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OER: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Student Success


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CCCOER Presentation to Ohio Community College Association April 13, 2017

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OER: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Student Success

  1. 1. Una Daly, Open Education Consortium April 13, 2017, 10:00 am EST Open Educational Resources: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Student Success Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Welcome Community of Practice for Achieving the Dream’s OER Degree Program Una Daly, CCCOER Director
  3. 3. • Adoption of high-quality open educational resources • Faculty choice & development • Student success Community College Consortium for OER Image: Come In, We're Open by Gary Simmons cc-by-nc-sa flickr
  4. 4. 250+ Colleges in 21 States
  5. 5. OER Quiz
  6. 6. By what % have textbook prices risen since 2000? ❑Less than 50% ❑50-75% ❑Over 80%
  7. 7. Source: Government Accountability Office, June 2013, College Textbooks Report
  8. 8. Are Open Educational Resources in the Public Domain? ❑True ❑ False
  9. 9. Open Educational Resources Teaching and learning resources that reside in the PUBLIC DOMAIN OR have been released under an intellectual property license to allow free use and repurposing. cc-by donkyhotey/flickr
  10. 10. Examples •Lesson plans • Open Courseware • Open textbooks • Videos • Images • Tests • Software • Tools, materials, or techniques to access knowledge freely
  11. 11. eBooks are the same as open textbooks? ❑True ❑ False
  12. 12. ebook vs. Open Textbooks textbo_b_8547630.html Feature eBooks Open Textbooks PRINTING Some printing restrictions No printing restrictions DEVICES Restriction on how many devices can access Can load on any number of devices EXPIRATION Many expire after one or two semesters You can retain a copy indefinitely PRICE Varies greatly and no resale value of hard copy Free online and usually $20-60 for hard copy
  13. 13. Cost Savings H-M Harcourt OpenStax ebook Rent $111.85, Buy: $178.99 Print Copy: $232. 98 (new) ebook – FREE, ibook $4.99 Print Softbound: $55.00 ©All rights reserved
  14. 14. Student Impact • 67% did not purchase a required textbook • 38% earned a poor grade • 20% failed a course • 48% occasionally or frequently took fewer courses • 26% dropped a course • 21% withdrew from a course 22,000 students at 12 universities and 28 colleges in Florida’s state system conducted by Florida Virtual Campus.
  15. 15. Solution: Open Educational Resources • Online access on first day of class. • Free online, low- cost print option • Faculty can adapt for students Licensed for re-use by OpenSourceWay
  16. 16. Faculty Choice • No more covering extra chapters because book is so expensive • No requirement to change versions every few years. • Customize instructional materials to match students and course outcomes. • Many open textbooks have ancillaries Image: faculty meeting fun by alex ragone cc-by-nc-sa
  17. 17. Creative Commons Licenses Simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions Permission: Attribute Commercial? Share alike?
  18. 18. Over 1 Billion Licensed Works
  19. 19. College Algebra: Drs. Carl Stitz & Jeff Zieger • • Free online • Print copies available at bookstore ($26) • Online homework available
  20. 20. 13 Peer Reviewed Studies of OER Efficacy "Recent Studies in OER Adoption, May 2016" by John Hilton III, Open Education Group OER Research
  21. 21. 119,720 Students "Recent Studies in OER Adoption, May 2016" by John Hilton III, Open Education Group
  22. 22. 95% Same or Better Outcomes "Recent Studies in OER Adoption, May 2016" by John Hilton III, Open Education Group
  23. 23. Student Success • “students who use OER perform significantly better on the course throughput rate than their peers who use traditional textbooks, in both face-to-face and online courses that use OER.” (2016) Throughput Rate an aggregate of: drop rates, withdrawal rates, C or better rates. Slideshare design: Robin DelaRosa, CC-BY; Image: besighyawn, CC-BY-NC, flickr
  24. 24. Student Quotes • “… It not only saved me money but also saved paper. I also never forgot my textbook because my laptop is always with me.” Lansing CC • “It was super awesome not having to pay extra money for a text book. I also thought that this text book did a good job of explaining material.” Lansing CC • “It means instead of working extra hours just to afford the book, I can use those hours to study and for homework.” Tacoma CC • “OER changed how I view myself as a student. Now, I am more engaged in my education. I feel empowered. Being part of the process increases my desire to learn.” Tacoma CC
  25. 25. OER Faculty Adopters • Stay more up-to-date in their field • Use materials in different formats • More likely to collaborate with peers • Students benefit from OER – Cost reduction – Ownership of learning OER Research Hub, 2013-15, CC-BY-SA Image: Original Wikimedia Logo, CC-BY-SA 3.0
  26. 26. Increasing OER Adoption at Maricopa County College District • Call for OER Proposals • Dialogue Days • Department Meetings • Class Schedule • Website and Signage • Promotional Items • Canvas LMS Repository
  27. 27. Maricopa Millions Project Savings Need Org chart
  28. 28. MCO OER Initiative • Statewide Steering Committee representing all 28 colleges • Training/webinars • Data Collection • Repository • Faculty grants to adopt, adapt, or develop OER. Slides: Ronda Edwards, MCO OER Summit Day 2017
  29. 29. Fall 2016 OER Usage • 14 colleges, 120 courses • $1,523,200 savings Courses Courses Business Law Statistics Micro-economics Pre-algebra Macro-economics Chemistry Biology Sociology Anatomy & Physiology Geography U.S. History 1 Physics U.S. History 2 Psychology Slides: Ronda Edwards, MCO OER Summit Day 2017
  30. 30. MCO Repository Hosted by OER Commons • Over 65,000 resources • Authoring tools • Curated collections by discipline Slides: Ronda Edwards, MCO OER Summit Day 2017
  31. 31. Join our Community • Access to a community of OER experts • Online advisory email list • Monthly webinars • Collaboration opportunities • Online Resources Twitter : @cccoer, @unatdaly