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Inspire - Issue 7 Summer 2012

  1. 1. ISSUE 7 SUMMER 2012MaKing adiFFerence- pupils with Besdnew waterside caMpusBetter learningthrough technology
  2. 2. 18Contents 4 NEWS16 NEW WATERSIDE CAMPUS 1618 GATEWAY SCHOOL22 EVENTS28 LIFE AFTER UNI30 TEACHING ASSITANTS32 EARLY YEARS37 RESEARCH Inspired Interactive46 6 26 Written and produced by The University BLT Inspired provides multimedia content that you can access via the small of Northampton School of Education all submissions are property of square icons - known as QR codes – on some pages. With your smartphone Inspire magazine. and the right software you can link to websites, photo galleries, videos and The entire content ©Copyright The social media pages. Follow the instructions and give it a try. You need an University of Northampton School of Education 2011, and cannot be reproduced iPhone (3GS or later) or a smartphone with the Android operating system. in whole or part without prior written consent. We recommend at least 2 megapixels for the camera on your phone. Editor & Words: Paul Bramble Select the respective Open the application on When the camera Photography: Design Depot Ltd, TheUniversityofNorthampton application (QR reader) your smartphone and hold registers the QR code The University of Northampton, from your usual platform the camera exactly over your smartphone will Neil Shelby Long @SoEUniNorthants and upload it onto your the QR code on one of the activate the link to the Design: Design Depot Ltd smartphone (there are free pages of this issue. multimedia content. UniNorthamptonSoE reader apps, such as the Print: Portland Print Ltd ‘i-nigma’ app.2 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 3
  3. 3. NEWS NEWSMASTERS PROGRAMME TONY BALDRYIN EDUCATION OPENS NEWLAUNCHED IN INDIA DYSLEXIA CLASSROOM By Professor Richard Rose Tony Baldry, Conservative MP for North Oxfordshire, officially opened the Banbury Schools new dyslexia classroom and resource centre. Dyslexia is a learning difference, she has been able to develop her The dyslexia classroom at a combination of strengths and knowledge and understanding of Banbury School will be a place weaknesses which affects the dyslexia and her ability to deliver for students to come during learning process in reading, effective teaching for students and the school day to develop their spelling and writing. Dyslexic support for other teachers in the strengths and weaknesses and learners may also have school. She has almost completed to be taught and supported by accompanying weaknesses in her Level 7 Diploma in Specific specialist staff. We’ve purchased the speed at which they process Learning Difficulties which has several games to help students information, sequencing material enabled her to develop her ability develop their blending skills and and with their short term memory. to carry out diagnostic assessments we have bought netbooks to help These are the tools that students and write dyslexia reports. students develop their touch need in order to learn in a typing skills and use electronic classroom. Dyslexia can’t be I have learned a tremendous games like Nessy. We have also ‘cured’, learners will always amount from the course. I have purchased a library of Barrington The module was taken by placed a new emphasis on learned the importance of have dyslexia . Stoke books so the students have experienced teachers working in a teacher responsibilities to multisensory teaching and a range of reading material that isAt the end of April 2012 the range of schools and other provision address special educational Natalie Dale, the specialist dyslexia overlearning skills and how to accessible to them.School of Education launched from within Karnataka and Tamil needs and students with whom teacher and English teacher at administer standardised tests forits MA Special and inclusive Nadu states. All participants were we are working in Bangalore are Banbury School, has completed students with specific learning NATALIE DALEEducation cohort for students very enthusiastic and engaged with keen to learn from the experience the Level 5 Certificate in Specific difficulties. I’ve grown in a range of resources developed and expertise of tutors from the Learning Difficulties at The confidence when analysing thein Bangalore, India. specifically for this cohort of School of Education. University of Northampton where results from the tests also. students. The next module will The first module of the be delivered in Bangalore programme provided evidence of in September. enthusiastic and skilled teachersThe first module, promoting inclusive Many Teachers in India are who are already making a The new dyslexia classroom will also Netbooks, interactive games andpractice was delivered intensely over enthusiastic about studying for significant contribution to the enable Natalie Dale to hold after learning aids have been purchasedsix days and will be followed over the an English Higher