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20120220 unifiedroot press release - tide rises as tld m…


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20120220 unifiedroot press release - tide rises as tld m…

  1. 1. page 1 of 1PRESS RELEASETide Rises for Unifiedroot as TLD Marketplace MaturesAmsterdam, 20 February 2012 – Unifiedroot, a privately held technology company based inAmsterdam, finds itself well positioned as the new Top-Level Domain (TLD) marketplace heats up.Now that ICANN has opened their TLD application process businesses are scrambling to find astrategy in this new arena. Unifiedroot, with their own independent root server system, isrecognized as the only viable alternative to ICANN for businesses looking to secure a TLD of theirown.“We are delighted with the inquiries we are receiving from companies I can only describe astrailblazers.” says Erik Seeboldt, Managing Director of Unifiedroot, “I think we have found our nichewith companies that have innovative business plans for TLDs that are time sensitive as well as thosewith budgets more in tune with supporting marketing and promotion rather than costly application /registration fees.”Under the HoodUnifiedroot is ready to go for companies that want to speed down the Internet highway using new TLDs.Once an application is received by Unifiedroot, a custom-made TLD can be up and running in 45 days.Registry and registrar services can be outsourced to world class technical partners of Unifiedroot. TheUnifiedroot root server system exists in parallel to ICANN’s. To facilitate seamless browsing betweenthese two platforms Unifiedroot has developed an Internet browser called “Sundial” to recognize allTLDs from ICANN and Unifiedroot (free download available on: and Stability of the InternetUnifiedroot is careful not to cause conflict with TLDs registered at ICANN. Unifiedroot does not allow aparty to register a TLD that already exists at ICANN and it advises ICANN of all new TLDs registered onUnifiedroot’s root server system.Down the PipelineIn addition to being IPv6 ready and supporting Non-Latin alphabet based Domain Names (IDNs),Unifiedroot is dedicated to the pursuit of enhanced security features. Exciting developments will soonbe coming on stream with apps designed specifically for smartphones and tablet computers.Notes for the editor:For more information, please Ewold de Bruijne at Brightmen and Coolwords: Phone +31 6 182 603 52E-mail: ewold@bmcw.nlUnifiedroot is an independent, privately held technology company headquartered in The Netherlands. Thecompany provides companies, organizations and institutions the ability to secure their own customized Top-LevelDomains (TLDs) and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and connects these new domains to the World WideWeb. The company started working with Internet technology experts in 2005 to expand the Domain Name System(DNS) and enhance the web browsing experience. The robust Unifiedroot root server platform is IPv6 and IDNready. Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 199| 1083 GV | Amsterdam |  +31(0)623515366