Unicorn Booty's Partner Kit


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Unicorn Booty is one of the most widely read gay blogs in the world. Over 1 million LGBT and allied readers look to Unicorn Booty for their daily Web fix.

To advertise on Unicorn Booty, please contact Nick: nick [at] unicornbooty [dot] com.

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Unicorn Booty's Partner Kit

  1. 1. Partner Kit Unicorn Booty connects gays and their allies to the most: relevant news, culture, and commentary every day.
  2. 2. WHY PARTNER WITH US? Our audience 850,000 120,000“ loves us: Visitors per month (GetClicky Analytics - 2012 Average) Social Media Followers (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - July 2012)You’ve become my go-tosource for all things news!-Maria, on Facebook Our new favorite I share Unicorn Booty with all my LGBTQ friends! -Tyler, on Facebook “ website. -Philadelphia WeeklyAs the most followed gay blog on social media, our partners get access to a savvy network of trend-setters. Our clients include: 415-779-2132 | nick@unicornbooty.com | www.unicornbooty.com copyright © 2011-2012
  3. 3. WHY PARTNER WITH US? We create video, photos and words thatresonate with our audience. From sponsored posts toexclusive giveaways, we’ll make your brand the star. THE CONTENT YOU CRAVE THE CROWD YOU SEEK We deliver: Source: Quantcast Direct, 1/2012 Mixed Tastemaker Educated Savvy 415-779-2132 | nick@unicornbooty.com | www.unicornbooty.com copyright © 2011-2012
  4. 4. WHY PARTNER WITH US? Gain valuable backlinks, which boost SEO and increase credibility. Your brand is more authentic, real and approachable to our audience of gays and their allies. THE LINKS YOU LOVETHE RESPONSE YOU WANT LGBT COMMUNITY: We cut through the noise. We deliver 300,000+ social impressions daily to our loyal fanbase of 100,000+ people. 415-779-2132 | nick@unicornbooty.com | www.unicornbooty.com copyright © 2011-2012
  5. 5. WHY PARTNER WITH US? 70% say buying decisions are influenced by targeted LGBT marketing 85% say decisions are influenced by a company’s diversity program 82% say decisions are influenced by a company’s gay sponsorships Source: OutNow Global LGBT2020THE MARKET YOU NEED THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS Display Advertising | $3-6 CPM | 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 In-Content Ads Roadblocks, Site Skinning + More RSS/E-mail Advertising Sponsored Posts, Columns + Series Market Research Giveaway Promotion + Management Branded Content Social Media Marketing + Consulting 415-779-2132 | nick@unicornbooty.com | www.unicornbooty.com copyright © 2011-2012
  6. 6. A LA CARTE Sponsored Series: Sponsored Series of content for a set period of time, with four postsbeing the ideal number as we can engage the audience over a month period. *plus* Social media distribution: Each post will be distributed to our network of 100,000 followers,and will share the survey results with as many media contacts as possible. {varies} Sponsored surveys: Partner will provide questions for a co-branded survey, and we willUB-ize it, making it more engaging and interesting for our followers. This also includes consult-ing time to ensure the statistical significance of the responses, as well as ensuring that the rightquestions are asked in the right tone in the most effective order, while delivering a statisticallyrelevant sample. {varies} Additional Social media distribution: Posts will be distributed an additional time to ournetwork of 120,000 followers. per distribution: {$250} Infographic creation and distribution: UB will create a co-branded infographic from thesurvey results, comparing the male and female responses (We should consider the transgen-der population as well, and how we’d like to address our trans readers). Infographics are alwayshighly shareable and much more compelling then simple press releases - we highly recommend!! {varies} Display advertising: Partner will provide either a 300x250, 768x90 or 160x600 ad to beplaced in rotation on all Unicorn Booty pages. CPM: {$3-6} Newsletter distribution: Sponsored Post will be distributed to our newsletter audience;newsletter will also include a 300x250 rectangle ad placement. per distribution: {$100} The quoted CPM in this proposal is variable and subject to change. 50% upfront; 50% upon completion with 10% monthly late fee after 30 days; if Partner delays contract, remaining 50% must still be paid at contract’s End Date.
  7. 7. FOR THE SUCCESS YOU DESERVE nick@unicornbooty.com or Buy Ads Now: http://buyads.com415-779-2132 | nick@unicornbooty.com | www.unicornbooty.com copyright © 2011-2012