degree with lives of children with special school classes where students can to help them learn in a multi-sensorynext couple of months with face to The University of Northampton but educational needs and who develop their reading and writing way. Resources to help studentsface tutorial support given by our two find it difficult to travel to England are determined to apply new skills, memory strategies, planning develop their literacy skills haveIndia based tutors and through skype leaving behind their families and learning and knowledge in strategies, complete homework and been placed on the school’stutorials given by Richard Rose other responsibilities. The Right the classroom. feel more confident in their abilities. learning platform too.and John Visser. to Education Act in India has PROFESSOR RICHARD ROSE4 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 5
  4. 4. NEWS NEWS TDA PILOT MUSIC MODULES Sue Nicholls and Hilary Miles have been delivering TDA pilot music modules to a mixed group of 40 Year3 BA QTS, GTP and PGCE students from the Universities of Northampton and Leicester. The modules are taught at two levels, catering for the needs of The 40 enthusiastic students from SUE NICHOLLS, both generalists and specialists. The University of Northampton SENIOR LECTURER OF MUSIC Participants are exploring a very and the University of Leicester full programme which has so far have attended the TDA pilot included djembe drumming and music modules. Eager participants an introduction to the ukulele. have explored djembe drumming Feedback so far has been extremely and taken ukuleles and ocarinas positive and there are two more home to practise. The students’ practical sessions this month response to the lectures and and then students will undertake practical workshops has been so an assignment involving teaching enthusiastic, that we are planning and evaluating music lessonsPE SPECIALISTS to put on an extra session before On Wednesday 16th during their first term as NQTs. the end of term! May 2012, 21 Year 1 PE Specialist StudentsVISIT CAROLINE from the BA QTS Primary Education Course hosted MATHEMATICS SPECIALIST John is a well-known international writer and researcher who has inspired many mathematicsCHISHOLM SCHOOL a Multi-Skills Sports Festival at Caroline Chisholm School. TEACHERS GRADUATE teachers, including those on our programme. Almost 200 people gathered at The celebration provided an our Park Campus to celebrate opportunity to stop and reflect on the graduation of our first cohort what we have achieved through theThe event was a tremendous The students were encouraged to of Mathematics Specialist development and delivery of thesuccess involving a total of 240 adapt their plans and activities to As a result of the Multi Skills Teachers (MaST). MaST programme. It has been aYear 7 children participating in a suit each individual group they Sports Festivals success, privilege to work with suchwide range of sporting activities received, offer praise and further events are being John Mason, who was Professor committed teachers and see theirunder the guidance of the Year 1 PE encouragement when required. In organised between The of Mathematics Education at expertise grow. Their schools andSpecialist students. This fantastic addition the Year 1 students were University of Northampton the Open University for many children have benefited from theiropportunity provided the University required to adapt their teaching and Caroline Chisholm School years, was the keynote development and I know that thestudents valuable teaching style depending on the groups they together with its feeder schools speaker commented. future of mathematics teachingexperience enabling them to put worked closely with to encourage for the next academic year. is safe in their hands. I enjoyed the afternoon,many of the teaching strategies maximum progress and fun from and was thrilled to see so DEBBIE MORGAN, MATHEMATICSpreviously learnt into practice. the Year 7 children. much energy and enthusiasm SENIOR LECTURER AND KIM DUFF - SENIOR LECTURER OF PE for mathematics. PROGRAMME LEADER6 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 7
  5. 5. NEWS NEWSUNIVERSITY STONEWALL LECTURE ON TACKLING HOMOPHOBICAMBASSADORS BULLYING IN SCHOOLS The School of Education was delighted to welcome ChrisIn the Spring Term the School Gibbons, from Stonewall, the UK lesbian, gay and bisexualof Education staff have played equality charity on Friday 27th April.a key role in the establishmentof the ‘University Ambassador’scheme. Through this scheme30 undergraduates from the Chris delivered two keynote lectures Chris points out that, this is clearly The School of Education is lookingacross the University have on Tackling Homophobic Bullying in indicative of how any young person, forward to extending its work withbeen employed to work in local Schools. Chris’s lectures, featuring student, teacher or member of Stonewall, perhaps building onschools on improving levels of