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Engaging Content, Engaging Customers: Storytelling, Social Media and Blogger Cooperation


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From this presentation, attendees will take away:
1) The concept of story and the importance of effective digital storytelling not only for exposure, but for conversion
2) Why good storytelling is crucial in differentiating your offering, educating consumers and convincing them to act and purchase.
3) Specific social media storytelling strategies, platforms, and tools that enable exposure, engagement and brand advocacy.
4) How to leverage the power of engagement with bloggers as storytelling agents -- to help tell and share your story.

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Engaging Content, Engaging Customers: Storytelling, Social Media and Blogger Cooperation

  1. 1. Engaging Content, Engaging Customers: Storytelling, Social Media and Blogger Cooperation Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott, Uncornered Market   @umarket  
  2. 2. Roadmap!  Storytelling: philosophy and approach!  Social Media storytelling techniques and tools!  Bloggers as storytelling agents!  Finding the right blogger!  Effective blogger cooperation Tweetable? @uMarket #ITBBerlin #etravel
  3. 3. What Business Are We In?!  Travel business?!  Experience business?!  Inspiration business?!  Differentiation business?
  4. 4. Backdrop: Too many messages Too  many  messages…!   !   Prospect, 6000 messages. Japan photo   Your  average  prospec-ve   customer  is  enduring  more   than  6000  adver-sing   messages  every  day  
  5. 5. Storytelling: Why?!  Cuts through noise  helps customers retain message!  Impressions  Depth of impression!  Commodity  Differentiator!  Goals: !  Plant the seed !  Change minds/Shift perception !  Story  Trust  Take action
  6. 6. Storytelling: What it is NOT !  A bullet list of sites, activites, amenities, statistics !  A mass distribution press release !  Fiction, making things up
  7. 7. What is Story?!  Story: !  An account, a telling of an experience !  Does not need to be long form!  If experience is the new currency in travel….!  then storytelling is your bank
  8. 8. Storytelling Components & Techniques!  Show, don’t tell!  Involve characters!  Crux and conflict!  Emotional connection!  Back story!  Multi-dimensional, taps multiple senses!  Communicates: what, but how and why
  9. 9. How do you use social media? !  Distribute information !  Answer questions/customer service !  Curate and share relevant articles !  Engage with the community !  All of the above?
  10. 10. Why use social media?
  11. 11. Social Media: Changing Minds
  12. 12. Social Media Basics!  83% trust family & friends for advice, 33% trust social networks!  It’s social. Personal. Human to human.!  Two-way communication.!  Not just about numbers, but about engagement.
  13. 13. Ask Customers to Tell Your Story!  Why: People trust people!  Make it easy.!  Make it fun.!  Make it interactive. !  Make customers part of your story.
  14. 14. Social Media Toolbox !  Do not link your Twitter & Facebook feeds!!!  Managing Twitter feeds: Tweetdeck / Hootsuite!  Following keywords/hashtags: or !  Set up Twitter searches for your company & website
  15. 15. Leveraging Social Media Content
  16. 16. Storytelling Agents!  You can tell your own story…!  Or, you can enlist the help of agents !  Customers !  Traditional print !  Travel bloggers
  17. 17. Bloggers: Who, What, Why!  Storytellers!  Content creators!  Social media mavens!  Marketers!  Advocates!  Business people
  18. 18. Travel Lifecycle Where do bloggers fit?
  19. 19. Why Are Bloggers Effective? !  Personal voice and tone !  Real experiences “People don’t trust entities. !  Independent People trust people.” - Tim Ferriss, author of !  High trust The 4-Hour Workweek !  Exposure: Immediate & Long Term !  Multi-platform, versatile !  Authority
  20. 20. Your Goals, Finding the Right Blogger What are you are looking for to promote your brand/product/service? !  Target audience/demographics !  Travel style !  Content style and tone !  Niche
  21. 21. Qualitative Factors !  Quality of content !  Engagement quality !  Trust of audience !  Other media outlets !  Professional footprint
  22. 22. A Look at Numbers: Whereto Find Them !   Unique Visitors !   Pageviews & time on page !   Demographics (country, gender, age) !   RSS/newsletter !   Twitter/Facebook community
  23. 23. “Not everything that can becounted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” - Albert Einstein
  24. 24. A Dose of Skepticism !   A pageview does not necessarily equal an impression. Take a look at amount of time spent on site. !   Beware of echo chambers. Are you really reaching your target audience?
  25. 25. Professional Travel Bloggers Association
  26. 26. TBEX Connect (Coming Soon)
  27. 27. iambassador
  28. 28. Face to Face
  29. 29. Working with Bloggers: Pre-Trip!  Itinerary and input!  Dimensions and experiences!  Plan early: excitement & audience involvement!  Set expectations of both parties
  30. 30. Working with Bloggers: During!  Tools: Internet, mobile data plan!  Give time/flexibility!  Two-way feedback/communication!  Co-promotion!  Have fun!
  31. 31. Co-Promotion of Content: Best Practices
  32. 32. Short-term / Immediate Benefits!  Digital storytelling!  Immediate exposure via social media!  Real-time interaction
  33. 33. Working with Bloggers: After!  Continue communications, develop relationship!  Offer information or help, if needed for stories!  Ask for report of activities and metrics!  Invite blogger to events – real and virtual!  Let blogger know of new campaigns that blogger can participate in (e.g., photo competition, giveaways)
  34. 34. Long Term Benefits of Working withTravel Bloggers!  Content: long life, SEO!  Varied: photo essays, videos, panoramas!  Other outlet coverage (articles, interviews)!  Destination ambassadors, evangelists!  Relationship!
  35. 35. Case Study: Additional Exposure
  36. 36. Measuring Results: Metrics !  Blog analytics !  Engagement !  Reach of Tweets !  Promo codes !  Click-throughs
  38. 38. Upshot & Take-aways!   Story is a differentiator, go beyond the lists!   Build depth of impression!   Use social media as a storytelling platform!   Partner with bloggers as storytelling agents!   Select bloggers based on qualitative, not just quantitative data!   Build content with multiple lives!   This is a human exercise!   Have fun!
  39. 39. Thank You! Let’s continue the conversation. Connect with us on: ! !   Twitter: @UMarket !   Facebook: /UncorneredMarket