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Unik engineering


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We are having reputed name in the industry as a manufacturer of products such as Hand Railing, Outdoor Gate, Spiral Staircase and many more. We are also the service provider for Fabrication Service.

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Unik engineering

  1. 1. UNIK ENGINEERING SS Fabrication UPVC Doors Roofing
  2. 2. UNIK ENGINEERING Unik Engineering Established in the year of 2011, a company pioneer that provide wide range of Stainless Steel products. Being Modular in Design we specialize in all types of Construction projects from secondary steel work. Our Products are being largely used by various Interior Designers, Architects, Construction contractors and Builders. Our Business is based on Precision, Flexibility, and innovation. we are one of the best fabricators, manufacturer of durable, useful and aesthetic variety of railing system, All Rod Railings, Ramp Railing, Side Mounted Balcony Railing, etc., We rising needs in the domestic and commercial sector for unique, innovative and premium quality fabrications. Because our products are synonymous with strength & durability. Our Technicians are specialized in stainless steel fabrication for architectural uses, and they are experts at developing and designing metal into exquisite designs. We use 316, 304 and 202 grade Stainless Steel Handrails, Balustrades which helps us in manufacturing the best quality of railings available in the international market. Our Products:  Spiral Staircase  Handrail Systems  Steel Balustrades  Stainless Steel glass Hand Railings  Rope Railings  Side & Wall Mounted Balcony Railing  Signage  Grills & Gates Quality:  Superior quality  Customization  Durability  Adaptability  Aesthetic product range Our Strength: “Quality should be Part of Our Soul” because the company ensures stringent quality control measures which helps us in maintaining high standard right from site surveys and design to supply and installation.  Quality product  Competent team of professionals  Competitive pricing  Timely Delivery of Consignments  Rich clientele
  3. 3. 304 Grade: 304 stainless steel has a high resistance to rust. It withstands corrosion from most oxidizing acids and is often used for kitchen and food applications. 304 grade is the most common form of stainless steel used around the world. It contains between 16 and 24 percent chromium and up to 35 percent nickel as well as small amounts of carbon and manganese. The most common form of 304 stainless steel is 18-8, or 18/8, stainless steel, which contains 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. 316 Grade: 316 grade is the second-most common form of stainless steel. It has almost the same physical and mechanical properties as 304 stainless steel and contains a similar material make-up. The difference is that 316 stainless steel incorporates about 2 to 3 percent molybdenum, which increases corrosion resistance— particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Alternative 300-series grades can contain up to 7 percent molybdenum. Properties: Type 304 Type 316 Carbon 0.08 % max 0.08 % max Manganese 2.00 % max 2.00 % max Phosphorus 0.045 % max 0.045 % max Sulphur 0.030 % max 0.030 % max Silicon 1.00 % max 1.00 % max Chromium 18.00-20.00 16.00-18.00 Nickel 8.00-10.50 % 10.00-14.00 % Molybdenum ---- 2.00-3.00 % Spiral Staircase: We provide a wide range of Spiral Staircase products. Another product line is Stainless steel, Cast iron and MS Spiral designing and Fabrication including metal fabrication, erection of structural steel for clients of various industries. Since we have a well- developed structural steel designing and delivery system we are able to establish our predominance in the industry. We will be able to guide your Interior and as well as Exterior Spiral Designing for Entire Process. Stainless Steel Grade:
  4. 4.  Glass Spiral Staircase  Structure Part is Fabricate by Stainless steel  Railing : Stainless steel / Glass  Steps : Toughened Glass / Laminated Glass  We Give extreme Rich Look Finishing especially for Interior staircase Houses. Wooden Spiral Staircase:  Wooden Steel Spiral Staircase  Structural Part is Fabricated By Stainless steel  Step is fixed by wood and top rail also construct by wood its costs extra. Glass Spiral Staircase:
  5. 5. Walking into this Modern Time we are sure to be left breathless as we take in its prolific Staircase Parts. A minimalistic yet extravagant home like this one leaves both residents and guests in awe, not only at the amazing structure, and incredible décor, but the scenery, views and all the little details in between a Fabricated Products among this floating staircase give Extreme Rich Look to your home and we give assurance for you to Quality as well as in Economic costs. A handrail is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support. Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending staircase escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. High quality of stainless steel is procured from our Reliable Vendors. Helical Staircase: Floating Staircase:
  6. 6. Handrails:  Stainless Steel Handrail  Mild Steel Handrail  Glass Handrail  Wooden Handrail  Aluminium Handrail Stainless Steel Handrail: Wooden Steel Handrail:
  7. 7. We are one of the Best Manufacture of Glass Hand railing, we have various designs of high Quality Glass Handrails. Here were we used 10mm & 12mm thickness Toughened & Laminated Glass must always be used in post free glass Railings. By using of high quality of stainless steel causes Durability also makes them Corrosion Resistant. Glass Thickness Lass Load 10 mm A-D 0.8 kN /m 12 mm A-C5 1.0 kN/m 16 mm A-C5 3.0 kN/m Glass Handrail: Unik Engineering
  8. 8. Balustrade Handrail:
  9. 9. Wall Mounted Handrail:
  10. 10. We are providing Roofing Contractor Service to the customers. All the work related to roof is done by us with the help of our advance infrastructure and diligent workforce. Also, the prefect finishing and effectiveness of our Roofing Contractor Service to satisfy the customers most. Roofing:  Industrial Roofing  Sandwich Puf Panel Roofing  Polycarbonate Roofing  Galvanized Roofing
  11. 11. Sandwich Puf Panel: Creative Panel Systems are the answer to the Architectural problem of providing high insulation value to the roofing and wall in air conditioning and industrial/commercial building. It provides one-step solution in the form of a prefabricated sandwich polyurethane panel which ensure exceptional strength. Since it is composite system comprising of Profile on one side, linear tray on the inner face and injected CFC free, and closed cell high density polyurethane in between.
  12. 12. Industrial Roofing: We are the leading Industrial Roofing Contractor Service. The roofing materials are fabricated from superior quality raw material to with stands high temperature. We are involved in offering a wide range of services that are metal roofing, industrial roofing, fibre sheet roofing and residential roofing. Our products are in adherence with industrial quality standards. We offer these roofing materials and sheets in various shapes, sizes and dimensions.
  13. 13. Galvanized Roofing System:
  14. 14. Polycarbonate Roofing System: False Ceiling: Gypsum Plasterboards and special boards are the ultimate lining solution for today’s building provides high levels of performance in terms of fire rating, acoustic insulation, and thermal insulation, moisture resistance to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for occupant. They offer superior aesthetically inspiring solutions for walls, ceiling, lift shafts and corridors in buildings.
  15. 15. We can Install 10000 Litre to 10 Lacks Litre as Single Tank. SMC Panel Tank:  Easy to assemble in size at the site  Safe for drinking water storage as tanks are made from FDA approved material  Weatherproof, waterproof, moisture proof and rot proof.  Easy to dismantle and shift in case of change in site  Easy to increase or decrease the size.  Very quick installation.
  16. 16. This special compound gives exceptionally high impact strength, the longevity and superior quality to the UPVC profiles. Till now, it is one of the most stable formula compounds of window products.  The wind resistance is guaranteed by the maximum reinforcement chamber design.  The frame profile also can be used as transom.  Wall thickness 2.2mm  Glass range is 4mm to 30mm  Coextruded gasket make assembly easily and tight seal. UPVC Windows and Doors: Living in comfort and style take the next step ahead of others by transforming your home with UPVC Windows from UNIK, the innovator in window and door designing. UPVC frames perform well in accelerated weathering test.
  17. 17. P. Raja Sugumar M.E, MBA. Senior Sales Manager, Unik Engineering, No, 4 Malar Complex, Padi Pudhunar, Anna Nagar West, Chennai-600101. Contact: : :, : +91-9677118161, +91-9176122924. : 044-65688788