everything from banned books, staff can experience homophobic the work of honorary Northampton the repeal of section 28 and gay bullying and how we all have a duty graduate, rugby player Benaspiration and achievement. penguins were very well received, to challenge it. He also describes Cohen. Ben reports that he is described by several students as the ITE students The University of passionate about tackling bullying the highlight of the professional Northampton as amongst some of and homophobia in sports. He set up studies programme this year. the most considered and reflective the Ben Cohen Stand Up FoundationStudents were selected through an Chris also ran small seminars with he has come across whilst giving which has been supporting the workopen application process and had PGCE students professional studies these lectures around the country of Stonewall’s Educationto undergo 20 hours of compulsory groups exploring in very practical for All campaign. terms how students and NQTs I was highly impressed by thetraining prior to being paid to work response and calibre of your Homophobic bullying doesn’tin local primary schools. Staff from can make a tangible differences in tackling this problem in schools. trainees. I think they’ll all go just affect young lesbian, gayacross the School of Education on to do very well. and bisexual people, it can affectwere involved in the selection and I suffered from homophobic any young people perceived to projects in partnership with their The University’s commitment to CHRIS GIBBONS, SENIORtraining of the Ambassadors. This bullying throughout most of my be different, and stop them from ‘host’ schools. These projects are School Engagement is one founded EDUCATION OFFICER, STONEWALLtraining included: teens at high school despite the achieving their potential, but designed to help with raising securely in our moral purpose. We• Teaching and learning strategies levels of aspiration amongst the believe that the intellectual capital fact I’m straight. Therefore, your we don’t have to stand for this. pupils in the primary schools. of the University and its students lecture was very personal for me Stonewall resources are now in• Behaviour management is a resource to be shared with and I feel you opened up a lot of every school, helping to tackle The Ambassadors scheme is part of our community and that we have thought about how this type of homophobic prejudice• Presentation skills the HE-School Engagement agenda a responsibility to work with our bullying can be prevented. and bullying.• Lesson and activity planning which focuses on work with our school-based colleagues to enhance partner schools to raise educational TRAINEE COMMENT BEN COHEN• Safeguarding -Child protection and enrich the curriculum; provide aspirations and achievement for the opportunities for personal growth and disclosures young people of Northamptonshire. Learn and development and to support ut• Guided reading We believe that children are never young people with the transition from For further information on how the School of Education intends to m ore abo too young to be thinking about Ston ewall school to University. This project is a work with Stonewall or to get involved please contactFollowing the training the their future or to be encouraged to useful first step in the development‘Ambassadors’ have been matched aspire to be the best they can be. of an aspiration raising a local Primary or Secondary This particular project is aimed Working with schools brings real More information about Stonewall’s education workschool where they will work with specifically at widening children’s benefits not only to schools and their can be found atclassroom teachers to support horizons and allowing them to see students but also to the University, development of literacy the extent of possibilities and the its staff and students.skills and also manage bespoke range of opportunities that exist.8 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 9
  6. 6. NEWS NEWS EXPLORING CONFERENCE NEWS NEW TECHNOLOGY INCLUSION WEEK The Inclusion Conference at The all our colleagues and external University of Northampton 26th professionals for the high quality Our international students had The Education -28th March 2012 for Year 2 BA seminars and workshops they an opportunity to explore the Intel Show at the NEC QTS, GTP and PGCE students in provided. I would like to thank Reader which converts text-to- in Birmingham. Initial Teacher Education proved all of the students for their It is hoped that the Inclusion speech. They were also shown the The aim of the to be a great success with some engagement, enthusiasm and Conference affirmed amongst beta version of the Achieve Tablet, visit is define very positive evaluations. discussions in the workshops/ us all the need to include all which will be released in April 2012. criteria that seminars which really children/people, to embrace I would like to thank Peter Wells demonstrated high levels of The