6 Reasons Why This Futuristic marketing bonus is the #1 Bonus!


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http://futuristicmarketingbonus.me/futuristic-marketing-bonus/ - Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd: Futuristic Marketing Bonus Review

Now it is your turn learn from a guy who's made over 15 million dollar online what's working in July 2012...Forget what you knew about traffic and conversions 12 month ago.

more info: http://futuristicmarketingbonus.me
slide link: http://www.slideshare.net/Underdogmarketer/futuristic-marketingbonus

video link to the marketer's test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuUhrbX8hQM

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6 Reasons Why This Futuristic marketing bonus is the #1 Bonus!

  1. 1. When you are investing in your own education, you want to get the best out of itand not just buy from anyone offering you their bonuss which could be uselessand far from valuable. I’ve bought bonus like these before and had no idea whatto do with them after I got them. The only best bonus I know of are always asgood if not better than the product itself in value and I believe our underdog teamoffers the #1 Bonus for Futuristing Marketing for 6 reasons:REASON #1: FREE Ticket to ‘Add The Nitrou$’ Live Event ($4,997value)
  2. 2. When you Purchase Futuristic Marketing from this Page, you will also get a FREETicket to the $4,997 “Add The Nitrou$” event on September 28t h 2012 duringwhich 12 internet millionaires will tell you how exactly they would start theirbusiness to make millions from scratch with no list, no contacts and little money.Currently this event sells for $4,997 (You can check it out here.). The last time weorganised a smaller event to teach people how to make at least 20k a month inthe next 6 month we sold out our 50 tickets for $997 each.Going to the ‘Add the NitrouS’ event will be a game changer for any seriousperson in this industry, because you will have the creators of Futuristic MarketingJonathan Budd and Mark Hoversons speak and spit out all their secrets andteach you exactly how they would start from scratch their online business (notkidding, this event will be all about going from 0 to millions in a matter of 24months.As if Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson were not enough speakers at suchevent, 10 other millionaires (Matt Lloyd will be hitting is first million in 2months) will be telling you the ins and outs of their business and what actionsteps they would take if everything they had was taken away. If you just started inthis industry or you are still getting nowhere then you would be stupid not takingour bonus, just for this one reason (yet, if you keep reading there are 6 reasonswhy Futuristic Marketing Bonus is the #1 Bonus.)So How much will it worth to you if someone whispered you in your hears whatyou needed to do to in the next year to reach your income goals and perhapsbeyond?And it’s not like going from 10 dollars a month to 10k a month. Its literally the“ADD The NITRUOUS” effect, meaning you will learn how to make 100k a monthbecause it’s the only way you will reach at least 1,000,000 dollars within 12-24months.
  3. 3. Use This Special Link To Get My Bonus For Free >> http://www.futuristicmarketing.com/?aff_id=1035753&sid=funderdog <<REASON #2: FREE Macbook Air Notebook & M.O.B.E license ($3,000Value)If you are the FIRST person to order from this blog then you will be the smartestperson to ever take fast action because you will be getting a FREE 11” Macbookair valued at $1,000 and the M.O.B.E licensee program worth $2,000. If youhave no clue about this 3,000 fast action reason let me explain:The Macbook is the latest and fastest intel processor and graphics, you can’t finda better notebook than this one right now.The 2,000 licensee program allow you to resell ALL of Matt Lloyd’s current andfuture products or events as your own and keep 90% of the commissions. If youare looking for people who benefited from this go ahead and check out these casestudies: http://myonlinebusinessempire.com/licenserightsprogram/casestudies/
  4. 4. REASON #3: 6 month M.O.B.E membership and ALL It’s Products($1455 Value)ACCESS to ALL of Matt Lloyd’s Current products and 6 month of FREEmembership to the M.O.B.E inner circle! (This is literally worth $1,455)How to Build A Funded Proposal (sells currently for 197):This program will literally show you step-by-step how to put together your veryown sales funnel… nothing is left out.My Email Marketing Empire (Currently sells for $194):
