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CCCOER Finding and Adopting OER webinar


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h1Sept 14: Finding and Adopting Open Educational Resources
September 7, 2016
Finding & Adopting Open Educational Resources

Faculty who are new to OER may experience difficulty finding an open textbook or other openly licensed materials to adopt for their courses. Searching on your own is time consuming and the choices can be overwhelming. We will hear from a college librarian who helps faculty find and adopt high quality OER to match their course outcomes and the creators of the award winning OER Commons, a freely accessible online library that allows teachers and others to search and discover open educational resources (OER) and other freely available instructional materials.

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for our first fall webinar:

When: Sept 14, 10amPST/1pmEST

Featured Speakers:
Heather Blicher, Online Learning Librarian, Extended Learning Institute, Northern Virginia Community College
Mindy Boland, OER Product and Services Manager,, the creators of OER Commons

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CCCOER Finding and Adopting OER webinar

  1. 1. Finding & Adopting OER Heather Blicher, Northern Virginia Community College Mindy Boland, OER Commons, ISKME September 14, 2016, 10:00 am PST Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Collaborate Window Overview Audio & Video Participants Chat Tech Support available at: 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537, 1554
  3. 3. Agenda • Introductions • CCCOER Overview • Finding & Adopting OER at NOVA • OER Commons Overview • Q & A Image Front Page Attribution: CC-BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
  4. 4. Welcome Please introduce yourself in the chat window Moderator: Una Daly, Director CCCOER Open Education Consortium Mindy Boland Manager OER Project and Services OER Commons, ISKME Heather Blicher Online Learning Librarian Northern VA Community College Extended Learning Institute
  5. 5. • Adoption of high-quality open educational resources • Faculty choice & development • Student success Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) Image: Come In, We're Open by Gary Simmons cc-by-nc-sa flickr
  6. 6. 250+ Colleges in 21 States & Provinces
  7. 7. Teaching, learning, & research resources released under an intellectual property license or public domain which permits their free use & re-purposing by others. Open Educational Resources William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  8. 8. Cost Savings H-M Harcourt OpenStax ebook Rent $111.85, Buy: $178.99 Print Copy: $232. 98 (new) ebook – FREE, ibook $4.99 Print Softbound: $55.00 ©All rights reserved
  9. 9. College Librarian Heather Blicher Online Learning Librarian Extended Learning Institute
  10. 10. Where to Start? ▷ Repositories: • ▷ Textbooks: • • ▷ Journals: • ▷ Images: •
  11. 11. OER Commons at ISKME Mindy Boland OER Project & Services Manager
  12. 12. Finding Open Educational Resources (OER) Using OER Commons to find high quality OER CCCOER Webinar September 14, 2016 ISKME 2016:
  13. 13. About ISKME Research, tools and services to advance teaching and learning • Focused on improving the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector • Developed OER Commons as a digital public library of OER and a collaboration environment to support curriculum improvement • Infrastructure leverages best practices in library science and interoperability
  14. 14. Finding OER on OER Commons
  15. 15. • Expertly curated collections from over 400 content providers, over 65,000 resources • Custom technical web infrastructure and supports for educators at all levels • Integration with state and local LMS’s and processes • Content hosted on OER Commons as well as on external sites. • Platform for creating, collaborating, and remixing OER. OER Commons Digital Public Library Mature platform leverages best practices in library science, tagging and schema protocols, metadata standards and interoperability
  16. 16. The OER Commons Toolset: Search
  17. 17. The OER Commons Toolset: Search Keyword search will search the following OER Commons metadata fields: • Title • Abstract • Keywords & Tags • Material Type • Subject • Provider/Provider Set • Author Filter options on the Home screen include: • Subject Area • Education Level • Educational Standards
  18. 18. The OER Commons Toolset: Filters
  19. 19. The OER Commons Toolset: Filters On the Search Results page, users can further refine their search using the filters on the left side of the screen. Filtering options include: • Education standards • Topic Areas • Education Level • Material Type • Conditions of Use • Content Source • Primary User • Media Format • Educational Use
  20. 20. The OER Commons Toolset: Advanced Search
  21. 21. The OER Commons Toolset: Advanced Search Why use Advanced Search? • You are looking for something for a specific purpose. • You have specific rights requirements. • You want to find resources that have been evaluated or commented upon. • You know a lot about what you want, but don’t know what it is yet! • You are a librarian.
  22. 22. The OER Commons Toolset: Browse There are multiple ways to browse for resources: • Browse Curated Collections • Check out Groups • Go to a Hub • Browse by Provider
  23. 23. The OER Commons Toolset: Collections
  24. 24. The OER Commons Toolset: Collections • Curated Collections focus on a theme, grade, topic and include a vetted selection of OER. • Curated Collections can be driven by ISKME’s partners – organizations who seek resources related to a specific topic, grade, or theme. • When ISKME develops a Hub for an organization, often we’ll work together to construct queries that meet the needs of the organization, providing them with the tools to build out their collections.
  25. 25. The OER Commons Toolset: Groups
  26. 26. The OER Commons Toolset: Groups Any registered user can create an OER Commons Group. Groups provide a space for people to collect, curate, and organize OER. • Create your own folder structure • Save resources to your Group • Work with others to create and suggest new resources for a Group. • Engage in Discussions with other Group members.
  27. 27. The OER Commons Toolset: Groups Anyone can look at another Group’s collections. • Get ideas about resources that are in use by others. • Find resources that are newly added to Groups of interest. • Ask to Join! Access your Group via your LMS • We offer LTI access to a Group so all your curated resources are easily added to your LMS.
  28. 28. The OER Commons Toolset: Hubs
  29. 29. The OER Commons Toolset: Hubs A Hub is a centralized location on OER Commons where an organization can aggregate and collect specific Collections, Groups, or Resources. ISKME creates Hubs to help users find resources emphasizing a specific topic. • Open Textbooks • STEM Literacy • Common Core A Hub is a way for an organization to highlight high quality OER for members.
  30. 30. The OER Commons Toolset: Hubs Statewide Hubs • Michigan Colleges Online • Wisconsin • Alamo Colleges Topical Hubs • Open Textbook Hub • Common Core • STEM Literacy OER Commons Partner Hubs • OpenStax
  31. 31. The OER Commons Toolset: Providers • OER Commons has ~270 providers. • Users can browse by Provider when they have a specific source they are seeking.
  32. 32. OER Commons Any questions? Contact Mindy Boland: Some URLs:
  33. 33. Upcoming OE Conferences • OpenEd16 Conference Richmond, VA • Nov 2-4, 2016 Registration still open • Open Global CapeTown, SA • Mar 8-10, 2017 – Proposals due Oct 17
  34. 34. Stay in the Loop • Sept 28: CCCOER-Advisory meetup – Follow-up to Finding OER webinar; your opportunity to network and share. • Oct 12: Understanding Open Licenses – Quill West, Creative Commons, and more • Join CCCOER-Advisory group
  35. 35. Thank you for coming! Contact Info: Heather Blicher: Mindy Boland Una Daly: Questions?