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Its a presentation on a case study about Eureka Forbes when they entered indian market

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  1. 1. Submitted To: Prof. Anoop OhriSubmitted By:Umesh KumarRajkaran Chhina
  2. 2.  In 1909 Fred Wardell of Detroit, Michigan launched a vacuum cleaner company that soon acquired a worldwide reputation for high quality products, excellent relations with its customer and dealers, and solid marketing programs. That reputation continues today, with Eureka ranking as a major leader in home cleaning products.
  3. 3. Versatile Sleek Lightweight Eureka In 1913 Eureka launched six different models & offered various add-ons for cleaning floors,walls,upholstery & crevices.
  4. 4. 4005000
  5. 5. Jury of Electrical ExpertsSan Francisco International Exposition
  6. 6. 1929
  7. 7.  world war II Eureka had to stop production and its business suffered to a great extent for a couple of years. 1945 it merged with leading heating and air- conditioning equipment manufacturer William Oil- O-Matic, which was renamed as Eureka-Williams.
  8. 8.  Over the next years, it diversified into the manufacture of oil burners & government defense equipments. 1960 it merged with electronic good manufacturer National Union Electric and also manufactured a battery operated automobile named Henney Kilowatt.
  9. 9. Normal1983 and then Electroluxexpanded in 1997 El Paso JuarezWorlds Largest VacuumCleaner Manufacturing
  10. 10. 1982 Aquamall Water Solution Ltd. Subsidiary to manufacture its products 1985 Established its Dealer sales division 1986 industrial sales division 1989 exports divisionOperations begin from Delhi with just 10 salesrepresentatives.
  11. 11.  In 1997 Eureka Forbes diversified into electronic security solutions under the brand name “Eurovigil”. India Direct selling One of the first direct selling companies
  12. 12.  The company employed dynamic, highly motivated individuals, called „ Eurochamps‟, who projected the image of “ The friendly man from Eureka Forbes”
  13. 13.  It suffered a setback in 1992-93, when profits declined by 50% in comparison to previous year. However it gradually gained acceptance in Indian market & sales picked up. The company began advertising various media initially to familiarize its target segments, housewives, with its products & introduce it to its sales force.
  14. 14.  helpful salesperson who solved the problems of housewives. Models appeared as Friendly and trustworthy i.e. T.V. actors
  15. 15.  Customer Care Network with over 400 CRC, covering over 98 towns „annual maintenance contract‟ mobile service van(Mumbai,New Delhi) Operation Red Zone Water Labs (Mumbai,New Delhi, Kolkata,Chennai,Banglore and Ahemdabad)
  16. 16.  new water purifier against their old model at a discounted price . Euroclean home contest Service call back guaranteed with in 48 hours
  17. 17.  Call Center for customer service With in a year 5 more CRC B2E (business to employee) exercises and employees asked to report weekly instead of monthly. Ranking the salesperson according to their performance
  18. 18.  Regular information to suppliers and email identities . Online training sessions by managers Enabled its water labs to work online
  19. 19.  Net profit Rs 56million in 1995-96 Rs 2.29 billion in 1997-98
  20. 20.  Direct selling policy changed Consumer training drive with a pager number for demonstration and training by salesperson.
  21. 21.  Advertising Policy Changed Maidservant using a vacuum cleaner Entered the water bottle market
  22. 22.  Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment. Daily measurement of air pollution in 8 metropolitan cities with NDTV and aired on star news, also published on website like www.ndtv.con and Held free pollution control camps in 10 metropolitan cities
  23. 23.  Eureka forbes built a customer base of 2.5 million by 1999 and recorded a turnover of Rs 3.08 billion for 1999-2000. Besides the household segment ,its client list included leading hotels such as The TAJ ,The Oberoi ,The Centaur ,Four Seasons ,Orchid International, Leela Kempenski and corporates such as Mahindra & Mahindra ,TCS , Bajaj auto ,Wipro Fluid and Telco
  24. 24.  2001 Turnover of Rs 3.68 million ,32% of which came from vacuum cleaners and 45% from water purifiers. 2002 undisputed market leader with 75% and 85% market share and vacuum cleaners and water purifier.
  25. 25. • Asia‟s largest direct sellingcompany• Customers base of more than 6million happy families• Operating in over 131 cities and398 small towns
  26. 26.  1500 customers connecting everyday A 10,000 strong dealer sales network A 58 distributor strong Institutional Sales Network 4500 company trained technicians Supported by Call Centers, Customer Care Representatives & Mobile Service Vans
  27. 27.  Ranked among Indias Most Admired Consumer Durable Companies Best Employers (4 times in a row) Winner of Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise MAKE- Asia Awards A case study at the prestigious Harvard Business School Winner of awards on Customer Responsiveness Winner of Water Digest awards
  28. 28.  We are in close and constant touch with our customers, listening to them and understanding their needs We have created exciting new products and services to satisfy their needs We have educated them to change their perceptions and practices
  29. 29.  We make a special effort to let the bonds of friendship endure through service, post purchase training and a host of other customer care incentives Everyone in the company strives to make our customers Friends For Life
  30. 30.  „Nana Nani Parks‟ for our senior citizens Inaugurated in 1999, "The Year of Senior Citizen" Safe drinking water to earthquake victims in Bhuj and cyclone victims in Andhra Pradesh
  31. 31.  Frost & Sullivan honored Eureka Forbes Limited with dual awards, 2009 Best Company of the Year Award in the Indian Residential Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems Market and 2009 Customer Service Leadership Award in the Indian Residential Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems Market.
  32. 32. Happy healthy and pollution freeenvironment made on trust and lastingrelationships with customers. Mission To build sustainable relationships Values Mutual respect and trust
  33. 33. To become a 1000 Crore Company
  34. 34.  Direct selling and with the use of Eurochamps. Eurochamps were friendly employs from Eureka forbes. The smartly dressed salesman would come to their houses and show how air/water purifiers worked. Annual maintainance contract Operation red zone Mobile service vans Water labs
  35. 35.  The company planned to spread over its products available in retail outlets through its dealer network, spread across 2600 dealers. 10% from dealer channel and 75% from direct selling. It wanted to be a one-stop-shop for products related to providing pure water. Expertise said its new in market so it would have tough time.
  36. 36.  Different theme of advertisement, because people were letting servants to use other products but not vacuum cleaners. Training to salespersons Nana nani park Free pollution control camps
  37. 37.  Yes, ofcourse. It has reached the top now, it has been there for years. It believe that a good relationship with the customer is very important. They emphasis on after sale services resulting customer loyalty.