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Customer Case Study Infographic: Swiss Alcohol Board


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Learn how Swiss Alcohol Board (EAV) is successfully transforming a 15-year-old mission-critical desktop application into a modern web app with Uniface.

Full case study can be found on

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Customer Case Study Infographic: Swiss Alcohol Board

  1. 1. C A S E S T U DY Read the full case study & more at: Uniface converted all necessary input forms into web forms High level of re-use with Uniface: EAV leveraged existing data structures and 70% of the 900,000 lines of existing code EAV's application links to existing systems via web services, eliminating duplicated data and functions Digitalization of customer processes: Thanks to Uniface, the EAV application provided access via an e-Government front end R E S U LT S W I T H U N I FA C E 900,000 lines of code 70% reuse Distillery overview in the desktop application Distillery overview in the new web application OLD NEW Despite the tight timeframe, all EAV’s project milestones have been achieved, thanks to Uniface's productivity plus support from Uniface consultants C U S T O M E R C H A L L E N G E S Migration of a 15-year-old desktop application to the web Adapt the application to new work processes Very tight timeframe due to statutory deadline for integration into Federal Customs Administration and its application landscape 15YEARS EAV Modernize the solution and digitalize paper-based processes EAV DEADLINE The Swiss Alcohol Board (EAV) had just one year to transform a 15-year-old mission-critical desktop application into a modern web app – and to make it future-proof. S E C T O R Public Administration C O U N T R Y Switzerland A B O U T The Swiss Alcohol Board (EAV) is responsible for implementation of alcohol laws in Switzerland. EAV administers all distillery, storage and ethanol authorizations and calculates the tax that producers are required to pay. A P P L I C AT I O N EAV’s core application, COMEAV, has been adapted and expanded over the years to satisfy changing government regulations and business requirements. “We have made the application fit for the future within a very short time, and simultaneously protected our investments.” Heinz Liener Head of IT, EAV