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Optimizing Customer Experience Online

How can a business improve customer experience on its online store? Find out here

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Optimizing Customer Experience Online

  1. 1. • A fulfilling and satisfying customer experience can be the difference between success and failure for an ecommerce company • No matter how superior the products, a terrible shopping experience online is bound to turn customers away • For an online store, it is much harder to please people without meeting them physically
  2. 2. • An ecommerce company must make sure it adheres to the “3-I” practice to keep up with customer needs and deliver a great shopping experience: Identify Innovate Implement
  3. 3. • Identify: The ecommerce business can identify the parts of its website that need to be spruced • Innovate: The ecommerce business needs to come up with alternatives to the current inefficient or ineffective process • Implement: Test alternative process ideas and then implement the innovation that was most successful in achieving the objective
  4. 4. While implementing the “3-I” practice do remember that it is not a one-shot process, but a cyclical one that must be carried out recurrently to ensure visitors remain loyal to your business. Identify Implement Innovate
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