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CCCOER: Planning for OER Professional Development


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Embarking on an Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative is a large task and entails work to ensure that it is faculty-driven, administrator supported, and has the resources necessary to enable success. One critical element needed is a sound professional development plan to promote awareness of and adoption of OER. Research with higher education faculty has consistently indicated that professional development for finding and successfully adopting open educational resources is both desired and necessary to undertake this transformation.

When: Wed, Dec 7 , 10amPST/1pmEST
This webinar will provide viewers with an opportunity to learn about successful faculty development efforts to promote OER adoptions from an individual college perspective to a large community college district and a multi-college consortium. Speakers will share different approaches and resources developed to ensure success.

Featured Speakers:
Cheryl Huff: English & Humanities faculty, Germanna College, chair of OER Degree project for the Virginia Community College System.
Lisa Young, faculty director of the Center for Teaching & Learning at Scottsdale Community College, co-chair of the Maricopa Millions OER project.
Participant Login Information:
No pre-registration is necessary. Please use the link below on the day of the webinar to login and listen.

If you need dial-in access, you may use the following number: 1-888-886-3951 (passcode: 690205)

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CCCOER: Planning for OER Professional Development

  1. 1. Planning for OER Professional Development Cheryl Huff, Germanna Community College, VA Lisa Young, Scottsdale Community College, AZ Dec 7, 2016, 10:00 am PST Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Collaborate Window Overview Audio & Video Participants Chat Tech Support available at: 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537, 1554
  3. 3. Agenda • Introductions • CCCOER Overview • Planning at VCCS and Germanna • Planning at Maricopa and Scottsdale • Stay in the Loop • Q & A Image Front Page Attribution: What open means to you by johndbritton via flickr CC BY-SA 3.0
  4. 4. Welcome Please introduce yourself in the chat window Moderator: Una Daly, Director CCCOER Open Education Consortium Lisa Young Co-chair Maricopa Millions OER Faculty Director, CTL, Scottsdale Community College, AZ Cheryl Huff OER Degree Chair VCCS Consortium Professor Humanities & English Germanna College, VA
  5. 5. • Expand access to high- quality open materials • Support faculty choice and development • Improve student success CCCOER Mission Come In, We're Open gary simmons cc-by-nc-sa flickr
  6. 6. 250+ Colleges in 21 States & Provinces
  7. 7. Professional Development for OER • Community of practice • Funding sources • Workshops, webinars, consultations • Online resources, tools • Scaling up from college to consortium Image: edcamp philly 2012 by Keith Jarret via Flickr cc-by 2.0.jpg
  8. 8. OER Professional Development Cheryl Huff ATD OER Degree Chair, Virginia Consortium English & Humanities Professor
  9. 9. Today’s Objectives: • Meet the Virginia Community College System and our people • Share our OER experiences as a system and as colleges in that system • Evaluate what we have done, what we plan to do, and how that relates to where you are
  10. 10. System Impact
  11. 11. OER Initiatives in the VCCS • Chancellor’s Innovation Fund grants • VCCS Professional Development Workshop grants • Chancellor’s OER Grant Project • Zx23 Grant Project • Achieving the Dream OER Degree Initiative
  12. 12. First: OER Pioneers in the VCCS • Tidewater CC: Z-degree: AS: Bus Mgmt • Northern Virginia CC, Extended Learning Institute (ELI): Z-degree: Gen Ed, online • Reynolds CC: Z-degree: Gen Ed, Dual Enrollment • New River CC: OTIS: Open Text Initiative System
  13. 13. Early Z-Degrees: Professional Dev w/System Grants + College Funds
