Integrated marketing communication plan for tata prima


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Document explains how Integrated Marketing Communication can be implemented in reference to Tata Prima, a concept car of Tata Motors

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Integrated marketing communication plan for tata prima

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communication Plan For Tata Prima (Concept Car)
  2. 2. Ultimate Marketer Page - 2 - Product: Tata Prima (Car) Company: Tata Category: Sedan About Company: Tata Motors Limited is India's largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of INR 1,65,654 crores (USD 32.5 billion) in 2011-12. It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each segment, and among the top three in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact, midsize car and utility vehicle segments. It is the world's fourth largest truck and bus manufacturer. The Tata Motors Group’s over 55,000 employees are guided by the vision to be ''best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics Established in 1945, Tata Motors' presence indeed cuts across the length and breadth of India. Over 7.5 million Tata vehicles ply on Indian roads, since the first rolled out in 1954. Following a strategic alliance with Fiat in 2005, it has set up an industrial joint venture with Fiat Group Automobiles. The company's dealership, sales, services and spare parts network comprises over 3,500 touch points.Through subsidiaries and associate companies, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, Spain and South Africa. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover, a business comprising the two iconic British brands that was acquired in 2008. With over 4,500 engineers and scientists, the company's Engineering Research Centre, established in 1966, has enabled pioneering technologies and products. It was Tata Motors, which developed the first indigenously developed Light Commercial Vehicle, India's first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998, the
  3. 3. Ultimate Marketer Page - 3 - Tata Indica, India's first fully indigenous passenger car. Within two years of launch, Tata Indica became India's largest selling car in its segment. In January 2008, Tata Motors unveiled its People's Car, the Tata Nano, which India and the world have been looking forward to. The Tata Nano has been subsequently launched, as planned, in India in March 2009. Tata Motors launched the Tata Aria, the first Indian four- wheel drive crossover. The Tata Aria redefines several benchmarks with its design and technologies, offering class leading features that take comfort and safety to a new height. About Product: Tata Prima is based on Tata's flagship car model Tata Indigo and the designing is done by Italian car design company Pininfarina. Pininfarina has designed the world's popular cars like Ferrari Mythos, Ferrari Enzo and some Volvo cars. Tata Prima is a future design of sedan with Tata's initials. According to auto experts in industry, the sedan could be loaded with 1.6L or 1.8 L of petrol engine. On the other hand, as Tata's marketing policy, it might be launched with 1.8 L diesel engine. According to the company, the wheelbase of the Tata Prima would be 2700mm which promises ample interior space. The exterior of the sedan seems amazing with traditional Tata inputs. The designers did well to give it a coupe-like silhouette. The innocent face of the Tata Prima is a blend of simplicity with luxury. Curves and slopes are eye-soothing and pleasing as well. Tata has used its identity in the form of honeycomb front grille with Tata symbol pasted. The front bumper is also illuminated with LED lights at each end. Rear view mirrors, door handles and bumpers are in body colour. The rear view of the Tata Prima is more aggressive and sporty than the front face. Tail lamps and small hatch design is unique and dam sporty. The design work at the back is less but whatever is there, superb. Five spoke alloy wheels enhance the excellent piece of work done at the car. Tata Prima is spacious and impressive from inside. We can simply say that it will be equipped with advanced interior features and ample headroom and legroom. However, due to the sedan design boot space would not be as big as it looks. But we can expect that storage space at dashboard would be wide enough to hold mid-size stuffs like books, bottles, docs, tiffins etc. Product Characteristics: Stylish design, technologically advanced, luxurious This IMC plan aims to outline how communication will happen when this car will be launched
  4. 4. Ultimate Marketer Page - 4 - Long term Communications Objective for the offering Target Audience Age: Young, Middle, Elderly Gender: Male and Female Profession: Businessmen, Industrialists, Bureaucrats, Doctors, any successful professional Income: Upper-middle income group, Upper income group Communication Objective 1. Establish brand as new age car which brings in respect. 2. Communicate offering and advantage to stimulate interest and desire for product at customer level 3. Establish Tata motors as company that can produce new age, technologically advanced premium cars Reasoning: a. Tata doesn’t have any car offering in premium segment expect JLR. By introducing this car we aim to communicate that Tata can have a car which portrays image other than “Taxis” and can also product upper class car which earns respect to customer b. Establish it as a car which is different from other cars, of same segment, in terms of futuristic design and social statement & command respect from others to the consumer of the car which can create platform for Tata motors to introduce other high end cars
