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Company credentials for Unboxed Consulting - a boutique market research agency with the motto

Great Heads, minus the overheads'

www.un-boxed.me / www.un-boxed.info

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Unboxed Consulting Middle East and Africa Credentials www.un-boxed.me

  1. 1. www.un-boxed.me
  2. 2. The Genesis • Ever felt the lack of good quality boutique agencies in the region? • Ever wished for “hands-on” senior management to work on ALL the stages of your project – not just show up at the presentation… • The MENA region has a tremendous dearth of high quality research boutiques • Unboxed was created with this simple need gap in mind • Our motto? ‘Great heads, minus the overheads’. • Our consultants have a minimum of 5 years experience – mandatory for managing any project. Next >
  3. 3. Why UnBoxed? • A fresh, street-smart, practical approach to research with the basics rooted in marketing reality • Project Consultants with Minimum of 5 years experience • Small core team – knows the client’s business • Senior researcher on the ground for every project • Challenging in our outlook, not taking anything at face value • Extensive experience in large multi- nationals – so we know what to avoid 
  4. 4. Some examples of work we are doing… Consumer Labs in Sudan Online media usability research • Concept – Product evaluation and fit – • For a technology manufacturer FMCG brand • Looking at three ends of the spectrum • Concept sort and tweaking + product – Cutting edge/ advanced internet preparation and evaluation users who are actively into social networking online, • This product is the ‘gold standard’ for – Mid range consumers who upload its own category in this market and download a variety of things on their phones and the internet – • A large home-kitchen set up where – Low end savvy – do basic multiple sets of women can functions with their online and comfortably prepare and use the phone capabilities product as they are being observed, interviewed and photographed. Among both youth and the slightly older users
  5. 5. Some examples of work we are doing… Online qualitative groups • Other studies pitched for • Group Discussions on a specialised online platform with young women in – Creating social change on financial Saudi habits by understanding culture • Ensuring complete anonymity to aid open conversations on certain topics – Line strategy for a market leading that could be considered taboo brand that is losing share steadily • Moderated in Arabic from Dubai due to changing market and consumer dynamics Recent studies done • Online interaction and meeting among Saudi males and females in a virtual world • Strategic pack change for a globally important brand for a premium brand • Understanding the male – female interaction and ‘games’ across key Arabic markets – among conservative to very liberal consumers to help set advertising boundaries • Understanding the impact of the global downturn on consumer habits – in the financial world
  6. 6. Our Reach Geographical Sectoral/ Research type Target Profiles
  7. 7. Our Reach - Geography • Geography • Our experience in the region is over a decade. • Our Reach? The ME-NA region: – All of the GCC – The Levant – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan – North Africa – Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria – Iran Next >
  8. 8. Fieldwork Capabilities • Coverage: 7 markets with KSA for both qualitative and quantitative research • 6 moderators (male and female) with a combined experience of a wide range of categories and KSA methodologies • Fieldwork supervised by senior management with over 14 years field experience in KSA • Access to savvy, modern, young upper-class Saudi men and women • Coverage: Top 9 cities for both qualitative and quantitative research • Capability of web-casting from the venue in Tehran for Iran simultaneous viewing of groups from anywhere in the world
  9. 9. Fieldwork Capabilities • The research hub for the company • Full strength fieldwork capabilities including CATI UAE • Multiple nationalities • Extensive bank of native language-speaking moderators  both male and female • Ability to recruit all nationalities and social classes • Fieldwork hubs in Egypt (for North Africa) and Jordan (for the Levant) to manage regional studies Regional
  10. 10. Our Expertise – Sectors / Types of work • Across a variety of categories – FMCG, Finance, Services, Health/ Pharma, Government, Technology, Media • We span the board – Exploratory cultural understanding – Needs research – Segmentation – Development and testing of Product/ Positioning/ Packaging/ Communication – Usage and Attitude – Product – Concept Tests – Tracking Studies Next >
  11. 11. Our Reach – Consumer Profile Want to Reach : • Cutting Edge youth in Saudi Arabia? • Financial / FMCG / Advertising audiences? • Middle Class housewives in Egypt? • Online users / Bloggers / Chatters / Texters? • Small and Medium business or Corporates in • Luxury brand users? UAE? • 4x4 Enthusiasts to budget car owners? • High Net-worth individuals in Qatar? • Tweens in Oman? We can reach these and beyond… • Social Class A / B / C1C2 / DE in Iran? • Car buyers in India?
  12. 12. Our Toolbox Our experience and capabilities extend to a wide array of services and methodologies Quantitative Research Qualitative Training and Research Facilitation
  13. 13. Qualitative Research Focus Depth Groups Interviews Online Ethnography Desk Research
  14. 14. Focus Group Discussions • Multicultural native language moderators – Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, French and Berber • Can handle different Arabic Dialects - Khaleeji, Egyptian etc) • Trained moderators who go beyond the brief and dig into that elusive insight for the brand • Well versed with rapport building and adept at different projective techniques from basic to NLP, Collage making and Brand Worlds • We use a mix of hotels with CCTV, focus group facilities and coffee shops/restaurants depending on the consumer profile and comfort • Apart from viewing and simultaneous translation into English, the client can listen in - via telephone or the web (select locations) Next >
