Seabourn Antartida 2013


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Seabourn Antartida 2013

  2. 2. THE RESTAURANT SEABOURN QUEST DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCESailing with Seabourn is unlike any other form of travel. It’s like your favorite small hotel, where everyone knows you andknows what you like. They take the very best care of you. Only this one moves, effortlessly, from one fascinating place toanother, while you dine and dance and dream of what discoveries tomorrow will bring. Seabourn attracts interestingpeople, who seek to share experiences beyond the expected in places beyond the ordinary. Our acclaimed staff offers aunique style of heartfelt hospitality that is sincere, thoughtful and personal. The readers of Travel + Leisure and Condé NastTraveler understand these pleasures and have once again chosen Seabourn as The World’s Best Small-Ship Cruise Line.Our 225-suite Seabourn Quest combines the intimate style of Seabourn with the added amenities that a larger ship allows,a veranda in almost every suite, plus four restaurants and six open bars and lounges. Innovations include a multi-purposeconcierge lounge, Seabourn Square and the luxurious Spa at Seabourn. Because of her size, you’ll find a sociableambiance onboard. Enjoy the delightful camaraderie of like-minded guests while exploring the world in search of its verybest experiences.
  3. 3. ANTARCTICA U LT I M A T E ANTARCTICA & PATAGONIA 2013-2014Explore the end of the earth in signature Seabourn style. Majestic, unspoiled natural splendors await you — snow-capped volcanoes reflected in crystalline lakes, shining glaciers and towering fjords, the rugged grandeur of Patagonia,Cape Horn and beyond, the spectacular landscapes and teeming wildlife of Antarctica. A skilled and experienced expeditionstaff will plan and manage Seabourn’s cruising and Zodiac landings in Antarctica and South Georgia, choosing fromnumerous breathtaking options to provide you the highest quality experience possible during your adventure, basedon ice and weather conditions. Experts in a number of appropriate disciplines will offer insights on board, and on-siteguidance to maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of the land, wildlife and history. Just as Seabourn is acclaimedfor the highest quality hospitality services everywhere in the world, we intend to ensure you the highest quality Antarctictravel experiences when you travel with us there.
  4. 4. 2013 - 2014 Se a B Ourn QuEST SailinGS nOV 2 0 , 2 01 3 dec 1 1 , 2 01 3 Jan 4 , 2 01 4 Jan 2 5 , 2 01 4ParadISE BaY, anTarCTICa
  5. 5. TIErra dEL FuEGO, arGEnTIna huMPBaCK WhaLE, ParadISE BaY, anTarCTICa h i G h l i G h t S O f YO u r anTarCTICa & PaTaGOnIa eXPeriencedrake Passage ■ all eyes will be watching flocks of fascinating Puerto montt ■ Trek among ancient trees, zip-line over canyons orseabirds flit, soar and swoop to survey your ship. noble cast for legendary Chilean trout in Chile’s verdant Lake district.albatrosses glide effortlessly just above the waves, and petrel castro ■ Walk the trails of the valdivian Temperate rain Forest, onesquadrons shadow the ship and patter across the surface like of the rarest environments on earth, and learn about the peopleballerinas en pointe. We’ll be watching for whales here too. of Chiloé, who make their livings from the forest and the sea.lemaire channel ■ all the glamorous grandeur antarctica can Puerto chacabuco ■ Watch for red deer on an island trek, or drivemuster is on show along this narrow, seven-mile cut between the rugged rio Simpson valley to the city of Coyhaique.ranks of towering peaks draped in ice and snow. Punta arenas ■ visit the Magellanic penguin colonies of OtwayParadise Bay ■ The name really says it all. and that is good, Sound, or venture inland to the majestic granite peaks of Torresbecause words otherwise fail to convey the heavenly beauty of del Paine national Park.this landscape. The rest of your life may seem a little brighter,just knowing that such a place exists. chilean fjords ■ day after day, your ship glides between towering peaks, some polished and others densely forested. SilveryGerlache Strait ■ a deep, scenic channel between the large waterfalls dance from the heights, glittering like tinsel againstislands of the Palmer archipelago and the Peninsula. Watch for the stone. a massive, wrinkled river of ice descends to a glowing,feeding humpback whales in this area. blue-white wall at the head of its bay.Gentoo penguins are the most common species, but adélie and Beagle channel/Glacier alley ■ a scenic cruise between hangingchinstrap penguins are likely, too, depending on our landing sites. and tidewater glaciers set in soaring granite cliffs.Pods of orcas are a common sighting in antarctic waters. Port Stanley ■ Stanley’s cathedral, the oldest in the SouthernSouth Georgia island ■ abundant green vegetation will greet you hemisphere, is marked by an arch made from whale you arrive by sea. The seas here are rich in nutrients and food, The town’s roofs are painted in different cheerful hues, and thesupporting huge populations of penguins, seals and birds. Whales, islanders are proud of their sheep, their penguins, and theirtoo, are returning after their long decline due to over-hunting. unshakeable British tenacity.
  6. 6. u lt i m at e a n ta r c t i c a hOlidaY antarc tic a , PataGOnia u lt i m at e a n ta r c t i c a & PataGO ni a & SOuth GeOrGia iSl and & PataGO ni a SE a B O ur n Q uE S T SE a B O ur n Q uE S T SE a B O ur n Q uE S T Buenos aires to Santiago Santiago to Buenos aires Santiago to Buenos aires 21 days 24 days 21 days nov 20, 2013; Jan 4, 2014 dec 11, 2013 Jan 25, 2014d aY P O r T a r r d EP d aY P O r T a r r d EP d aY P O r T a r r d EP Buenos aires, argentina 4p Valparaíso (Santiago), chile 4p Valparaíso (Santiago), chile 4p1 Montevideo, uruguay 7a | 2p 1 Cruising the South Pacific Ocean 1 Cruising the South Pacific Ocean2-3 Cruising the South atlantic Ocean 2 Scenic cruising reloncaví Sound 2 Scenic cruising reloncaví Sound4 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 10a 6p | Puerto Montt 10a | 8p Puerto Montt 10a | 8p (Lake district), Chile (Lake district), Chile5 Cruising the Scotia Sea and Southern Ocean 3 Castro, Isla Chiloé, Chile 7a | 4p 3 Castro, Chiloé Island, Chile 7a | 4p Scenic cruising Gulf of Corcovado Scenic cruising Gulf of Corcovado6-10 antarctic eXPerience* 4 Puerto Chacabuco, Chile 10a | 8p 4 Puerto Chacabuco, Chile 10a | 8p From numerous possible landing sites, your experienced expedition team will 5 Scenic cruising Chilean Fjords 5 Scenic cruising Chilean Fjords select those that will provide you with 6 Scenic cruising amalia Glacier and 6 Scenic cruising amalia Glacier and the best experiences available, based Canal Sarmiento Canal Sarmiento on real-time reports of wildlife, weather and ice conditions. 7 Scenic cruising Strait of Magellan 7 Scenic cruising Strait of Magellan Punta arenas, Chile 7a | 8p Punta arenas, Chile 7a | 8p11 Cruising the Southern Ocean, Scenic cruising Cockburn Channel Scenic cruising Cockburn Channel drake Passage and Cape horn 8 Scenic cruising Glacier alley and 8 Scenic cruising Glacier alley and12 ushuaia, argentina 10a | 8p Beagle Channel Beagle Channel13 Scenic cruising Beagle Channel and 9 ushuaia, argentina 7a | 5p 9 ushuaia, argentina 7a | 5p Glacier alley 10 Cruising Cape horn, drake Passage 10 Cruising Cape horn and drake Passage14 Scenic cruising Cockburn Channel and Southern Ocean Punta arenas, Chile 7a | 8p 11-15 antarctic eXPerience* Scenic cruising Strait of Magellan 11-15 antarctic eXPerience* From numerous possible landing sites, From numerous possible landing sites, your experienced expedition team will15 Scenic cruising Canal Sarmiento and your experienced expedition team will select those that will provide you with amalia Glacier select those that will provide you with the best experiences available, based16 Scenic Cruising Chilean Fjords the best experiences available, based on real-time reports of wildlife, weather17 Puerto Chacabuco, Chile 7a | 5p on real-time reports of wildlife, weather and ice conditions. and ice conditions. 16 Cruising the Southern Ocean and18 Scenic cruising Gulf of Corcovado Castro, Isla Chiloé, Chile 11a | 8p 16-17 Cruising the Southern Ocean and Scotia Sea Scotia Sea 17 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 7a | 4p19 Puerto Montt 7a | 3p (Lake district), Chile 18 Grytviken, South Georgia 8a 18-19 Cruising the South atlantic Ocean Scenic cruising reloncaví Sound 19 Expedition day in South Georgia* 4p 20 Montevideo, uruguay 12n | 7p20 Cruising the South Pacific Ocean 20-22 Cruising the South atlantic Ocean 21 Buenos aires, argentina 7a21 Valparaíso (Santiago), chile 7a 23 Montevideo, uruguay 12n | 7p 24 Buenos aires, argentina 7a*Subject to government approval. The final itinerary is subject to weather, ice and other conditions and subject to change. ZOdIaC LandInGS In anTarCTICa and SOuTh GEOrGIa GEnTOO PEnGuInS, anTarCTICa
  7. 7. N Seabourn is a member of IAATO, Buenos Aires The International Association of Valparaíso Montevideo W E Antarctica Tour Operators. Pacific S Ocean Puerto Montt Reloncaví Sound Castro A member organization founded Gulf of Atlantic Corcovado Ocean in 1991 to advocate, promote and Puerto Chacabuco practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. Chilean Fjords Amalia Port Stanley Glacier Canal Sarmiento Punta Arenas Grytviken, Strait of Scotia Sea South Georgia Island Magellan Ushuaia Cockburn Channel Cape Beagle Glacier Horn Channel Alley Drake Passage Elephant Island King George Island Antarctic Sound Gerlache Paradise Strait Hope Bay Bay Lemaire Channel Antarctic Weddell Peninsula Seas WEDDELL SEAL, ANTARCTICA – S E A B O U R N Q U E S T A N TA R C T I C A & PATA G O N I A FA R E S B RO C H U R E VA LU E I T I N ER A RY D AT E D AY S F RO M / TO P O R T S FA R E S F RO M FA R E S F RO M ULTIMATE ANTARCTICA & PATAGONIA Nov 20, 2013 21 Buenos Aires to Santiago ¤25,000 ¤12,799 HOLIDAY ANTARCTICA, PATAGONIA & SOUTH GEORGIA ISLAND Dec 11, 2013 24 Santiago to Buenos Aires 30,000 15,299 ULTIMATE ANTARCTICA & PATAGONIA Jan 4, 2014 21 Buenos Aires to Santiago 25,000 12,799 ULTIMATE ANTARCTICA & PATAGONIA Jan 25, 2014 21 Santiago to Buenos Aires 26,600 13,599 All fares are in Euros, cruise-only, per guest, double occupancy, subject to availability. Fares vary by sailing date, are capacity controlled and subject to change without prior notice. Applicable savings are included in fares shown above. Information herein is accurate at time of printing. Seabourn reserves the right to correct errors.
  8. 8. WORLD’S BEST SMALL-SHIP CRUISE LINE 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007 & 2006 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Award BEST SMALL-SHIP CRUISE LINE 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards GOLD LIST 2012 Condé Nast Traveler 18 consecutive years BEST SMALL SHIPS 2012 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Poll SIX STAR DIAMOND AWARD The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences THE SEABOURN DIFFERENCEIntimate ships with just 104 or 225 suites. All dining venues are complimentary — dine when, where andA Seabourn ship is like a private club, where members share with whom you wish.expansive open decks, inviting social spaces, and the From casual to elegant, indoors, al fresco or in your suite, apersonalized attention of an exceptional crew. range of choices invites you to be spontaneous.Unique itineraries to must-see cities and hidden gems where Gourmet dining experiences that rival the finestlarger ships can’t go. restaurants anywhere.Each cruise is a hand-picked collection of fascinating places, From French fries to foie gras, every dish served on Seabournand each day brings a new opportunity for authentic discovery receives the expert attention of highly skilled and imaginative— another chance to explore your world in a personal and chefs. The finest ingredients are selected with care, perfectlymeaningful way. prepared to your order, and served with pride.Intuitive, gracious service provided by a staff passionate Complimentary welcome champagne and in-suite bar stockedabout pleasing our guests. with your preferences.It is supremely relaxing to be looked after by thoughtful hosts, Soft drinks, beer and mineral water, complete glassware andwhose knack for anticipating what you might like borders on your favorite wines or spirits are ready for your enjoyment orthe clairvoyant. for entertaining.Spacious, all-suite accommodations with sweeping ocean views Tipping is neither required nor expected — service simply to— many with verandas. delight you.Seabourn suites are thoughtfully appointed and inviting, Our award-winning staff is driven only by their sincere desire todesigned as homes-away-from-home with room to unwind or please, and with a smile that comes from the heart.entertain.Open bars throughout the ship, and fine wines poured at Ships’ Registry: Bahamas ©2012 Seabourn | PRINTED IN USA 10/2012lunch and dinner. Item Code: SEA13741EUMeet and mingle with fellow guests in a carefree atmosphere,where no one has to pick up the tab. Visit