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Whats New in Uniface 9.7 Infographic


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Uniface 9.7 introduces support for cross-platform mobile functionality.

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Whats New in Uniface 9.7 Infographic

  1. 1. MOBILE DEVELOPMENT IMPROVED DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE Develop and deploy cross-platform, responsive mobile hybrid apps Rapidly prototype mobile apps with native functionality, using the Uniface previewer app available on the App Store, Google Play The default widget set updated to HTML5 Compatibility with the W3C standards Browser independent support for screen designs including headers and footers Control presentation from both the JavaScript client and the Uniface server-side script Enhance end-user feedback capabilities with JavaScript API Reduce network usage and simplify deployment with enhanced JavaScript packaging Optimize performance, more scalability and reduce bandwidth through the support of content delivery networks (CDN) Increase cross-app integration with binary attachment data exchange External webpage integration facilitates communications between website and server Adapt to client-server screen sizes with a responsive GUI Better quality through provision of APIs for the integration of automated testing tools Enhanced styling options to create a Windows 10 native end-user experience Uniface connectivity to SAP Hana enables applications to leverage Uniface benefits such as performance, scalability and productivity Cost savings and performance by deploying Uniface apps on PostgreSQL Deliver client server apps for deployment on Windows 10 Integration through RESTful web services is made easy through semantic URLs Manage Big Data across applications with extended web services capabilities Streamline deployment and maintenance through clear separation of default options and customizations Open Uniface apps to JavaScript devices including IoT More control over the loading of JavaScript and CSS Simplify asynchronous processing with JavaScript promises Simplified integration with JavaScript and CSS frameworks More granularity to style user experiences (UX) WEB DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITY DRAMATICALLY OVERHAULED Create best of breed UXs Development Patterns facilitate best practices Flexible Deployment and Configuration Modernized Uniface Development Environment Newly designed start screen gives quick way to get to development projects you need More developer friendly way of using shortcuts INTEGRATION SUPPORTED PLATFORMS MODERN AND UP-TO-DATE CLIENT-SERVER USER EXPERIENCES HANA JPEG PDF customer/customerID/invoice U N I FA C E . C O M A D VA N C E D D E V E L O P M E N T T E C H N O L O G Y WHAT’S NEW IN UNIFACE 9.7 Uniface 9.7 introduces support for cross-platform mobile functionality