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Louise Woodward, Umpf, Leeds Met guest lecture


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Slides for Louise Woodward's guest lecture (15 Nov 2011) at Leeds Met university for students on the BA (Hons) Public Relations degree course

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Louise Woodward, Umpf, Leeds Met guest lecture

  1. 1. National Consumer Campaigns from a Regional PR Agency Louise Woodward
  2. 2. summary • a bit about me • a few words on social media • what is consumer PR? • consumer PR campaigns: • tactics • case studies • my advice and top tips • any questions?
  3. 3. a bit about me background… • BA Communication Studies – Sheffield Hallam University • South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust (2003 – 2004) - Wakefield • Dig for Fire (2004 – 2007) - Sheffield • Lucre (2007 – 2010) - Leeds
  4. 4. a bit about me • Senior Account Manager at Umpf • PR and social media agency based in Leeds • Launched by Adrian Johnson in 2009 • Top ten social media consultancies in the UK • Winning awards for our consumer and social media campaigns
  5. 5. a bit about me
  6. 6. a few words on social media …
  7. 7. consumer PR – a quick definition … Consumer PR is … … specifically focused on promoting a brand, product, service or key message to the general public via consumer media channels (e.g. national newspapers, TV, radio, regional newspapers and online news sites) And how do we do this? By manufacturing/creating news stories for the consumer media.
  8. 8. consumer PR – tactics… How Do We Create News?
  9. 9. tactic 1 – the research story
  10. 10. tactic 1 – the research story
  11. 11. tactic 1 – the research story
  12. 12. tactic 1 – the research story
  13. 13. Case study – Stoves “Made in Britain”Client: Stoves Campaign: Made in Britain Date: On-goingBrief: Generate publicity around Stoves’ British manufacturing heritageSummary: We’ve created a campaign calling for a standardised ‘Made in Britain’ logothat can be used by UK companies manufacturing in the UKResults: 200+ pieces including the FT, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Metro, BBC Radio2;campaign raised in the House of Commons; 250+ UK manufacturers requested the logo
  14. 14. tactic 2 – the attention grabbingpicture
  15. 15. tactic 2 – the attention grabbingpicture
  16. 16. tactic 2 – the attention grabbingpicture
  17. 17. case study – Engage Body Breaking PointClient: Engage Mutual Campaign: Body Breaking Point Date: August 2011Brief: A national news campaign to promote Engage’s sponsorship of the Super LeagueSummary: A unique research campaign to find the most common injuries in SuperLeague supported by a high impact imageResults: Coverage in The Sun, Sky Sports, Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, ITV Calendar and rugby league media
  18. 18. tactic 3 – the stunt
  19. 19. tactic 3 – the stunt
  20. 20. tactic 3 – the stunt
  21. 21. tactic 3 – the stunt
  22. 22. case study - “GE: The Royal Fridge”Client: GE Appliances Campaign: Royal Fridge Date: Apr-May 2011Brief: Create a stunt to tap into the Royal WeddingSummary: Royal fridge: the ultimate low budget campaign: just 1 Photo-shopped imageResults: 500+ pieces globally eg ABC, CNN, BBC, Time Magazine, UK nationals, all trade
  23. 23. tactic 4 – the best job in the world
  24. 24. tactic 4 – the best job in the world
  25. 25. tactic 4 – the best job in the world
  26. 26. tactic 5 – celebrity spokesperson
  27. 27. case study – Lakeside’s Living ChristmastreeClient: Lakeside Agency: Clarion Communications Date: November 2010Brief: Create national exposure for Lakeside’s Christmas lights switch onSummary: Clarion placed Chantelle Houghton on top of Lakeside’s Christmas tree as a‘living Christmas fairy’Results: 48 pieces of coverage including stories in The Times, The Sun and theDaily Mail. Double-page spread in Heat and full pages in OK, Star and Nowmagazines. Broadcast coverage included Daybreak and Heart FM.
  28. 28. tactic 6 – the Guinness World RecordAttempt
  29. 29. tactic 6 – the Guinness World RecordAttempt
  30. 30. tactic 7 – limited edition /world’s biggest,most expensive, oldest products
  31. 31. tactic 7 – limited edition /world’sbiggest, most expensive, oldest products
  32. 32. tactic 7 – limited edition /world’sbiggest, most expensive, oldest products
  33. 33. My advice and tips• Consumer PR is hard work but rewarding• Every day is different• Be prepared to muck in• Read newspapers and magazines and look out for PR stories• Cut and keep good examples• Link with brands on Facebook and Twitter• Follow key industry people on Twitter• Read industry websites, magazines and blogs• Get to know PR agencies and what they do
  34. 34. thank you for listening … Any Questions? Download this presentation at Follow on Twitter: @louisewoodward @umpf