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One Flew Over the Hackers' Nest...


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Introduction of the Estonian IT College for a delegation of Czech education and business representatives at IT College, Nov 24 2016.

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One Flew Over the Hackers' Nest...

  1. 1. One Flew Over the Hackers’ Nest... Kaido Kikkas associate professor Estonian Information Technology College November 24, 2016
  2. 2. A facility of applied higher education (“new university”) Owned by HITSA (IT Foundation for Education) State-funded places similar to public universities 1045 students, 698 of those state-funded 57 academics, 12 in-house and 45 visiting 20 other staff At a glance: Estonian IT College
  3. 3. The Estonian-language curricula cover the life cycle of an IT system: – Systems analysis – Development – Administration (maintenance) In addition, there is the English-language curriculum of Cyber Security Engineering Three study modes: day/regular, evening, distance Studies
  4. 4. Small and focused on one area of expertise Orientation to real-life problems Majority of visiting lecturers (banks, industry, businesses, also other universities) Flat hierarchy and informal communication Plurality of systems and platforms, a number of different certification programmes (currently Cisco, Oracle, MS, LPI) All diploma defense events public with webcast, with online questions allowed (currently over Skype text chat) Features
  5. 5. All labs at least dual-boot (currently Ubuntu 16.04 + Windows 10), triple-boot in the Apple lab Significant share of Linux users among academic staff Robotics Club and hackerspace Media Club Student Bar events Jokes and pranks, MIT-style (e.g. April 1 press releases) Hackers’ Nest
  6. 6. “I do not know where the ITC graduates are. But I do know where they are not. It’s the employment agency.” - Linnar Viik “Can you really dress like THAT at work?” - an Ukrainian academic visiting ITC “ITC has those guys who want to learn and know exactly what they want – that’s why they get all those great internships and jobs.” - Mari, a student of Tallinn University (in a course chat) Some memorable quotes
  7. 7. Estonian version of Brian May @ ITC (2011)
  8. 8. Thank you!