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how chinese developed and in what sectors they are leading.... lets have a look !!!

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1.  1644 – conquered by Manchus › Qing dynasty › Chinese forced to wear pigtails (sign of subservient status) 18th century › Manchus began restricting Europeans – missionaries and traders
  2. 2.  16th century – Portuguese traded for silk and tea Portuguese followed by the Dutch and English
  3. 3. › Ancient china was one of the earliest centers of human civilization.› Various dynasties ruled.› They believed in HANS
  4. 4.  In the long back history , china and India covers 70% to the total world economy. China was one of the ruling leader in the past. Due to invasions and British rule which ruined the Chinese talent.
  5. 5. In Confucianism, human beings areteachable, improvable and perfectiblethrough personal and communalEndeavour especially including self-cultivation and self-creation. A mainidea of Confucianism is the cultivation ofvirtue and the development of moralperfection.
  6. 6.  China continues to emerge on the world stage as an economic powerhouse. projected to be the world’s fourth largest economy within two years
  7. 7.  No different religion 90% of Chinese believe in Hans religion. They believe in the same religion.
  8. 8.  due to no caste or race...every human being think equal to every on and do hard work. No superior….no inferior….. hard work leads to success…
  9. 9.  business games agriculture food business technology space ……………………… Presidential Palace under Kuomintang Government in Nanjing
  10. 10.  Chinese food is demanded all over the world. Most of the Chinese food is sold in India. Hard impact in food business due to Chinese food.
  11. 11.  Having all sorts of nuclear bombs. This influenced other countries as well as it shows to the world that china is ready for war.
  12. 12.  most of the market is covered by china products. Chinese technology is cheap in price. Did u forgot ??? High speed rail….
  13. 13.  one of the most efficient economy of the world. it is projected that in next few years china will have the largest economy in the world.
  14. 14. › china’s official language is chinese.› it is also spoken in various parts of the world.› In recent news , C.B.S.E. to start Chinese language in their syllabus after 5th standard.
  15. 15.  U.S.A. is facing recession as everyone know. Every nation helped USA. China gave a loan of $ 1 trillion.
  17. 17.  no democracy. Only communist political view. Giving wrong message to the world.
  18. 18.  Sun Yat-sen appealed for Russian (Soviet) aid following the Versailles Conference › 1921-1925 – China received advisors, arms, communist propaganda, and loans › Russia revoked its imperialist rights in China Chinese flag, 1912-1928
  19. 19.  Book published by Sun Yat-sen before his death in 1925 1. Principle of Mínquán  Democracy – the people are sovereign 1. Principle of Mínzú  Nationalism – an end to foreign imperialism 1. Principle of Mínshēng  Livelihood – economic development, industrialization, land reform, and social welfare – elements of progressivism and socialism
  20. 20.  The uneven growth in Chinese economy is risky. Experts says…china has peaceful rise but cannot taken as world’s future.
  21. 21.  Every coin has two phases. same way influence of Chinese is blessing as well as curse. moreover it teaches us many things…..just pick the right things and move ahead.