CCCOER Advisory March 19, 2014


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Monthly Advisory Slides with presentation by NECC OER Pilot Project

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  • ELLUMINATE/CCC Conference Opening Script [Start recording…] Welcome to the ________ Webinar for DAY, MONTH, YEAR [sponsored by]. [If applicable] Today’s guests come to us from _______ in ____, ___. I will introduce them shortly, but first I want to go over a few details about this [Elluminate/CCC Confer] session for those who are new to [Elluminate/CCC Confer].DetailsAt the upper left of your screen, you should see the Participants window, which lists the participants in this session. You can use the icons underneath this window to:Raise your hand if you have a question or comment and you wish to speakThere are also happy and sad faces and an applaud icon Below the Participants window is the Chat window to the center-left of this screen where you can type a question or comment into the box at any time. You can also send a private message to another participant at any time, but please be aware that moderators can see all private messages.Below the chat area is the Audio window in the bottom left of the screen. Click on the raised your hand button to let us know you would like to speak. You can use a head set or your phone for audio chat. If you are using a microphone and have been recognized to speak, Click the button with the microphone on it and begin speaking. Remember to click the button again when you finish speaking so that someone else can have a turn. You can control your mic and volume levels with the sliders. And if you are having trouble with your headset or microphone, you can access the Audio Setup Wizard from the Tools menu on the top toolbar. From Tools, select Audio, and then Audio Setup Wizard, and follow the on-screen instructions.[CCC Confer ONLY] If you are using the telephone to speak, Click on the phone handset below the microphone and audio volume sliders. The call-number and pin will then appear in a dialog box.
  • CCCOER Advisory March 19, 2014

    1. 1. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. CCCOER Advisory Meeting Mar 19, 2014, 2:00 pm Eastern 1-888-886-3951 (Passcode:837846)
    2. 2. Collaborate Window Overview Audio & Video Participants Chat Tech Support available at: 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537, 1554
    3. 3. Agenda • Happy Spring Break • Announcements • Open Education Week Mar 10-15 • North Essex Community College • Spring CCCOER Webinars • Spring Conferences and Events • Next Meeting: April 16 • Open Discussion Time
    4. 4. Welcome Introduce yourself and briefly mention any challenges or updates. Your hosts: – Una Daly, Community College Outreach Director at Open Courseware Consortium – Donna Gaudet, Vice-president of CCCOER Advisory Board, Math Chair at Scottsdale Community College - .
    5. 5. Welcome New Members Susan Tashjian
    6. 6. 240+ Colleges in 17 States & Provinces
    7. 7. Announcements • Low cost and free open textbook bill introduced in the U.S. House • SXSWedu Attendees?? • Developmental Ed Conference? • OpenEd 2014 in DC this Nov - Proposals due April 25 • Connexions announces new OER editor, to be unveiled in 2 weeks.
    8. 8. Raising Awareness of Open Education Worldwide Mar 10-15 • Videos, resources, local events, discussion groups, webinars. • Social Media promotion for open education projects. • Community College Day on Wed, Mar 12
    9. 9. March 12 OER & Accessibility • Challenges and Strategies for Promoting Awareness of Open and Accessible Educational Resources: – NFB, CSU-MERLOT, and OCW Consortium • Accessibility of OERs for Diverse Learners and Guidelines for Dyslexia in Modern Language Learning – Open University and OCW Consortium
    10. 10. March 13 Community College OER Day • Washington's OER Faculty Training and Lane College's OER Faculty Fellowship Program • Maricopa Millions district-wide OER Project, Kaleidoscope Project at Cerritos College, and Northern Virginia’s OER-based General Education Program • Scottsdale College’s OER Math Program and Tacoma College’s Liberate Project
    11. 11. NECC 11 Susan Tashjian Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
    12. 12. OER Pilot Project Jody Carson Sue Tashjian
    13. 13.  Textbook Taskforce Fall 2012 started Bill Heineman, VP of Academic and Student Affairs, as a direct result of student concerns over high cost and use of textbooks.  Members include: Faculty, Staff (CIT, Library, Financial Aid, Learning Accommodations, Advising), Students, Administrators (VPs), Bookstore Managers, Admin Support  3 subcommittees formed: Faculty Training and Resource Development, LibGuides, Student Support
    14. 14. Presented the work of the taskforce at Division Meetings, Student Senate, and Student Affairs Developed a faculty Libguide – Textbook alternatives Financial Aid Lending Library Student Survey (over 300 responses) Pilot Project
    15. 15.  Secured funding ($5,000) from Academic Affairs Budget  Put out a call to faculty interested in transitioning to free open- access, instructor produced, and/or library material in place of traditional textbooks currently required for their courses.  $1,000 stipend per course (no cost to students to access materials)  13 applications  5 courses were chosen based on based on greatest savings to students (at least $100 per course x # of seats and sections)  Project total savings for Fall 2014 semester - $52,876
    16. 16.  Faculty training  Analyze results from student survey  Faculty presentation of their projects  Securing funding (additional OER project stipends and training) NOTE: We just secured another $5,000 from TAA Grant for Summer 2014  Create Reusable Learning Objects database at NECC  Sharing resources and best practices!
    17. 17.  Student Issues: Printing  Evaluation (courses and student success)  Long-term sustainability
    18. 18. Spring Webinars (Wed, 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST) • April 9 – OER Impact Research Findings from Community Colleges and Librarians. • May 14 - Intellectual Property: Open Licensing, Trademarks, Patents, etc. • Archived: – February 5 - Open Textbooks: SUNY Geneseo, OpenStax College – March 12 - Community College OER Day
    19. 19. Advisory Meetings (3rd Wed, 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST) We are looking for short project presentations at these meetings. Please make a suggestion. • April 16 - Welcome to Delaware County and Delaware Tech Community Colleges • May 21 - ??? • Archived – Jan 22 – College of Southern Maryland – Feb 19 – OER and Bookstores – March 19 - North Essex Community College
    20. 20. Spring Conferences Conference Location Date eLearning 2014 Orlando Feb 15-18 League for Innovation Anaheim Mar 2-5 National Assoc. Developmental Ed Dallas Mar 5-8 Alliance of Distance Educators Palm Springs March 20 Connexions Conference Houston Mar 31- Apr 4 American Association of Community Colleges DC April 5-8 Sloan MERLOT ET4 Online Dallas Apr 9-11 OCWC Global Conference Slovenia Apr 23-25 NISOD Austin May 25-28 CCC Online Teaching Conference San Diego June 20-21
    21. 21. Thank you for participating! • Next Advisory Meeting: Wed, April 16, 2:00 pm (EST)
    22. 22. Open Discussion Time