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Collaborative Platforms for Open Content Development


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As more colleges are promoting the adoption of OER to expand access and improve completion rates, collaborative platforms for publishing open content are becoming more critical. Faculty, librarians, and instructional designers are often working in teams to curate, adapt, and format openly licensed content for entire courses.

Join us for this free and open webinar to hear from several stakeholders who have adopted collaborative platforms to streamline the process from course outline to delivery of fully OER courses and open textbooks. The Massachusett’s Community College Go Open project is designing an OER Hub with OER Commons for creating and sharing educator developed resources statewide. Early childhood educators in California are building a national community of practice based on the Rebus Foundation model to author open textbooks for the eight major courses in the Childhood Development lower division curriculum.

When: Wednesday, September 19th, 11am PT/ 2pm ET
Featured Speakers:
Peter Shea – Director of Professional Development, Middlesex Community College, MA
Donna Maturi – Coordinator of Library Services, Middlesex Community College, MA
Amanda Taintor – Faculty Coordinator, Instructional Design and Distance Education, Reedley College, CA
Jennifer Paris – Early Childhood Education Faculty, College of the Canyons, CA

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Collaborative Platforms for Open Content Development

  1. 1. Collaborative Platforms for Open Content Development Sept 19, 11:00 am PST Welcome to image:
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • CCCOER Overview • Massachusetts Go Open OER Hub • Early Childhood Education Discipline Groups • Stay in the Loop • Q & A Image on title page:
  3. 3. Moderator: Una Daly Director of CCCOER Presenters Donna Maturi Coordinator of Library Services Middlesex Community College Peter Shea Director of Professional Development Middlesex Community College Amanda Taintor Faculty Coordinator Instructional Design and Distance Education SLO Coordinator ZTC Grant Coordinator Reedley College, CA Jennifer Paris ECE Faculty, ZTC Degree Faculty Lead College of the Canyons
  4. 4. • Expand awareness & access to high- quality OER • Support faculty choice & development • Improve student success CCCOER Mission
  5. 5. Membership 2018 Map 70 CCCOER-OEC Members, 11 Systemwide Memberships, 30 U.S. States
  6. 6. Collaborative Platforms Image: ● Simplify search for OER ● Collaborative Authoring Space ● Publishing workflow ● Shared development costs and maintenance
  7. 7. Donna Maturi Coordinator of Library Services Peter Shea Director of Professional Development Massachusetts Community Colleges Go Open Project
  8. 8. The Pilgrims’ Progress: How Massachusetts Community Colleges Began a Shared OER Hub I am so thankful this prayer is registered with Creative Commons!
  9. 9. Who We Are Peter Shea Director, Office of Professional Development Middlesex Community College Bedford, MA MassGo Open Council Representatives Mass CC OER Hub Administrators Donna Maturi Coordinator of Library Services Middlesex Community College Lowell, MA
  10. 10. Origin of Mass CC Hub • Mass Go Open Initiative: To enhance collaboration across communities of practice around the use of Open Educational Resources among 15 community colleges in the Commonwealth. • Formation of the Mass Community College Open Education Council • Mass CC OEC began offering statewide and regional trainings & Go Open grants to faculty • Build OER repository to support MA faculty (Initial funding from the Statewide TAACCT Grant that also funded Mass GoOpen.) • Mass Community Colleges agree to split yearly maintenance cost of the Hub.
  11. 11. Background: ISKME and OER Commons • In 2007, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education launched OER Commons, a digital public library and collaboration platform. • OER Commons offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels. • Users identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners.
  12. 12. The Process • An RFP went out in spring 2018. • Two vendors submitted proposals. • Representatives from community colleges reviewed proposals.
  13. 13. Why OER Commons’ Proposal Succeeded • Price was right and was a cost effective way to share the 800 resources developed by the MASSGo Open grant. • Design worked for the member institutions. • OER Commons “Hubs” are custom branded landing pages- each community college has its own imprint. • Each community college imprint has openly accessible tools for collaboration, authoring and curation as well as highly structured metadata and tagging tools that help with the discoverability and description of OER.
  14. 14. Training and Support • Two hours of ISKME facilitated virtual meetings. • Overview of Hub administrative tools & functionality. • Curation and Authoring Tool trainings. • Help center & ticket support system.
  15. 15. Data Analytics • Analytics dashboard that incorporates Google Analytics and other site metrics that track and generate custom view on content contributions and use. • Not quite as sophisticated as some other systems.
  16. 16. Challenges • Sustaining the momentum of the Mass GoOpen project. • Core management team works well as a team but we each have our own full time jobs. • Same is true for the Group Administrators we are recruiting from each community college. • Tagging & adding metadata is time consuming. • Funding for OER development resides with each institution; at present no statewide initiative or funding other than the agreement to split the yearly maintenance fee for the Hub.
  17. 17. Benefits • Some Massachusetts community colleges were working towards developing OER repositories of their own and are abandoning those efforts to join the hub. [Community building] • The Mass Hub itself will help us expand our OER efforts and sharing among institutions. [Scalability] • If you build it, they may come. [Sustaining Innovation]
  18. 18. Looking to the Future • Massachusetts OER Collaborative • Building capacity for OER across MPHE • MASS CC Hub is a critical component of this continuing work.
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Early Childhood Education Discipline Groups Amanda Taintor ECE Faculty, OER Coordinator and ZTC Degree Lead Jennifer Paris ECE Faculty, ZTC Degree Faculty Lead
  21. 21. Early Childhood Education Discipline Groups
  22. 22. The Why ● Moment of Discovery ● Replication of Work ● Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) Alignment ● Basics are Basics
  23. 23. The How……. Right Now ● ECE Summit ● Listserv ● ECE OER Conversations ● Google Group Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
  24. 24. ECE Summits
  25. 25. Ongoing Listserv ● Communication Hub ● Ongoing and growing ● 140 Participants Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
  26. 26. ECE OER Conversations ● 2nd & 4th Wednesday ● Informal Conversation ● Rotate through 8 Courses ● Time to Share Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash
  27. 27. Google Groups CAP Aligned Outline with links
  28. 28. Google Group Collaboration Share what you find Comment on Shared Resource
  29. 29. Moving Forward Rebus ● Principles and Practices ● Health Safety and Nutrition ● Later: 6 more rapid release ○ Child Growth and Development ○ Child, Family and Community ○ Introduction to Curriculum ○ Observation and Assessment ○ Teaching in a Diverse Society ○ Practicum ● Compiling Outline and then call for authors!! Photo by Laura Lefurgey-Smith on Unsplash
  30. 30. Working Through the Process ● Creating the Leadership Team ● Defining the project ○ Timeline ● Create an outline ● Recruiting authors ● Authoring and content creating (guides!!) ● Copy Editing Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash
  31. 31. Programming Fundamentals Community Group Dave Braunschweig Computer Information Systems Faculty
  32. 32. • Text is introductory and programming-language neutral • Includes examples in C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Swift • Currently seeking reviewers for any of the included programming languages • Visit: • or • programmingfundamentals
  33. 33. Stay in the Loop • Upcoming Conferences – OpenEd 2018, October 10-12 – See our website under “Get-Involved” • Stay in touch thru Community Email -- Image:
  34. 34. Oct 17th Webinar Different Approaches to Sustaining Open Education Speakers: To Be Announced Registration available here:
  35. 35. Questions? Contact Info: @unatdaly -- @quill_west -- Thank you!