  5. 5. Ultimate Marketer Page - 5 - Brand Personality & Identity Brand Personality: Upper Class, Glamorous, Intelligent, Successful, Respected Reasoning: Brand personality will be in aligned with product attributes. As this car will from stable of Tata, which most respected and trusted brand of India, car will also possess attribute of respect. Brand Charter Vision: Most admired by customers, business partners and other stakeholders for the value, respect and joy from the car Brand Differentiation: The product will be first of its kind from Tata Motor and its futuristic design makes is class apart from its competitors and it will me most technologically advanced car in its product segment. Need fulfilment: Brand offers style seeking, performance conscious Indian consumer a car that not only fulfil their style and performance desire but also gives them social status. Permanent features: Luxury sedan, technologically advanced, sporty curvatures, stylish design, comfort, modern look Values: Innovation, Style, Excellence, Premium, Respected Recognizable signs: Prima Text Tata Motor’s Logo Coupe-like silhouette
  6. 6. Ultimate Marketer Page - 6 - Brand Identity: Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism Unique design of tail lamps and small hatch KAPFERER’s BRAND PRISM Physique: Sporty, Curvy Personality: Stylish, Modern, Upper class, Successful Reflection: Successful personality, stylish, respected Relationship: Trust, heritage Self Image: Modern, Upper class, trendy Culture: Modern India, Fashion
  7. 7. Ultimate Marketer Page - 7 - Strategic Plan for Communication As we are introducing a product which is very different from current Tata motor’s offerings and very different from what Tata Motor’s image is, we need to give proof of concept to people. For that we need to drive people to evaluate our product, so to induce more evaluation, our marketing communication plan will focus on awareness and Strategic Plan: 1. Advertising: Advertising a mass communication form and is paid by business firm which is identified in message. Advertisement provides information about brand & organization. It spreads awareness and stimulates interest in the brand. Three basic features of advertising are Attention, memorability and persuasion. 2. Sales Promotion: Sales promotions are used to provide strong incentive to purchase and boost sales. They provide immediate inducement to buy product by simple step of making product more valuable to customer. 3. Events and experiences: These are company sponsored activities and programs designed to create daily or special brand-related interactions to reach out to customers and do brand building. 4. Public relation: It is most powerful tool for brand which enables it to achieve effective relationship with public in order to manage brand image and reputation. It is unpaid form of communication and helps to build very strong relationship with customer of the brand. 5. Personal selling: It is marketing communication tool used to increase sales directly through personal contact. It allows face-to-face interaction with customer for product explanation, answering questions and creating a personal touch. Awareness Interest EvaluationPurchase Adoption
  8. 8. Ultimate Marketer Page - 8 - 6. Word of mouth marketing: There are occasions when people seek referrals. In this case recommender benefits both producer and product seeker. Therefore word of mouth is extremely useful mode of communication. And is free and more credible than advertising. 7. Interactive marketing: Interactive media allows to-and-fro flow of information where in customer can participate and modify the content he receives. This enables customer to make inquires, ask doubts and make purchase. Implementation Plan 1. Advertising Media has been selected after taking into account not only characteristic of media but also audience, message and media used by competitors. Broadcast: It reaches large audience and can deliver message with highly dramatic effect. TV commercials will feature our brand ambassador and will be aired in prime time. Print Media: It visually intensive and message being communicated as much by pictures as by words. The message can be accessed any time by any one. Through newspapers we will reach to mass customers while through magazines we will directly connect with our target audience. Display Media: It is communication mode to reach target audience when they are out of their home. It will be displayed at prime locations in city or town. Online Advertisement: Our target audience is largely present on internet and it is increasing rapidly. Moreover online advertisement is less costly and provides more and direct visibility to target audience. Our advertisements will be features on google, yahoo, facebook etc. 2. Sales Promotion  Provide higher margin rates for car dealer for certain period  Organize events for them to encourage sales and provide rewards for same  Take part in trade shows and put car for a show  Provide premium service and maintenance program to customers 3. Events and experiences  Sponsor cricket tournament and give car as Gift to man of the match  Sponsor activities that our target audience enjoys i.e. conference, trade shows etc Broadcast • Television Commercials Print Media • Newspaper • Magazines Display Media • Billboard • Cantour Online Media • Online advertisement
