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Resume_Umme Akhtar


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Resume_Umme Akhtar

  1. 1. UMME SALMA AKHTAR Ph. D., MA.Sc., B.Sc. 4416 Elaine Drive Cell Phone: 613-890-9724 Ottawa, ON Email: K1J 8R9 LinkedIn Profile: An Air Quality Specialist with extensive knowledge and over ten years of experience in air quality monitoring and modelling, health impact and policy studies. Extensive experience in project planning and field work. Demonstrated skills and competencies also include: Knowledge and Experience in Air Pollution  Education background in the field of Environmental and Chemical Engineering  Ten years of direct research experience in air quality studies  Ten years of field work experience in air quality studies  Two years of experience in using air quality dispersion model (ISC-AERMOD View)  Knowledgeable of indoor air quality issues and experience with indoor air quality monitoring (metals, PAHs and PCBs, radon, etc.)  Knowledgeable of Federal and Provincial legislation, regulations, and policies  Ten years of working experience with air quality experts, health professionals, and health and safety professionals from government agencies and universities  Experience in writing technical reports related to air quality studies and development of health and safety policy Knowledge and Experience in Other fields  Environment and health risk assessment  Toxicity and mechanisms of action of air pollutants  Occupational exposure and health impacts  Management of workplace and environmental health and safety issues  Waste water treatment Project Management:  Multi-year experience in project planning and implementation  Capable of carrying out individual/team assignments, organize professional and community activities, and coordinate multidisciplinary projects Communication and Computer Skills:  Sound knowledge and experience of preparing correspondence and technical reports  Can communicate clearly and concisely, and have necessary computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint)  Data analyses using different statistical software (Minitab, SPSS, GraphPad Prism) WORK EXPERIENCE Project Manager (Postdoctoral Fellow) Nov 2014 – Present Research in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology (REACT) Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada  Supervising an occupational exposure study to develop new/better safety and health policies for firefighters  Project planning and supervision; collecting and analyzing samples
  2. 2.  Promoting the study by giving presentations to recruit participants and providing training to the targeted audience  Maintaining liaison between different participating agencies: Ottawa Fire Services, University of Ottawa, and Health Canada  Writing reports and presenting results  Supervised three co-op students Research Assistant Sep 2008 – Oct 2014 Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto, ON, Canada  Investigated the toxicological effects of particulate matter on human respiratory system  Designed study plan to support policy development for exposure limits of ambient particulate matter  Assisted in the development of a field-deployable cell exposure system for particulate matter toxicity study  Participated in several multidisciplinary projects  Prepared several reports based on literature review and experimental findings Research Assistant May 2006 – Apr 2008 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, ON, Canada  Investigated atmospheric total gaseous mercury (TGM) and other air pollutants concentrations in Windsor, ON, Canada  Conducted literature review for project planning  Participated in field works for multiple projects  Prepared several reports based on literature review and experimental findings  Used several air quality modelling (ISC AERMOD View, HYSPLIT model, Potential Source Contribution Function Model) and mapping (ArcGIS) software  Operated different air pollutants sampling instruments OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant Sep 2006 – Apr 2014 University of Toronto and University of Windsor, ON, Canada  Assisted professors with undergraduate course and lab works Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) Trainer Jul 2011 – Dec 2012 Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Toronto  Developed education materials for teaching assistants and facilitated numerous workshops Residence Communication Assistant Aug 2009 – Jul 2012 Student Family Housing, University of Toronto  Communicated with residents and organized different educational events Secretary/Treasurer Sep 2009 – Feb 2012 AllerGen Students and New Professionals Network (ASNPN)  Planned and facilitated professional skill development and information exchange events for trainees and new professionals
  3. 3. EDUCATION Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Sep 2008 – Oct 2014 University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada M.A.Sc in Environmental Engineering May 2006 – Apr 2008 University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering Aug 2000 – Jun 2005 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh