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Facebook global pages - A basic understanding


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Announced on October 17, 2012, Facebook global pages allow brands to maintain one URL of their Facebook organizational page and at the same time offer localized experience to different geo-targeted locations. This slidedeck attempts to give the reader a basic understanding of Facebook global pages.

Facebook global pages - A basic understanding

  1. 1. Facebook Global Pages (A basic understanding) - Umananda Mukherjee
  2. 2. Facebook Global PagesAnnounced on October 17, 2012, Facebook global pages allow brands tomaintain one URL of their Facebook organizational page and at the same timeoffer localized experience to different geo-targeted locations. This attempts totackle the issues which the erstwhile Facebook system posed, where brandscould either maintain a single fan page across all of their markets, or createlocal pages for each market.
  3. 3. Broadly summed up in 3 points:1 One global brand: Irrespective of the page users land in, Facebook will dish out the same page name (translated into their local language), a consolidated fan count and People Talking About This (PTAT) stats hence, fortifying a brand’s social proof and build trust with existing and potential customers.2 One single URL: Brands who have been maintaining facebook pages for multiple locations with multiple URL will now have the liberty to only manage and promote a single URL and at the same time catering to users from several regions.3 One consolidated control panel: Instead of going to each page and checking for insights of the particular page, administrators of the global page will now be able to see insights for all global users in one centralized control panel. This will enable brand managers to measure their worldwide and local reach, compare regions against each other and gaining greater understanding of the global markets.
  4. 4. Few key facts: • Although, "Facebook global pages" features a consolidated "Like" and "People Talking About This" statistics, the local language, timeline cover photo, profile photo, applications, About information and even news feed stories will vary according to a specific region. • Facebook users who will be identified with their IP addresses will be routed to the most relevant page of the brand and will also have the option to visit other region pages of the brand via a drop-down menu. • At present, Facebook is offering this new structure only at country level and not on a state or city level.
  5. 5. The good points:• Many brands on Facebook have huge fan base, however, brand managers on Facebook have often realized that their posts reach only a small group of people and largely fail to extract any worthwhile action from its fans. That is where, Facebook global pages promises to bring in its worth. Giving brands the option to share region-customized content to their targeted audience, brands can greatly increase their chances of making their product campaigns on Facebook a successful one.• Administrators of the global page can set up local versions of its Facebook page, plus a default page for everyone else. Users will be dynamically directed to the most relevant page available for their region, relieving brands from having to set up separate, country-specific Facebook Pages which will surly turn out to be a big resource saver.
  6. 6. The not-so-good points:• Although global Pages are free, not all brands can take advantage of this. Only those spending enough on Facebook ads (roughly around 10,000 plus per month) to justify a named account manager at Facebook are eligible.• Brands who have a large fan base concentrated in one region, might also not find the new structure of "Facebook global pages" useful.• A distinct feature of Facebook global pages is the automatic translation of the content to match a users location. Facebook will translate the page name and content to match a user’s country. The downside lies in the Facebook relying on "Bing translation", an automatic translation service which often results in grammatically incorrect sentences and even misinterpreted ones.
  7. 7. Kit Kat Facebook Global PageKit Kat, one of the worlds leading chocolate brands, was one of the firstfew brands to make use of Facebooks latest offering in the form ofGlobal pages.
  8. 8. 46 Kit Kat Facebook Global PagesTrying to cater to as many locations as possible, Kit Kat Facebook Globalpages is available in 46 different locations/countries/versions.
  9. 9. Kit Kat Australia and BrazilKit Kat Australia Facebook page Kit Kat Brazil Facebook page
  10. 10. Connect with me on: 1/facebooks-global-pages-answer/ Disclaimer: I don’t own rights to any of the images used on this presentation. The purpose of this presentation is only informative and not commercial in anyway. The published information in no way reflects the views and opinion of my employer and represents only my personal viewpoint.