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CCCOER Roundtable - Different Approaches to Open Education Sustainability


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What happens after your first OER project is a success? You have to find a way to sustain your efforts! From professional development and policies, to securing ongoing financial support for OER work, we are all looking for ways to keep our efforts in OER growing.

Join us to hear strategies from a roundtable of open education experts on how they are sustaining and expanding open education programs through blended funding and alignment with course redesign and student success programs.

When: Wednesday, October 17th, 11am PT/ 2pm ET
Featured Speakers:
Quill West, CCCOER president, Pierce College District
Matthew Bloom, OER Coordinator at the Maricopa Community College District
Nathan Smith, OER Coordinator at Houston Community College

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CCCOER Roundtable - Different Approaches to Open Education Sustainability

  1. 1. Different Approaches to Sustaining Open Education: A Roundtable Discussion Oct 17, 2018, 11:00 am PST Welcome to image:
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • CCCOER Overview • Roundtable • Stay in the Loop • Next webinar: Nov 14 • Q & A Image on title page:
  3. 3. • Expand awareness & access to high- quality OER • Support faculty choice & development • Improve student success CCCOER Mission
  4. 4. Membership Fall 2018 Map 70 CCCOER-OEC Members, 11 Systemwide Memberships, 30 U.S. States
  5. 5. Roundtable Matthew Bloom OER Faculty-in-Residence English Faculty Maricopa County Colleges, AZ CCCOER Council Member Nathan Smith OER Faculty-in-Residence Philosophy Faculty Houston Community Colleges, TX Quill West Open Education Project Manager OER Degree Director Pierce College District, WA CCCOER Council President
  6. 6. Ability of a system to remain diverse and productive indefinitely Source: Wikipedia, Retrieved March 21, 2018 Sustainability
  7. 7. Financial Sustainability What financial models have you implemented for sustaining OER at your institution? (e.g. budget, fees, faculty compensation)
  8. 8. Financial Sustainability Any questions from the community?
  9. 9. What policy considerations are necessary to support OER sustainability? (e.g. intellectual property policy, OER definition, supporting documentation, strategic planning) Infrastructural Sustainability
  10. 10. How do you/might you embed OER into existing institutional structures? Infrastructural Sustainability
  11. 11. What are your plans for leadership succession? Infrastructural Sustainability
  12. 12. How have decisions about technology use contributed to or detracted from the sustainability of OER at your institution? Infrastructural Sustainability
  13. 13. Any questions from the community? Infrastructural Sustainability
  14. 14. Cultural Sustainability How do you/might you measure and communicate program impact in support of sustainability?
  15. 15. Cultural Sustainability Any questions from the community?
  16. 16. Stay in the Loop • Upcoming Conferences – See our website under “Get-Involved” • Stay in touch thru Community Email -- Image:
  17. 17. Nov 14th Webinar Transforming Learning with Open Educational Practices and Pedagogy Speakers: Dr. Michael Mills, Professor Shinta Hernandez; Montgomery College Dr. Karen Cangialosi, Professor of Biology at Keene State College Registration available here:
  18. 18. Questions? Contact Info: @unatdaly -- @quill_west -- Liz Yata -- Thank you!