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How to do Gnocchi!


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Gnocchi are a traditional pasta from Italy, made with potatoes. This is the recipe we do in Umbria. Done by ourselves! More about on our blog:

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How to do Gnocchi!

  1. 1. Let’s Do GNOCCHI
  2. 2. Gnocchi are really age-old and they're made in all italian regions, in different shapes, sizes, ingredients and condiments. It is a simple yet difficult recipe, the risk is to make them too soft and therefore everyone stick to each other, obtaining a single gnocco. The other risk is to crush them, you have to be very delicate with this recipe. This is our way: ingredients for 4 hungry people: 500 gr flour (type 0) 1,2 kg potatoes tip: better if you have same sized potatoes
  3. 3. peel the potatoes and cut them in half
  4. 4. put them in a saucepan. water cold and salt (1 teaspoon), bring to boil. in the meantime prepare a "volcano" of flour
  5. 5. once potatoes are soft and cooked, strain them and mince with a food mill
  6. 6. ingredients are ready to be kneaded, just add a pinch of salt
  7. 7. work the dought quickly and shortly, until it'll be homogeneous it get too soft if you work it too long, and gnocchi risk to stick to themselves
  8. 8. cut the dought in pieces, in the meantime boil the water
  9. 9. take one of the dought pieces and work it to create "tubes" with 2 cm of diameter
  10. 10. sprinkle some flour on them
  11. 11. cut the "tubes" in 3cm long pieces, you're creating the Gnocchi!
  12. 12. once you've cut all your "tubes", move delicately the gnocchi to avoid them to stick. then, put them on a plate
  13. 13. repeat the steps until you've finished the dought
  14. 14. water is boiling, put salt in it (as you do for pasta) and push the gnocchi inside (without crush them)
  15. 15. they're ready when they float (quick cook 3-4 min) tip: turn them very delicately with the back of the wooden spoon
  16. 16. before (or during) the process, you'll have prepared a delicious tomato sauce (or ragu or mushrooms or fish or 4cheeses)
  17. 17. strain gnocchi with delicacy, be careful to do not crush them, and put them in the sauce, adding parmisan cheese
  18. 18. mix them, to have the sauce in everyone... they're delicious!
  19. 19. serve them with a good red wine and Buon Appetito!
  20. 20. Thanks for watching hope you’ll enjoy your Gnocchi! We are UmbriaLovers we love Umbria and we want to share all our beautiful things with the world Follow us on twitter @umbrialovers