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School magazine


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School magazine

  1. 1. School MagazineAt the start of my course, I am going to create a cover and contentspage of my schools magazine. This will help me to developsoftware skills and be able to use Photoshop accurately when Istart making my music magazine. It is a good idea to make onebefore hand as a draft to get an idea of what I need to improve onand give myself any feedback from what I created. The techniquesthat I will use in order to make this magazine will be the same I willuse for my music magazine. This magazine will not be as good asmy music magazine as it will be more of a draft then the actualproject. I will improve on any mistakes and elaborate more in whatI do.
  2. 2. Analysis of another school magazine Title of the Subheading magazine Colour scheme-Main image links matching redto magazine as and white to goit’s an image of a with the schoolstudent in logouniform Special edition toExclusive gossip- attract the targetappealing to the audienceaudience Wanting the reader to read on out of curiosity Getting readers involved
  3. 3. School magazine cover and contents page
  4. 4. On the title for the magazine andcontents page, I used the colourdark blue with white as it is themain colour for Preston Manor Highschools tie, uniform and colourcode. On Photoshop I used dropshadow, inner glow and outer glow.On warp text I used flag to give it awavy effect. For the first letter of thetitles I used the text ‘Palace ScriptMT’ . The reason for why I madethese decisions is because it linkswell with the school and its logo asthe way the title goes from low tohigh shows the progress andachievement for students from earlyyears to late.
  5. 5. Original imageI cropped out the picture using ‘quickselection tool’ on Photoshop andcropped out the whole greenbackground. This made it easy for meas it selected the background and letme crop it out accurately withouthaving to erase small parts. This wasthe advantage of using a green screenbehind my model. I then dragged theimage onto this background which is amixture of blue and white.
  6. 6. I made a few changes and added a shape which was eye catching and put over it “Win a free iPad”. Both these things related and it would be more appealing to the audience. I also added a website at the top of my cover for any other information and moved the title down so that it is clearer for the readers.At first I added the basics on the frontpage such as stories on the side andwhat to expect in the magazine. Itseemed dull and there was no websiteor anything that the audience can getextra information from. Also the topof the title was a bit cut out and didn’tfit in properly
  7. 7. ConclusionI learnt many new things on Photoshop whilst creating myschool magazine. Such as different tools, effects and colours Ican use to create new ideas. This will help me during theprocess of my music magazine. I have learnt from my changes toinclude the important information on the magazine, includeimportant additional images and make it more appealing andcatchy to the audience.