  5. 5. It sells everyday for $197.00. You can go and see what’s in it on the sales letterat https://myonlinebizempire.com/myemailmarketingempire/letterEven though it sells for $197, I’ve actually had happy customers tell me theywould have paid closer to $997 for it. It’s that good. It will show you how to doemail marketing the right way- the way the pros do it.There’s over 8 hours of top-notch video training in this baby- and you’ll getaccess to it INSTANTLY as soon as you order ‘Futuristic Marketing’ through thislink right here: Use This Special Link To Get My Bonus For Free >> http://www.futuristicmarketing.com/?aff_id=1035753&sid=funderdog <<The O.P.T Formula (Currently sells for $194):If you dont enjoy at all doing some technical stuff in your online business, andyou’d rather just focus on the stuff that brings in sales, this program is for you.It shows you how to hire and build your own team, to help you get your onlinebusiness to the next level.
  6. 6. Affiliate Bonus Domination (Currently sells $291):This program will show you how to assemble your own bonus’s to win affiliatecontests (exactly like what I’m doing on this blog…)..6 Month of M.O.B.E Inner Circle Membership ($582 Value):REASON #4: FREE IPAD, Ipod and 10,000 Leads in 100 days course($3,089 Value)
  7. 7. Would you like to get a FREE 32GB Ipad? I bet you would love to get one rightnow, but guess what, the number 4 reason is even more valuable than the Ipad.Sure the ipad is easily worth $800, but as the 2nd fast action taker your gettingboth the Ipad and the a $2000 course!This is one of the reasons why our Futuristic Marketing Bonus is the #1 bonus isbecause we are giving to you a $2,000 course that will teach you how togenerate 10,000 leads in exactly 100 days or less. You can see the sales letterhere:http://myonlinebusinessempire.com/gettenthousandleads/
  8. 8. The 3rd person to order ‘Futuristic Marketing’ from this page gets a Free 8 GbIpod Touch...Reason #5: The Underdogs Bonus’s ($14,780 and counting)Matt Lloyd is not the only one offering his bonus, dozen other underdogincluding myself Daegan are offering you OUR best product because we want toearn your business. And as if that was not enough EVERY single one of us sworeto not give you something worth less than $1,000.That means for every single underdog such as me Adam, Ankur, Daegan, Vince,Emilio, Justin, Glover, and MANY more underdogs, we each are offeringsomething worth at least $1,000. If we do the math we can easily notice that ourbonus will skyrocket to the $50,000 Mark by the end of the launch.Which is why taking fast action will maximise your benefits, but don’t get ittwisted thought, our bonus’s on this blog are not some cheap or over killed buzzaround a launch just so we get a commission. We are working hard to EARN yourbusiness and it’s not the first time that as underdogs we are killing it in thecontests..
  9. 9. REASON #6: No other blog offers better bonus’s than us when youorder the Futuristic Marketing program.You can look around and if you come back and find a better bonus than the oneon this blog let us know and we will hand you a $100 bill to your PayPal account(seriously).The fact is that most of the other pages you are looking at have either of twothings:They either have a lame bonus “worth” $1000 to $50,000 when in fact theirbonus isn’t even worth a cup of coffee because its either so out dated or so badyou wouldn’t know why exactly you bought futuristic Marketing to get that bonus.Our Approach is simple and you might be on this page coming from either Googleor Facebook so like we said since we want to EARN the commission and make akilling in this Futuristic Marketing Bonus and launch this is what our approach isand we are not hiding at all:We want our bonus so Powerful that you would want to order the FuturisticMarketing Program just to get our bonus. Our bonus is worth every single penny,that means right now we are at a little over $27,032 worth of Hard REAL Bonus.Our bonus beats the hell out of the actual product we are promoting; you can goahead and take a serious look at it again.99% of people who are buying the Futuristic marketing Program will literallythink this way:-I actually want to buy Futuristic marketing just to get these bonus now looks tome that the bonus is now Futuristic Marketing instead of this $27,032 offer onthis blog. Use This Special Link To Get My Bonus For Free >> http://www.futuristicmarketing.com/?aff_id=1035753&sid=funderdog <<
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