  15. 15. In-depth Interviews • Meeting and interviewing high-profile or hard to get respondents is what we thrive on • We can easily reach : – Ultra High net worth individuals – B2B type of customers – Low penetration categories – Opinion leaders, media personnel or cultural experts – Socially Sensitive topics interviews are something we do regularly – even in difficult markets like Saudi Arabia and Iran Next >
  16. 16. Ethnography • Nothing beats meeting the consumer in their own environment - we specialise in Ethnography and have spent time ranging from a couple of hours to a couple of days with consumers for a variety of clients • Our 'near respondent' profile moderators blend in with the consumer as much as possible. • Applications include – Accompanied shopping – Slice of life analysis – Brand usage observation – Television viewing habits – Product preparation/ usage – General cultural understanding Next >
  17. 17. Consumer Contact Programme New Marketing Director? New Target market? Want to go into a Saudi home? Hang out with teens? Have lunch with a business owner? • We can help setup a consumer contact program for you - ranging from a one off experience for new comers to this region to an ongoing journey to understand customers better • We have, for multi-national clients, organised yearly programs for the brand teams to be in touch with their customers • We have had male clients being able to visit Saudi homes (sorry to burst the myth!) and spend time chatting with housewives • We have spent hours playing with children to understand what makes them tick As they say - if u want to see how lions behave – don’t go to the zoo!!! Go to the jungle…
  18. 18. Online Desk Research • We do a variety of online research including basic desk research, trend spotting, blog trawling and Bulletin Board research • We have met youth online and in virtual worlds to understand their habits and views • Online discussions – either with a set of respondents or one on one help break geographical and access barriers • We have female moderators who are internet savvy and can interact with women online
  19. 19. Quantitative Research Face-2-Face Interviews Computer/ Phone Aided Interviews Mystery Shopping
  20. 20. Face-2-Face Surveys • Rely on us for a wide ranging set of Quantitative Research options. Our robust field team is capable of handling fieldwork and deliver to you cleaned data in the format you desire We undertake • U&A Studies • Advertising Testing • Product Tests • Customer Satisfaction work • Brand Tracking • Pricing Research to name a few • Our field is locally based in-market and our supervisors have 4+ years of experience in managing small and large scale regional projects Next >
  21. 21. Computer/ Phone Aided Interviews • CATI / CAPI / PATI (!) we can do it all We have capabilities of doing telephone based work in • UAE • KSA • Egypt • Lebanon • Jordan • Iran • Qatar And in some cases calling from a neighbouring countries works better than incurring F2F costs Next >
  22. 22. Mystery Shopping • Ask us about our mystery shopping program • We can conduct mystery shops for a variety of product categories and consumer types • Reporting can be tailored to be online for ongoing and regular programs • The ‘shopping’ can vary from basic observation to detailed interactions including purchase • Can be done physically, over the phone or even through website (customer support) • We have native language speakers from various SEC profiles – both male and female, young and old
  23. 23. Training and Facilitation We are ILM approved – one of the leading training institutes from the UK which conducts training and leadership courses worldwide Need someone to: • Train researchers in Qualitative techniques including Moderation, Body language, analysis, proposal writing, Projective Techniques? (Junior to Mid-management) • Help create cutting edge PowerPoint presentations? • Help uncover the potential of technology in research and presentations? • Run a brainstorming workshop? • Do a brand activation session? We are here to help!
  24. 24. Our Clients… so far! • In our current and previous avatars we have serviced…
  25. 25. Testimonials • Blah blah blah!!! You have seen these client testimonials...... we have not put any – don’t want to upset the ones who are not put up here and might have wanted some airtime. • For the founder's profile, link on the icon on the left.
  26. 26. A Note on the Founder
  27. 27. Dipen Mehta • Unboxed is the brainchild of Dipen Mehta, am ve k engineer who a ric strayed into market research almost two decades ago and found his calling. • An avid technophile, he shatters many myths about qualitative researchers. • Dipen’s 18 years of research experience have been across India, the Middle East & North Africa and the Pacific Islands. • In the Middle East, he has held senior management positions at ACNielsen, been a board member and qualitative director at TNS and a partner and Director at Quest Consulting.
  28. 28. Dipen Mehta • Dipen has presented a variety of papers at global conferences on topics as diverse as marketing in the Middle East, cultural understand, use of technology in presentations, telecom and Islamic finance. • He has also chaired the Annual ESOMAR Conference in Barcelona in 2005 and has been on the programme committee. • He is also a trainer and has conducted workshops, brain-storming and training sessions on a variety of topics including Brand building, Technology and Presentations, setting KPI’s, Qualitative research and Marketing.
  29. 29. dipen@un-boxed.me / padma@un-boxed.me www.un-boxed.me