. com/ catcg0ry/ thnn-to-thrkx U 2.; Social 333$!