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UltraSpectra 28 December Roundup


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UltraSpectra is a full-service online company dedicated to providing the services of internet marketing and
IT solutions to professionals and businesses looking to fully leverage the internet.

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UltraSpectra 28 December Roundup

  1. 1. Daily Round UP
  2. 2. [ Gadget ] - Huge Releases Coming In 2012 Main Points Of The Post: Looking forward : 2012 Gadget Launches Product Expected: • MacBooks with high-res displays • Whats the next big thing for iOS? • Whats in store for the next version of Android? • Here comes the PlayStation • 4Nintendos Wii U will ship with a touchscreen controller • The Asus Padfone is a tablet-smartphone hybrid • PCs will finally get super fast Thunderbolt ports • PlayStation Vita is Sonys next generation handheld Read More at: ULTRASPECTRA
  3. 3. [ iOS & Android ] - Setting Records ON Christmas DayMain Points Of The Post:Introduction: Historical sale of iOS and Android devices activated andapps are downloaded on Christmas than on any other day of the year.Applications: Download volumes increased by 125% on Christmas.Devices: 100% of all new iOS and Android devices activated. Read More at: ULTRASPECTRA
  4. 4. [ Twitter ] - How To Use Press ReleasesMain Points Of The Post: Over View: PR world and its scenarios have now changed by Twitter. It is being offering a new, direct line of communication between businesses and consumers. Objective : Help you get exposure for your press releases on the microblogging service. Key Points : • Synthesizing Twitter releases with traditional press releases • An anatomy of a press release tweet • Press releases on Twitter: What not to do Read More at: ULTRASPECTRA
  5. 5. [ SEO Tips ] - How To Optimize for Local SearchMain Points Of The Post: Introduction : Importance of local search and benefits of local search optimization. Tips: Claim your spot on Google Places Optimize for geo-targeted keywords Include “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages to target local terms Get yourself rated Spiffy up your social media Links from other related local businesses Read More at: ULTRASPECTRA
  6. 6. Important Links
  7. 7. Connect With Us ULTRASPECTRA OPEN