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Take5 - 5 ways to simplify your communications systems


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Take 5 with Unify and find out how you can simplify your communications systems.

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Take5 - 5 ways to simplify your communications systems

  1. 1. RETHINKING COMMUNICATIONS 5 Ways to Simplify and Optimize Your Communications Systems
  2. 2. A BRIGHT IDEA Started a Company
  3. 3. THE COMPANY More people had more bright ideas to share.
  4. 4. Connecting Became Increasingly
  5. 5. The Growing ■ Added Complexity ■ Limited Mobility ■ Increased Costs ■ Decreased Productivity PAIN Maintaining and using disconnected communications solutions along with a phone system: Hello? Hello?
  6. 6. Our Optimize communications with 5 consolidation techniques BRIGHT IDEA:
  7. 7. The User Landscape CONSOLIDATE Integrate all the ways your people communicate into one place 1
  8. 8. A Consolidated User Landscape MEANS No time wasted jumping from voice, to fax, to email, to chat A consistent mobile experience with complete access to the same menu and tools Greater connectivity leading to faster problem solving and response times
  9. 9. minutes WASTED 75 Workers waste more than 75 minutes daily tending to multiple communication channels such as e-mail, instant message, and voicemail. Source: Sage Research
  10. 10. Mobile and Office CONSOLIDATE Prevent breaks in productivity as employees travel, work remotely and attend out-of-the-office meetings 2
  11. 11. Consolidating Mobile and Office MEANS Workers have access to the same applications on their mobile devices that they use in the office Never missing a call – one-number service means work numbers follow their employees Shorter wait times for customers
  12. 12. spend at least 2 days a week away from their primary office location Source: Q2 2013 Forrsights Workforce Survey 27%of Workers REMOTE WORKING
  13. 13. WANT MORE ON MOBILITY?Learn how to keep your team connected anytime, anywhere. DOWNLOAD OUR BRIEF
  14. 14. Management of Customer Communications CONSOLIDATE Provide a sophisticated customer experience offering them multiple ways to engage with you 3
  15. 15. Providing relevant customer data and enabling your teams to solve problems faster Conferencing and social collaboration options improve response times A better, more holistic approach to customer service, providing a superior customer experience and an edge over the competition Managing Customer Communications MEANS
  16. 16. TWICENews of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. Source: US White House Office of Consumer Affairs MORE THAN
  17. 17. Multiple Sites into a Unified Experience CONSOLIDATE Provide a consistent user experience allowing multiple locations to enjoy the same tools 4
  18. 18. Consolidating Multiple Sites into One MEANS Avoiding network integration issues across different platforms Lower support costs The ability to easily scale across all locations
  19. 19. MORE THAN Source: Forrester of IT professionals can make a business case for unified communications based on cost savings.
  20. 20. The Platform and All Applications into One Solution CONSOLIDATE Combine multiple applications and legacy products into a single, unified platform 5
  21. 21. Consolidating into a Single Platform MEANS Reducing capital and operating costs Improving employee productivity by providing access to powerful communication tools in one click Cutting-edge technology in one easy-to-use and flexible system
  22. 22. Source: IDC Survey 61%Organizations cite increased productivity as a benefit of consolidating unified communications and collaboration technologies of
  23. 23. ■ Cost Savings ■ Better Collaboration ■ Improved Customer Satisfaction ■ Increased Productivity ■ Greater Mobility The company optimized its communications and enjoyed Consolidation WORKED
  24. 24. WANT MORE?Maximize your mobile team’s effectiveness communication solutions for the “anywhere” worker To learn about Unify and what we can do for your business, visit: DOWNLOAD OUR BRIEF