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How to manage htc with htc sync manager alternative


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How to manage htc with htc sync manager alternative

  1. 1. How to Manage HTC with HTC Sync Manager Alternative
  2. 2.  HTC Sync Manager is an official program to help HTC users organize and share files between their HTC phone and computer. In general, users often use this software to synchronize HTC contacts, calendar events and web bookmarks from/to computer, or manage their photos, music, videos and other media files. However, according to user reviews, this program is far from convenient and helpful, so that many consumers have turned to other similar programs. As a matter of fact, there are numerous synchronizing software on the market, have you operated the right one?
  3. 3.  Here I'd like to recommend you this Coolmuster HTC PC Suite, which is widely regarded as the best backup assistant and management software. This program is very easy to use, and I'll introduce you more features about it. Firstly, it allows you to view all files of your HTC phone on computer, including all media files, contacts, text messages, etc. Secondly, as a backup assistant, this program enables you to transfer photos, music and videos to computer as a backup file with only a few clicks. Thirdly, after opening this software on computer, you can freely add or edit contacts whenever you need. In addition, you are able to delete any file or app as you like. What's more, this program can also be used to organize, download and install apps on PC.
  4. 4.  Now you can see that this HTC PC Suite is pretty functional. While, what matters most is that this HTC Sync Manager alternative can not only be suitable to HTC models. In fact, this program is designed to help all Android mobile phone users manage their device on computer with simple operations. So no matter you own a HTC mobile phone or any Android device, jsut have a try. Here are free trial versions, you can choose to download the Windows or Mac version according to your computer system
  5. 5.  Steps to Manage HTC on Computer with HTC Sync Manager Alternative  Step 1. Run the Program and Connect HTC to PC  At first, you should make sure you've downloaded the right version on your computer. Then install and open it on PC. After that, connect your HTC mobile phone to computer via USB. In order to detect your smart phone successfully, this program will display a menu as follows to remind you to enable USB debugging on your phone.  By the way, as this guide will take the Windows as an example, if you own a Mac computer, you can install the Mac version and act as the similar steps to work it on Mac.
  6. 6.  Step 2. Install USB Driver and Scan HTC Phone  After identifying your HTC phone, this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer, so that it can scan your phone data smoothly. This process will last for a few minutes, please wait patiently. Then you will get an interface as shown.
  7. 7.  Step 3. Preview and Manage HTC on Computer as Needed  According to the above pictures, all files are listed on the panel, such as Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Contacts, etc. Now you can transfer media files to computer or synchronize contacts with PC.  Click "Photo", the whole pictures will be arranged one by one. Then you can select all or just some of them, and touch the "Export" button, you can save pictures to computer immediately. Moreover, you are able to delete them by pressing the "Delete" option.
  8. 8.  Hit the "Contacts" button, you can select to preview contacts or text messages as you want. Take the contacts as an example, if you want to add, delete, edit or backup contacts, just click "New", "Delete", "Modify" and "Backup" option accordingly. What's more, this Coolmuster HTC PC Suite can also work as a SMS assistant. So if you are going to send text messages on computer with this program, you can touch the "Send" button to edit SMS.
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