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Facebook Advertising Case Study


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This presentation on Facebook Ads showcases a case study of a Facebook ad campaign. It also features some key learning points.

Published in: Technology
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Facebook Advertising Case Study

  1. 1. My first encounter withFacebook Ads - Umananda Mukherjee
  2. 2. What to promote?A Facebook group "Understanding Social Media" was created to be promotedthrough Facebook ads. After the campaign, this group will strive to give itsmembers a closer and better understanding of the world of social media.
  3. 3. Ad and the target Taking into account Facebook’s ad guidelines, an ad was created with relevant content and image aligning to the target audience. Targeted an Indian audience with the age demography of 22 to 50, with specific interest in #social media optimization and # social media marketing.
  4. 4. Ad PerformanceRunning for 3 days and with a spending of Rs 83.57, the campaign’sreach was 18, 530 people with 15 clicks at 0.015% CTR.
  5. 5. Key take away points• Although the image used in the Ad was a relevant one, it failed to garner muchattention which probably led to not-so-satisfactory CTR. So, using an eye catchyimage is an important tool for success of a Facebook ad campaign.• The ad content could have been more appealing, instantly arising curiosity inthe reader’s mind, which this campaign failed to do. So, a well written content isanother important step in gaining success with Facebook ads.• The Landing could have been populated with more amount of quality content;this could have served as a motivating factor for visitors to join the group.
  6. 6. Thank You Connect with me on: I don’t own rights to any of the images used on this presentation. The purpose of this presentation is only informative andnot commercial in anyway. The published information in no way reflects the views and opinion of my employer and represents only mypersonal viewpoint.