Exim policy of india.


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Export -Import policy of India.

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Exim policy of india.

  1. 1. WELCOME
  3. 3. EXIM POLICY  The foreign trade of India is guided by the Export Import policy of the govt. of india  Regulated by the foreign trade development and regulatory Act 1992.  Exim policy contain various policy decissions with respect to import and exports from the country  Exim policy is prepared and announced by the central govt.
  4. 4. GENERAL OBJECTIVE OF EXIM POLICY  To establish the framework for globlization  To promote the productivity competitiveness of Indian Industry  To Encourage the attainment of high and internationally accepted standards of quality
  6. 6. MARKET DIVERSIFICATION  diversification of Indian exports to other markets.  (a) 27 new countries have been included within the ambit of Focus Market Scheme.  (b) The incentives provided under Focus Market Scheme have been increased from 2.5% to 3%.  (c) There has been a significant increase in the outlay under ‘Market Linked Focus Product Scheme’ by inclusion of more markets and products.
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGICAL UPGRADATION  Zero duty has been introduced for certain engineering products, electronic products, basic chemicals and pharmaceuticals, apparel and textile, plastics, handicrafts, chemicals and allied products and leather and leather products.  The existing 3% EPCG Scheme has been considerably simplified.  A number of products including automobiles and other engineering products have been included for incentives under Focus Product, and Market Linked Focus Product Schemes.  Steps to encourage Project Exports shall be taken.
  8. 8. SUPPORT TO STATUS HOLDERS  The Government recognized ‘Status Holders’ contribute approx. 60% of India’s goods exports.  additional duty credit scrip can be used for import of capital goods by these status holders.  The status holder incentive scrip scheme is being expanded to cover more export product groups.
  9. 9. AGRICULTURE AND VILLAGE INDUSTRY  Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana.  Capital goods imported under EPCG will be permitted.  Import of restricted items.  Import of inputs such as pesticides are permitted.  New towns of export excellence with a threshold limit of Rs 150 crore shall be notified.
  10. 10. HANDLOOMS  2% bonus benefits.  Specific funds for promoting handloom exports.  Duty free import entitlement of specified trimmings and embellishments.  Duty free import entitlement of hand knotted carpet samples.  Duty free import of old pieces of hand knotted.
  11. 11. HANDICRAFTS  Duty free import.  Specific funds are earmarked.  CVD is exempted on duty free import of trimmings  Machinery and equipment are exempt from customs duty.  All handicraft exports would be treated as special Focus products.  2% bonus benefits under Focus Product Scheme for Handicraft exports.
  12. 12. GEMS & JEWELLERY  Import of gold of 8k and above is allowed  Duty Free Import Entitlement of Consumables, Tools and additional items.
  13. 13. LEATHER AND FOOTWEAR  Additional 2% bonus benefits under Focus Product Scheme.  Duty free import entitlement of specified items  Machinery and equipment shall be exempted from basic customs duty.
  14. 14. MARINE SECTOR  Duty free import of specified specialised inputs / chemicals and flavouring oils.  Marine products are incentivized at special higher rate  Marine sector included for benefits under zero duty EPCG scheme.
  15. 15. SPORTS GOODS AND TOYS  Duty free import of specified specialised inputs allowed  Sports goods and toys shall be treated as a Priority sector  Fast track clearance  Treated as special focus products  2% bonus benefits for Sports Goods & Toys.
  16. 16. GREEN PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES  India aims to become a hub for production and export of green products and technologies.  special initiative will be taken to promote development and manufacture of such products and technologies for exports.
  17. 17. INCENTIVES FOR EXPORTS FROM THE NORTH EASTERN REGION  In order to give a fillip to exports of products from the north-eastern States, notified products of this region would be incentivized under Reward Schemes of Chapter 3 of FTP.
  18. 18. THANK YOU