Hand sanitizers


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a presentation on Hand sanitizers industry in india

Hand sanitizers

  1. 1. History of Hand Sanitizer…!!!• The First hand sanitizer was Created by“Goldie” and “Jerry Lippman” in Akron, Ohio..In 1946. „Gojo‟• 1988 Gojo introduced Purell Instant hand sanitizer.
  2. 2. Best thing to happen in personal hygiene in last decade• 65% alcohol based• With Swine flu scare people becoming hygiene conscious.• First organized player Himalaya Herbal Healthcare – Pure Hands
  3. 3. • Takes less time than traditional hand washing with soap and water• Acts fast to kill microorganisms• easy and quick to use• reduces the spreading of illness many times
  4. 4. • more accessible than a sink is• Portable and convenient• Reduces amount of bacterial found on the hands• Slows down redevelopment of bacteria• Irritates the skin less than soap and water
  5. 5. Hand sanitizer in India.
  6. 6. Indian Hand sanitizer market25 crore market…!!
  7. 7. Dermi-cool Skin Defense
  8. 8. • Positioned indirectly Against Soaps• First in the category to advertise in the TV
  9. 9. There was a time when peopleused to strike their corporatelogos with the help of various souvenirs like pens, coffeemugs, key chains and manymore.However, now those souvenirsare being replaced by the bottles
  10. 10. Original Citrus BlossomThe youth, the young adultsand the urban crowd. 250 ml Rs. 149 100 ml Rs. 60 50 ml Rs. 30
  11. 11. Godrej also offersGodrej Hand Wash andGodrej Hand Wipes
  12. 12. • Kills 99.99% germs in 15 seconds• Fragrance• Not too long repositioned – new colours in its logo
  13. 13. • Claimed 15-20 lakhs within first week of its launch• Meru Cabs- Mumbai, Extensive sampling• Raveena Tondon- “Freedom to touch Campaign”• Distribution Points included Kiryana Stores, General Stores and Small Chemist outlets.
  14. 14. 2010 Rs. 50 for 55 ml.Parents
  15. 15. Lifebuoy with its unique‘carbolic acid’ odor hasbeen in the public’s mindas health soap.
  16. 16. • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensersacross various malls in Mumbai.
  17. 17. • Kills 99.99% of germs including deadly H1N1 virus without water.• Added moisturizers and vitamin-E .• Mild non sticky evaporates quickly.• Gentle mild fragrance
  18. 18. August 2009 50 ml for Rs. 39 150 ml for Rs. 99 (pump pack )Schools
  19. 19. Chemists, and the radio andoutdoor campaigns
  20. 20. • “contains seven essential ayurvedic oils.”
  21. 21. Fem Safe Handz April 18, 2011 50 ml Rs. 49 100 ml Rs. 89
  22. 22. • Kills 99.99% Germs• Moisturizing Complex helps retain moisture, leaving hands soft and supple.• Non Sticky, Dries Quickly• Fragrances of Lemon and Blossom• Promises anywhere anytime protection• It is easy to carry as it fits perfectly into ones pocket
  23. 23. 2004
  24. 24. since a long time stands for 100%safety and category extensioninto soaps and handwashes fromantiseptic lotion wasnatural choice tothem.
  25. 25. • Edge of 55% share in hand wash category• Pushing this category based on FEAR• Endorsed by IMA
  26. 26. Dettol Surakshit ParivarA 13-episode talk show in Imagine TV, on healthand hygienea school contact program and supporting theHygiene Council with recommendations onsimple hygiene measures.
  27. 27. • Keeping Hands Germ Free• Convenience (no need for water and towels)• Effectiveness (safer than traditional methods)
  28. 28. 2003 50 ml for Rs. 39Hospitals for along period
  29. 29. During the H1N1 panic, it startedretailing the 500 ml pump packs,which were erstwhile only meantfor hospitals and clinics.
  30. 30. • Innovative marketing campaign- young creative minds invited to make video (Facebook)• Beauty advisors around the country and through doctors.
  31. 31. • Affective herbal alcohol based hand sanitizer• Kills 99.99% germs ,prevents infection and insures total hand hygiene• Contains Moisturizers -prevents skin irritation and dryness
  32. 32. Children have gotten drunk after ingesting squirts of sanitizer due to its high alcohol content.Alcoholics are nowbeing told to stayaway from handsanitizers.Due to high alcoholcontent, hand sanitizersare highly flammable.
  33. 33. • Sanitizers absolutely do not work if there is anything on your hands. The sanitizer is not strong enough to cutthrough dirt, blood, or anything else youmight have on your hands so in cases like that you are advised touse soap and water first. Why wash yourhands and then rub sanitizer on it?Thats like adding an extra step to your dailyroutine.