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  1. 1. Experience after WarResearch & Ideas for Narrative<br />
  2. 2. Article 1<br />It was only after Dan returned home to Maryland that things began to fall apart.<br />He also had to adjust to married life since<br />Back home, though, it was hard to let his guard down again.<br />the banging noise of a trash truck was enough to set off alarm bells in his brain.<br />He had trouble concentrating, and he showed up late for work.<br />he still seems to be struggling to grasp how his life could have changed so dramatically in such a short time.<br />"The only problem I had after I came back was trouble sleeping,”<br />"After a couple of weeks, though, slowly but surely, I got back to normal.”<br /><br />
  3. 3. Article 2<br />1. "I had real bad flashbacks. I couldn't control them,”<br />2. Those screams are the most horrible thing you can hear.”<br />3. I was having a breakdown and trying to get assistance.<br />4. "The smell of diesel would trigger things for me. Loud noises, crowds, heavy traffic give me a hard time now. I have a lot of panic. ... You feel like you're choking.”<br />5. At home, he found he couldn't sleep more than three or four hours a night. When the nightmares began, he started smoking cigarettes. He'd find himself shaking and quick-tempered.<br />6. I'd wake up at night with cold sweats.”<br />7. That's the big thing. They can't talk to anyone. They can't relate to anyone.”<br /> <br />