  9. 9. Ultimate Marketer Page - 9 - 4. Public relation  Provide information to media by organizing press conferences  Organize media events  Publish advertorials 5. Personal selling  Set up small kiosk to provide information to prospective customers and direct interaction  Run contour through city and encourage people to take test drive 6. Word of mouth  Encourage people to share their experiences on portal of the car  Add these people in TV commercial of the brand  Provide incentive for referrals 7. Interactive marketing  Online advertisement on various portals and search engines  Establish a website and common forum where existing customers and future customers can share their knowledge  Create social media handles for the brand  Youtube video promotion
  10. 10. Ultimate Marketer Page - 10 - Ensuring communication model works to our advantage The main objective of communication plan is to create mental awareness and buzz among the customers, induce trials and set a brand image of luxurious, stylish, upper class, technologically advanced car. To ensure that communication model works to our advantage, we have decided the channels that strongly influence our target audience and we will showcase our communication where our target audience is present. The form of communications and the choice of words in these various communication media will ne kept very appealing to target customers and also these elements will appear in the correct order and are implemented as per communication schedule. All our communication channels will have "One message, One voice and One look". All the communication mix elements that have been discussed above will have synergy spreading this message about the brand. Above all these, we will ensure that 6 Cs of communication are followed and implemented. •Clearly defined target audience •Clearly defined communication objective & message Clear •Keep it brief to excite audience and at a same time provide enough information induce interest Concise •Provide clear picture of what we are proposing and how we are satisfying their desires Concrete •All communication channels are in synergy with each other and are connected and sends same message Coherent •Communication will be friendly, open & honest. Communication wiil portary us as empathatic to their need Courteous •Creative communication will helps to engage audience and keep them interested Creative
  11. 11. Ultimate Marketer Page - 11 - Touch points Synergy: Advertisements provide products information, spread awareness and bring interest in customer mind about the brand. Public relations tactics provide more reliable information to consumer. This will make customer to look for the product. Which he invariably do on online space. Website and Social media establishes value and helps customers understand what your business is about and what your unique selling proposition is. They also drive awareness, share your content and keep your finger on the pulse of what's being said about your brand. Once customer knows about the product, he would be interested in trying the product. Events, personal touch and other sources give consumer personal connection with brand and opportunity to try product and gain more information about the brand. This gives personal touch to communication and allows building better relations with customers. Thus, though “One Voice, One Message, One Look”, we will be able to achieve this synergy. Advertisement •Billboards •TV Commercials •Print advertisement •Online advertisment Personal •Car dealer •Consumer survey •Cantour •Kiosks •Merchandise •Company representative •Afer sales service •Test drive Digital •Website •Social media handles •Online articles •Online events •Youtube videos •Applications Others •Corporate office •Recruitment •Sourcing partners •Testimonials •Brand ambassador •Jingle •CSR activities •Colore schems •Word of mouth Public Relation •Press release •Advertorials •News covered Events •Conferences •Sponsored events •Trade shows Symbols •Logo •Parent company logo •Unique design of car
  12. 12. Ultimate Marketer Page - 12 - Evaluating Communication Plan Marketing communication Plan Process What should we evaluate? Communication evaluation focuses on two things 1. Output: measuring communication performance, i.e. number of events held, press release issued, number of website hits, not of eyeballs attracted etc. 2. Outcome: Did communication activities result in any opinion, attitude and/or behaviour change amongst targeted audiences The aim of evaluation is not to prove that communication efforts change behaviour or opinion but assess the fruitfulness of communication channels and quality of activities. How to evaluate? MethodOutcome Quality of communication Opinion/ Attitude change Behaviour change Web analytics √ √ √ Online polls √ √ √ Focus group √ √ √ In-depth interview √ √ Surveys √ √ Control group study √ √ Chronological monitoring √ √ √ Tracking mechanism √ •Communicati on channel and message sending Activity •Productionof material •Medial coverage •Events •Web traffic etc Output •Awareness •Oponion •Attitude •Trials Outcome •Behavioural change •Increase in sales Impact