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Why Omni-channel Marketing in Ecommerce


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How the business model has evolved from Brick and Mortar to Omni-channel and what drove this change. Planning an omni-channel scenario and the role of Big Data in Omni-channel.

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Why Omni-channel Marketing in Ecommerce

  1. 1. Why Omni-channel Marketing in Ecommerce
  2. 2. Why Omni-channel Marketing in Ecommerce This paper will take you through the following: • Evolution of the Business Model • What is Omni-channel Marketing • Planning the Omni-channel Scenario • Big Data in Omni-channel
  3. 3. Evolution of the Business Model What is Omni-Channel Marketing • A channel-agnostic approach to manage and optimize customer relationships • Promotes awareness, interest and response by integrating informational, transactional and service platforms like television, videos, online and physical display advertising, email, mobile, ecommerce portals, POS systems, etc. • Synchronizes and orchestrates various marketing channels such as websites, smart phones, tablets, social networking, etc., to understand buying behaviour and personalize it, so that customer revenues and loyalty are assured
  4. 4. Planning the Omni-channel Scenario For firms that wish to be an Omni-channel success, there has to be a plan and suitable execution for selling and servicing across multiple channels, a strategy that measures customer touch points at every step. The plan has to be a blend of branding, messaging, offers and pricing. Points to remember when forming a plan: • The advent of Omni-channel marketing is creating a more intimate connect between brands and their loyal followers, personalizing their experiences • Brands are trying to understand customers, respond to their needs, serve them at every interaction point and empower and equip them with appropriate information and more buying power • Omni-channel is about operational excellence, quicker processes, increased accuracy, consistent retail execution and deriving actionable insights from constant customer interactions • Delivering well-thought out content needs an integration of analytics, measurement and marketing
  5. 5. Big Data in Omni-channel The dawn of Omni-Channel marketing is bringing about a tectonic shift - consumers armed with smart phones, mobile apps, online reviews and who can simultaneously navigate in-store and online retail environments are driving the consumer space. Hence, smartphones and big data analytics are influencing the technology changes in the Omni-channel scenario. Digitization of retail is seeing more and more consumers downloading mobile retail apps. There is now more clarity and uniformity in customer data and understanding customer needs. With data accumulated from different channels, there is predictability in addressing the customer like never before.
  6. 6. Conclusion For ecommerce firms, Omni-channel strategy advocates a synergy of varied marketing platforms for positive outcomes. For consumers, it is all about convenience and fulfillment.
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