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Medical advisor-job-description-success-criteria


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Medical Advisor: Job Description, Typical Tasks, Specific activities, Success Criteria

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Medical advisor-job-description-success-criteria

  1. 1. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 1Medical Advisor:Job Description andSuccess CriteriaMedical-Advisor-Job-Description-Success-Criteria
  2. 2. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 2The Medical Advisor provides a bridge between clinicalresearch and the marketing and sales department aswell as the remaining departments within theorganisation.He provides authoritative opinions and answersmedically and scientifically based questions.Overall Function
  3. 3. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 3Willing to educate colleagues from other departmentsKeep up to date with new developmentsAbility to both provide and receive constructive feedbackBuild and maintain relationships with colleaguesShare knowledge with other team membersWork as part of a team to reach common goalsDeliver creative ideas for continuous improvementDevelop good relationships with key opinion leadersHelp realize the full medical value of prescription drugsGeneral Competencies
  4. 4. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 4Act as member of the multidisciplinary brand teamHelp guide the strategic direction in therapeutic areasDistil clear content from the wealth of scientific dataHelp create convincing communication concepts incooperation with marketing and external partnersContribute to the content of promotional materialsApprove promotional materialsDevelop good relationships with key opinion leadersTypical Tasks and Specific Activities II
  5. 5. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 5Answer medical questions concerning productsTrain sales force reps regarding medical aspectsContribute to a flow of relevant publicationsCreate a review of relevant publicationsInitiate an advisory boardContribute to a digital strategyHelp marketing and sales force drive the businessTypical Tasks and Specific Activities II
  6. 6. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 6Key Performance Parameters: Options used- Number of identified new experts- Number of visits to new or established experts- Number of external presentations given- Number of internal presentations given- Number of conferences planned and supported- Number of publications supported- Has supported a web presence for a therapeutic areaHow to Measure Success I
  7. 7. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 7Key Performance Parameters: Options used- Has given at least two training sessions to sales force- Has established contact to a professional society- Has had a face-to-face conversation with a leaderof a patient group or self-help group- Has initiated the draft of a continuing medicaleducation program for physiciansHow to Measure Success II
  8. 8. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 8Soft Factors: Options used- Positive remarks from the marketing department- Positive remarks from the sales force reps- Positive remarks from external experts- Positive remarks from other stakeholders- Encouraging conclusions in publications- Incorporation of new substances in guidelinesHow to Measure Success III
  9. 9. © Healthcare Marketing Dr. Umbach & Partner 9www.medicaladvisorworkshop.comwww.medicaladvisorworkshop.deMore