session enabled the students could be applied when purchasing and celebrate difference and (Deputy Dean of School) for debate and commitment to to examine some of the benefits of and using educational resources how to improve the outcomes Opening the Conference and Jenny SEN and Inclusion. such technology, but also some of to support inclusion from value for all children and young Digges (formerly Senior Advisor the limitations. Their suggestions for money (VfM) perspective. STEVE CULLINGFORD-AGNEW, people with SEN including SEN - National Strategies), Marie for further development will Therefore they will be SENIOR LECTURER – SEN AND vulnerable youngsters. Howley and Jane Badger for be passed onto the company. considering purpose, input, INCLUSION their keynote lectures and for impact and outlay in the Towards the end of the week, context of their home countries. the international students will visit 3rd TEAN Conference AMERICAN EDUCATION THE JOY OF SCIENCE RESE ARCH ASSOCIATION – 18TH MAY The theme for this year’s conference S (AERA) CONFERENCE NEW was “Creating Effective Teachers”. Dr Caroline Daly, from the Institute During the last National Science children visited Think Tank and of Education (London) delivered the and Engineering week across the county, children met present day Studfall children were able to use a telescope won in a competition – VANCOUVER, CANADA opening key note, encouraging academics and higher education scientists, pondered on problems by the Science Coordinator. institutions to think outside the and engaged with practical work. students with a Statement of box in terms of course design, Caroline Chisholm held their first On April 16 2012, Meanu Special Educational Needs in widening participation and Primary school children at Kettering Science Fair. It was a most exciting Bajwa-Patel, one of our PhD England”, was well received. working collaboratively with a range Science Academy participated evening with 52 children taking part students, and Dr Cristina Congratulations to Meanu of partners. Debbie Morgan shared in a competition on flight; St Loys in 18 teams from year 6 to year 12. Devecchi successfully on her achievement. The some of her research and delivered encouraged parents to support presented interim findings I was delighted to act as one AERA conference is a highly a snapshot session on ‘Developing children’s learning with a potato of Meanu’s doctoral study to of the judges. The children competitive one where only Effective Teachers of Mathematics’, plant event and Thrapston primary a roundtable audience. The demonstrated their ability and around 20% of submissions whilst Anita Devi and Andy Smith school focused on ‘movement’; in paper, entitled “Nowhere genuine willingness to articulate are chosen to be included contributed to a seminar session on Great Casterton, children and their fits: Exploring the issues their findings. It is simply a joy to in the programme. ‘The paradox of learning: can good families were challenged to build see young eyes light up! around parental choice relationships between the teacher circuits to light the Olympic flame; and school placement for and the student lead to greater Old Corby children were enthralled ELAINE BATCHELOR - HEAD OF independence of the learner?’ by the Commotion company, Flore INITIAL TEACHER TRAINING10 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 6, WINTER ‘11 11
  7. 7. NEWS NEWS DIANE RECEIVES RECENT PUBLICATION ON UNIVERSITY COURT AWARD SUPPORT FOR MATHEMATICS LEADERS ongratulations to Diane Ems Lord has had a research summary published C Stoncel, Principal Lecturer, School of Education, who by CUREE (Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education, entitled ‘Let’s work Together - Supporting has received the annual University Mathematics Subject Leaders Through Clustering’ Court Award. The Court Award has been awarded each year since 1995 to an employee of the University Ems was invited by CUREE to share website with the commissioned who has made a significant the work that she had been doing in reports: These have been designed contribution to the higher education Lincolnshire to develop support for with the learning needs of teachers institution. The award is traditionally mathematics subject leaders who in mind, in order to make them presented at ‘Court’, an annual were working in rural areas, where accessible and hopefully inspire meeting which brings together CPD was difficult to access. CUREE teachers to engage with research people who have an interest in the put the following statement on their and maybe even undertake a life and work of The University of research project of their own. Northampton and which this year took place in the multi-award winning iCon building in Daventry. Court is an opportunity for the University to report to the wider community on its achievements RECENT PUBLICATION ON MATHEMATICS and future plans. SPECIALIST PROGRAMME Years Education (QTS) and the major contribution to improving