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Ramco Systems Twitter Case Study


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One of the most active Indian companies on Social Media sphere, Ramco systems is a world-class provider of adaptive enterprise solutions in the global market. This case study attempts to trace the winning strategy behind Ramco systems's success on Twitter.

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Ramco Systems Twitter Case Study

  1. 1. Ramco SystemsTwitter Case Study - Umananda Mukherjee
  2. 2. Who they are:One of the most active Indian companies on Social Media sphere, Ramcosystems is a world-class provider of adaptive enterprise solutions in the globalmarket.
  3. 3. Ramco systems twitter stats: (as on 17 Jan 2013) Started posting tweets from Dec 2011 4855 Tweets 485 Following 38422 Followers Mainly active during 8 am to 4 pm time slot Little to no activity on Saturdays and Sundays
  4. 4. Promotion strategy for Twitter page Taking advantage of its already popularwebsite (page rank 5) Ramco systemsaggressively promoted its social networkingpresence Ramco systems also did a clever crosspromotion in Social media sites with the use ofapplications for syncing Twitter, Facebook etc RESULT: As a result, within a short periodof time, Ramco systems was able to gainhuge awareness and fan following on Twitterand other social media sites
  5. 5. Adding a human touchBeing a constantly evolving technology company, Ramco systems naturallymade use of popular social media apps like ‘Buffer’, but it also committed anhonest effort to refrain from over-use of automation.They have made every possible effort to maintain a human approach, wishingpeople ‘good mornings’ and even festival greetings – this strongly reflected ahuman behavior.
  6. 6. A conversational approach Ramco systems alsomaintained a conversationalapproach in Twitter With replies of approx8.04% among all its tweets,Ramco systems does talk asa brand Also, maintaining anapproximate percentage of5.16 re-tweets among itstweets, Ramco has alsotaken a satisfactory step inencouraging its followers and Source: Twitterstats.comfriends alike
  7. 7. PR activityRamco systems also indulged in subtle PR activities liketweeting links of its website news page, case studies, CEOinterviews, Press releases and of its participating exhibitionsand other events.
  8. 8. Other value added activity Ramco systems also showcased a smart usage of Twitter as a platform when it started posting vacant positions of its organization on Twitter; instantly giving a reason for job seekers to follow Ramco at Twitter. Another reason behind Ramco’s huge fan following is its posting of industry relevant articles, which although didn’t promote Ramco directly but won a lot of hearts which truly reflects the reason behind Ramco amassing more than 38, 422 followers.
  9. 9. So, in a nutshellBrands can increase their chance ofsuccess in Twitter many fold if they tweakand roll all of these elements into theirsocial media strategy.
  10. 10. Thank YouConnect with me on: I don’t own rights to any of the images used on this presentation “Ramco Systems Twitter Case Study”. Thepurpose of this presentation is only informative and not commercial in anyway. The published information in no way reflectsthe views and opinion of my employer and represents only my personal viewpoint.