Profitable Change


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A presentation on how companies a successfully introduce change in their organizations

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Profitable Change

  1. 1. A presentation on how companies can Successfully Bring change to their Organizations.
  2. 2. • Change can be a new Set of Rules. • New Business Strategy. • New Operating system. • New Philosophy and Mindset Introduction.
  3. 3. • Customer Satisfaction. • Business Growth and Success. • To stay ahead of Competition. • Employee Growth and Development.
  4. 4. • Proper awareness & Marketing of the Change to the organization. • The quality and the standard of introducing change is very important. • Results expected from the change need to be a direct reflection of the investment made to the change.
  5. 5. • A properly organized change Leadership Structure. • Leadership that exemplifies the values of the Change. • Leadership to teach and mentor fellow colleagues. • Leadership to Constantly coach organization members on new changes.
  6. 6. • Some of the changes Introduced need to be contributions from the members of the organization. • Members of the organization need to be part of the change from the start of the Introduction of the change until the end.
  7. 7. • Change needs to Bring Needed benefits and not bring change just because the is Budget for it. • There must be short term Benefits. • The must be long term benefits too.