the Foundation Degree in Early Years professional standards of teaching “She is an inspirational that started the School’s first across the whole University. teacher and models involvement in professional early She has personally mentored years programmes: this area is now and coached hundreds of staff Debbie Morgan has had an what is finest in our one of the most significant regional for the benefit of our students. article published in Mathematics HE teaching.” engagement areas within the Diane commented: “I am FiVE Big iDEas Debbie Morgan - outlines the importance of making connections in mathematics. Teaching, the journal for the School. Within the School she Association of Teachers absolutely delighted, surprised and knew we would ent forward. We their developm with experienced Specialist Teacher the most part be working for significant has inspired teams as programme t he Mathematics of Mathematics. had already received Programme (MaST) teachers who ent - both through their specialist teacher professional developm cPD. We overwhelmed by this award. It was the Mathematics and subsequent from the initial training, and saw our Mast - has arisen the quality of this Programme – of a key recomm endation acknowledged to yet a higher leader and as School coordinator move teachers It discusses the adoption government’s dent review of challenge as to ness. We of the indepen nding and effective of the final report in Early Years settings level of understa to be different , approach needed a lovely day and a pleasure to Mathematics teaching ends realised that our atics topic by topic, . The report recomm than tackle mathem and Primary schools Mathem atics and rather did (DfEE be at least one the five day course The award was made in recognition for learning and teaching, widening that “there should approach taken in post within as for example together under primary school, to bring topics Specialist in each atical subject and 1999) we sought ideas. What deep mathem s in order to connect receive the award, with the support 10 years, with 2008 p7). the larger heading atics ge” (Williams, be five big ideas in mathem pedagogical knowled lly developed and delivered we consider to the structure of the programme is individua and they form of Diane’s huge contribution to the participation and equality and within the were adopted in the development s across England by eight provider research and programme. parameters. the Education confines of national particular Mast Mathematics of colleagues, from our Chancellor represents one 5 Big Ideas in discussion below delivered tively written and selected are: programme, collabora the East Midlands and the five big ideas University’s School of Education diversity driven the School’s encompasses of The University ies within thinking - this by six universit • Mathematical . atics, and to East of England to learn mathem what it means Baroness Falkner of Margravine.” ment of the think in – The develop to reason and Setting the scene be a mathematician, understanding ways and to apply programme mathematical and the University overall – Diane success in the area of the student our problems. of Northampton’s the programme and skills in solving out to develop When we set which would nal relationships high quality cPD ionality - Proportio aim was to provide impact on teaching • Proport every area of and sustainable present in, almost have a positive span, and are m; recognising their classrooms. askew within primary mathematics curriculu supportive is retiring this year after an experience. Diane is also widely and learning the most effective the ideas can be very School of Education Executive Mathematics Specialist others, identify existence as linked curriculum. et al (1999) and who make ons across the atics as those teachers of mathem in making in making connecti support their pupils whole of the mathem atics connections and our programme • Pattern - the in this one mathematics. be summed up connections in extensive professional career curriculum could known across the University for sees not onist view and not exist if it were Dean Professor Ann Shelton Teacher Programme and adopts this connecti of interconnecting ideas. word. Mathematics would relationships mathematics as a web teacher’s ability to the structure and is to increase for pattern and one of our aims development that it creates. atics through the in connect mathem and in doing and structures - relationships spanning school and University al understanding, her leadership of the Postgraduate • Generality Mayes added: “She is an her related research regarding of deep conceptu our and thus the same. it is be generalised so to support children in doing atical mathematics can this is what algebra children connect mathem connecte d. in particular solving view that where amount of it a powerful problem cut down on the does, which makes is not taught concepts, they also deepen formal algebra be learned, children teaching and leadership. Within