Mini Project- E Log Template


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Supporting documentation to accompany the Mini Project resources released by the University of Hertfordshire School of Electronic Communications and Electrical Engineering, as a part of the EngSC UKOER project.

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Mini Project- E Log Template

  1. 1. Mini Project E-Log Template Please keep this table up-to-date as you go along. You can add an extra line by clicking in the bottom-right-hand corner box and pressing tab Planned Actual Task Description Measure of completion Completion Completion No. Time Time 1 Fit wheels 2 Fit pedals 3 Fit chain 4 Click here to enter text. 5 Click here to enter text. Keep notes on what you do as you try to achieve each task using a heading. You should indicate that each task is complete at the end of each section below. You should submit this online at the end of the day. You will use these notes to write up your formal report (see separate template) which you should submit online three days after the final practical session of this project. These logbooks should be included as appendices in your report. You are also required to submit a reflection sheet via Studynet a few days after each practical session (they carry no marks but only an extremely severe penalty for non- submission so it is worth doing them to avoid it) Keep informal notes on what you are doing and your results. E.g. If you are asked to build a bicycle… Task 1 – fit wheels to frame. Tried ¼ inch bolt but too short Tried 1 inch bolt – right size, tried to fit back wheel, but found it very difficult until I turned the frame upside down. Successfully fitted back wheel and front wheel using same technique. Turned frame the right way up. Wheels fell off – hadn’t tightened bolts with spanner. Turned frame upside down again and re-fitted wheels, this time tightening with spanner(1 inch) Turned frame right way up and pushed it across the carpet a few times. Task 1 complete – wheels fitted © University of Hertfordshire 2009 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License
  2. 2. Project Title: [Insert Project Title here] *CTN/GGHT/ITC/MBDT/MMT/MT Project *1/2/3 Day *1/2 [Insert your name here]’s Mini Project Log for [Insert Date here] Task 2 – fit pedals With frame upside down, fitted pedals with ¼ inch bolts. Tightened with spanner . Tested by rotating pedals with hand a few times Task 2 complete – pedals fitted. Task 3 – fit chain Couldn’t fit chain without taking pedals off – so should have done this first. Took pedals off. Stretched chain using such and such a tool. Put pedals back on as per task 2. Rotated pedals by hand and checked that wheels went round. Task 3 completed – chain fitted. Task 4 - etc.. Click here to enter text Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Project Title: [Insert Project Title here] *CTN/GGHT/ITC/MBDT/MMT/MT Project *1/2/3 Day *1/2 [Insert your name here]’s Mini Project Log for [Insert Date here] Student Guide for E-LOG An E-LOG must be filled in by all students during each practical session and submitted at the end of each day. So using the attached E-Log template to: • Identify the main tasks you need to complete during the day. • Enter this information into your log and then keep it updated as you progress through the day. • Ensure you submit the log by the time stipulated or your work will be counted as LATE. As explained in the lecture, this log is intended to be an informal record of your progress throughout the day and should be submitted at the end of the session. The more thorough this record of what you have done, the more useful it will be to both you and us, but your practical progress is as important – so don’t spend ages creating diagrams you don’t need. Convert it to .PDF and submit it before the deadline. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Project Title: [Insert Project Title here] *CTN/GGHT/ITC/MBDT/MMT/MT Project *1/2/3 Day *1/2 [Insert your name here]’s Mini Project Log for [Insert Date here] Credits This resource was created by the University of Hertfordshire and released as an open educational resource through the Open Engineering Resources project of the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre. The Open Engineering Resources project was funded by HEFCE and part of the JISC/HE Academy UKOER programme. © University of Hertfordshire 2009 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License. The name of the University of Hertfordshire, UH and the UH logo are the name and registered marks of the University of Hertfordshire. To the fullest extent permitted by law the University of Hertfordshire reserves all its rights in its name and marks which may not be used except with its written permission. The JISC logo is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. All reproductions must comply with the terms of that licence. The HEA logo is owned by the Higher Education Academy Limited may be freely distributed and copied for educational purposes only, provided that appropriate acknowledgement is given to the Higher Education Academy as the copyright holder and original publisher. Page 4 of 4