  14. 14. Next: Settlers • 16 Zx23 teams • Matthew & Libby Watts, My Open Math training statewide • faculty who became engaged via word of mouth & Lumen webinars • Individual colleges, regional centers, VCCS peer groups
  15. 15. Zx23 Grant Project
  16. 16. Live+Recorded: 22 Webinars
  17. 17. OER Professional Dev: Broad and Deep • Zx23 Team On-boarding • TCC’s Pathways at all Zx23 colleges • Discipline/Course specific webinars • Lumen Shepherdess f2f workshops at all zx23 individual colleges, • 5 Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence • All peers groups, including inaugural OER Peer Group meeting • AtD/Lumen faculty collaborations
  18. 18. Activity: Now What? Faculty: review the courses you teach that could easily convert to OER with adoptions as soon as possible, and begin the process Department chair, program director or associate dean: work within your division to share information about developing Z-degrees at your college. Librarian: seek out as many open resources as you can, and instruct your faculty in how best to find and use them. Instructional designer, consider ways that technology can best enhance the adoption of OER courses and materials, and facilitate effective training. Everyone: 1) Create an OER professional development plan and timeline 2) Join the VCCS OER Peer Group and attend events. 3) Attend any OER subject webinars or events 4) Keep up to date with events and activities here:
  19. 19. ABCD: Adopt, Blend, Customize, Develop* • Professional development tailored to need: –where are you, –where do you want to go? • System Peer Groups, Colleges, Divisions, Departments, Individuals, * formerly Adopt, Adapt, Build
  20. 20. Establish Networks
  21. 21. Back to the Future Achieving the Dream: • Pathways at individual colleges • Pathways system wide: transferable or credential? • Regional Workshops • Consortium Workshops • Targets? –Developmental, Dual Enrollment, ESL
  22. 22. OER Professional Development Lisa Young, EdD Faculty Director, CTL Co-chair Maricopa Millions OER
  23. 23. PLANNING FOR OER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Lisa C. Young, Ph.D. Faculty Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Scottsdale Community College
  24. 24. OBJECTIVES •Provide brief overview of the Maricopa Community Colleges & Maricopa Millions Project •Discuss Faculty Development Model for OER •Share tools and resources
  26. 26. ABOUT THE MARICOPA COMMUNITY COLLEGES • 10 Colleges & 2 Skills Centers ● 954 Occupational Degrees & Certificates ● 31 Academic Certificates ● 9 Associate Degrees ● 981 Courses • 265,000 Students • 9648 Employees ● 1,536 Residential Faculty ● 5,220 Adjunct Faculty
  27. 27. MARICOPA MILLIONS PROJECT • Increase Awareness • Support Adoption, Creation & Sharing of OER Materials
  29. 29. FACULTYDEVELOPMENT@MCCCD Awareness Nuts & Bolts Finding OER Creating OER Course
  30. 30. AWARENESS
  31. 31. BROCHURES
  32. 32. TARGETED VISITS • Division/Department Meetings • Individual Faculty • Specific Disciplines Photo by quinn.anya - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  34. 34. NUTS & BOLTS
  36. 36. FINDING OER
  39. 39. INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS • Centers for Teaching and Learning • Faculty Librarians Photo by Gwenaël Piaser - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  41. 41. INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS • Instructional Design • Any component of OER Training Photo by - Creative Commons Attribution License Created with Haiku Deck
  42. 42.
  43. 43.
  44. 44.
  46. 46. COLLEGE SPECIFIC PROGRAMS • OER & Hybrid Grants • Team & Individual Consultation
  48. 48. DREAMS
  49. 49. DREAMS • OER Institute • Comprehensive Repository Photo by Knight725 - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Created with Haiku Deck
  50. 50. QUESTIONS
  51. 51. Stay in the Loop • Upcoming Conferences – Open Ed Global CapeTown, South Africa -- Mar 8-10 – Achieving the Dream 2017, San Francisco – Feb 23-26 – See our new website under “Get Involved” • Open Education Week March 27-30 • CCCOER webinars restart early February – OER Authoring Tools/Platforms
  52. 52. Thank you for coming! Contact Info: Cheryl Huff: Lisa Young: Una Daly: Questions?