development Certificate in Teaching in Higher mathematics to in tool. although inspirational teacher and models the impact of the programme. concepts - which curriculum, the nding of basic within the primary d their understa apply mathem atics is central to sustaine their ability to of algebraic thinking subject. turn increase success in the within any context. progression and is an abstract - Mathematics the School of Education, she led Education – our in-house staff ch • Representation ted what is finest in our HE teaching.” A Different Approa that can be represen provide teachers with a different subject with concepts some We wanted to order of different ways; learning mathematics in in a multitude k for permissio ns. experience of move • ONLY and significantly for legitimate academic purposes or similar system. Provide link to challenge thinking ion except publishing on Internet the development of major early development award accredited by © ATM 2012 • No reproduct NOT extend to permission does Academic copyright years programmes: BA Early the HEA- where she has made a12 WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 13
  8. 8. NEWS NEWS WELLINGBOROUGH PRISON PROJECT Second year BA Childhood and The students are investigating Youth students taking the module the effectiveness of the Trust’s Learn more ‘Children in Society’ met the Vice programmes and are hoping to Chancellor to discuss their on-going gain an enhanced understanding about Anne research at Wellingborough Prison. of inclusive practices within the Frank trust prison setting. The research focuses on the work of the Anne Frank Trust. Four students were selected for The ‘Anne Frank Prison Project’ the research, but the whole group was founded in 2002 in response to of students also participated in growing concern about racism and an open forum with prisoners and prejudice in prisons, young offender prison staff to debate issues of KEY NOTE Estelle Tarry and Anna Cox were key note speakers at the Council of British International Schools school) as well as Colin Bell, the Executive Director of COBIS. The sessions, which included the Role institutions and secure units. The Trust runs educational programmes racism, xenophobia, homophobia and prejudice. SPEAKERS which include an exhibition on the (COBIS) ‘Teaching Assistants of the Teaching Assistant, Teaching The Anne Frank Trust has invited life and times of Anne Frank, the Professional Development’ Assistant support for children the students to their Head Office to historical context within which AT COBIS Conference in Rome 18th/19th with SEN and Effective Classroom present and discuss their findings on she lived and the contemporary February. The 18 Teaching Assistant Management, were very positively completion of the research in May. relevance of this point in history. delegates from International received. The newly validated Schools in Rome, Rome La Storta, Certificate for Teaching Assistants Milan, Alicante and Basel were in an International Context was Thinking of becoming a joined by 3 members of the senior promoted at the event and it is management team of St George’s hoped that further international International School (the host links will be generated. Partnership school? KEYNOTE ADDRESS The School of Education works in strong partnership with schools throughout Schools have welcomed this increased involvement in teacher education not only AT CONFERENCE Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, for the insight it gives them into general Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, professional development but also for the Warwickshire and Leicestershire. access it gives them to a pool of high quality IN INDIA Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s). We value the contribution of our partner schools very highly and work collaboratively We are always looking to increase the number to produce inspiring teachers of the future. of schools within our partnership and offer free Our partner schools have a clearly defined in-house mentor training for all staff members Last week Feb Richard Rose Development Goal on achieving shared responsibility with the School of and an ongoing program of regional training for presented a keynote address to universal primary education. the Fourth North South Global Richard’s paper Supporting Education for programme development, all staff involved in mentoring our students. Dialogue Conference in India. This Communities Towards a More recruitment of students and for improving and conference bought together NGOs, Equitable Education System was increasing students’ school based experience. national politicians and researchers based upon work in which he has to consider work undertaken been involved with colleagues in If you would like to find out more please contact the Partnership Team on: in support of the Millennium Southern India since 2000. 01604 892473 or email WWW.NORTHAMPTON.AC.UK/EDUCATION INSPIRE MAGAZINE. ISSUE 7, SUMMER ‘12 15