CCCOER Advsory Meeting June 2013


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CCCOER Advsory Meeting June 2013 - End of Year Member Highlights and Bali Conference and Awards.

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  • Welcome to the CCCOER Advisory June Meeting. This is our last official advisory meeting of the 2012-13 year and we have a lot of great project news to share with each other.
  • ELLUMINATE/CCC Conference Opening Script [Start recording…] Welcome to the ________ Webinar for DAY, MONTH, YEAR [sponsored by]. [If applicable] Today’s guests come to us from _______ in ____, ___. I will introduce them shortly, but first I want to go over a few details about this [Elluminate/CCC Confer] session for those who are new to [Elluminate/CCC Confer].DetailsAt the upper left of your screen, you should see the Participants window, which lists the participants in this session. You can use the icons underneath this window to:Raise your hand if you have a question or comment and you wish to speakThere are also happy and sad faces and an applaud icon Below the Participants window is the Chat window to the center-left of this screen where you can type a question or comment into the box at any time. You can also send a private message to another participant at any time, but please be aware that moderators can see all private messages.Below the chat area is the Audio window in the bottom left of the screen. Click on the raised your hand button to let us know you would like to speak. You can use a head set or your phone for audio chat. If you are using a microphone and have been recognized to speak, Click the button with the microphone on it and begin speaking. Remember to click the button again when you finish speaking so that someone else can have a turn. You can control your mic and volume levels with the sliders. And if you are having trouble with your headset or microphone, you can access the Audio Setup Wizard from the Tools menu on the top toolbar. From Tools, select Audio, and then Audio Setup Wizard, and follow the on-screen instructions.[CCC Confer ONLY] If you are using the telephone to speak, Click on the phone handset below the microphone and audio volume sliders. The call-number and pin will then appear in a dialog box.
  • CCCOER Advsory Meeting June 2013

    1. 1. advancing formal and informal learning through theworldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-qualityeducation materials organized as courses.CCCOER Advisory MeetingJune 6, 2013, 3:00 pm Eastern1-888-886-3951(268808)
    2. 2. Collaborate Window OverviewAudio & VideoParticipantsChat
    3. 3. WelcomePlease introduce yourselfYour hosts:– Una Daly, Community College Outreach Director at OpenCourseware Consortium– James Glapa-Grossklag, President of CCCOER AdvisoryBoard; Dean, College of CanyonsSpecial Guests:- Billy Meinke, Creative Commons.
    4. 4. Agenda• Introductions• Conference Highlights• OCWC Board Update• CCCOER Member Projects• CCCOER Year-end Status• OER Research Hub Update• Summer Plans for CCCOER
    5. 5. Bali OCWC ConferenceGlobal Bali Conference 2013May 7-9
    6. 6. Learning,Teaching & Assessment 2013Learning, Assessment, & TeachingConference 2013Spokane, WAMay 1-3For archives of the conterence, go
    7. 7. OCWC Board• Revising the Mission Proposal– Focus on how social problems can be addressedwith expanded access to education– Leverage• sources of expert opinion• global network• position as the leading global voice of open education– Possible Areas• Workforce Development• STEM, health education• Sustainable Agriculture
    8. 8. Member Updates Part I• San Diego Community College OER site• Florida’s Open Textbooks, MOOCs, & Surveys• Kirkwood Spring OER Kickoff• OER GE Certificate starts Fall 2013 at NOVA• Bluegrass College OER Savings• Cerritos College Retail OER Project• Anne Arundel National STEM Consortium
    9. 9. Florida’s OER Updates• Two new open textbooks– Timothy Lentz, American Government 978-1-61610-163-3(UF)– Jeffrey Buller, Distinction Through Discovery: A ResearchOriented Fir st-year Experience 978-1-61610-164-0 . (FAU)• Under Development– Introduction to Theater Appreciation is under development• Competency-based Learning MOOC– Foundations courses offered by Broward College• Upcoming OER Surveys 2013-14- Faculty OER, Student Digital Resources
    10. 10. NOVA OER Certificate• 12 OER Gen Ed courses will beready for fall semester• Multiple sections of some courses willbe taught• Additional courses will be added inspring due to faculty interest
    11. 11. Kirkwood Spring OER Launch• Lessons Learned– Each faculty had unique needs• Changes for the fall
    12. 12. Member Updates Part 2• Roane State Rx Project and TNBR TAACCCT• Maricopa College District Creates OER Committee• Scottsdale College Student & Faculty OER Survey• Tacoma Community College $250K & Surveys• Foothill-DeAnza College District Savings• College of the Canyons Student Savings• MOOCs from Scottsdale and Hartnell• Houston Community College Student Savings• Lakeshore Technical College Open Courses• Pasadena City College Open Courses• BCCampus identifies 40 highest-enrolled coursesand 10 open textbooks
    13. 13. CCCOER 2012-13 Achievements• Consortium Press Coverage– 4 Publications• 10 Profession development webinars– Avg: 108 attendees, Median: 65 attendees (spring only)• 10 OER workshops• OER Research: ITC and Open University• Lots of Conference Presentations• 5 new members
    14. 14. Press Coverage• “Point of View: Open Educational Resources,”Community College Week, May 13, 2013• “5 Hurdles to OER Adoption,” CampusTechnology, April 24, 2013• “Presenters at eLearrning Ed Tech Trends”,Hispanic Daily, May 27, 2013• OERs Increase Acces for Students, CommunityCollege Times, May 10,2013
    15. 15. Competency-basedLearning & OER: June 11• Ellen Marie Murphy, Executive Directorof Curriculum and Learning Systemsat Ivy Bridge College, AltiusED• Dr. Chari Leader Kelley, Vice-Presidentof at Council for Adult& Experiential Learning (CAEL)• Dr. David Shulman, Associate Vice-President of theVirtual Campus and Instructional Technology atBroward College, Florida.
    16. 16. OER Workshops (2012-13)• Foothill College Tech Conference• British Columbia– Thompson’s River University– University of Northern BC• Mohave College PD Days• CCCOC Distance Education Coordinators• Kirkwood College PD Days• eLearning 2013• Accessibility & OER Workshop• De Anza College OER Workshop• Tennessee Board of Regents Summer Academy
    17. 17. OER Research HubExamining how OER Adoption affects teacherpractice and institutional policy.• May thru September– OER Faculty Survey deployment– Data Available to colleges• Oct/Nov– Interviews and focus groups with lead facultyand policymakers in the field.
    18. 18. Conference Presentations• Open Ed 2012• Mid-Pacific ICT• Workforce Development Institute• eLearning 2013• Open Education Week• AACC Annual• OCW Global Bali• Online Teaching Conference
    19. 19. New Members(2012-13)• Roane State Community College, TN– Kathryn Rhodes, Dean Student Academic Services• Northern Virginia Community College– Dr. Preston Davis, Director Instructional Services, ELI• BCcampus, British Columbia– Mary Burgess, Director Curriculum & Applied Research• California Community College Chancellor’s Office– Dr. Barbara Illowsky, Professor & OER Author• American Public University Press– Molly Fischer, Publication Editor APU Press
    20. 20. CCCOER Summer Plans• CCCOER-OCW Website Update– Project showcases go up on new OCWwebsite this summer.• OER & Accessibility– Working with IDRC Project• OER Research Hub Fellowship• Executive Board PlanningSummer Scowl CCBYNC by skipnclick
    21. 21. Thank you for participating!• Next advisory meeting in August-September