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2. disrupt before being disrupted

Turning corporate managers into business model mavericks

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2. disrupt before being disrupted

  1. 1. Rocking Business Innovation | 1© NC-Creators 2. Disrupt before being disrupted
  2. 2. Rocking Business Innovation | 2© NC-Creators Business Model All companies were once startups - most then grew by following a certain pattern Invention (Product or Process) Successful Business
  3. 3. Rocking Business Innovation | 3© NC-Creators Unfortunately, success attracts copy cats - competitors address the same customers with comparable business models …innovation fading off
  4. 4. Rocking Business Innovation | 4© NC-Creators What started innovatively, needs to become bigger to remain successful more customers are added the business is made more efficient and more capable… Production Strategies Logistics Strategies Product Portfolio Strategies IT Strategies… R+D Strategies Marketing Strategies Sales Strategies Regional Strategies Segment Strategies…
  5. 5. Rocking Business Innovation | 5© NC-Creators But this way of becoming ‘established’ has side effects. Organizations become self serving and immune to innovation Specialists Stakeholder Mgmt. It has become about optimising a system that is becoming more and more complex… … where lots of compromises need to be made to make everybody happy… … where enormous coordination efforts are now required… Standard Tools
  6. 6. Rocking Business Innovation | 6© NC-Creators In this situation start-ups show up; uninterested in the traditional ways. Their strategy is simply to re-invent business models Attackers create business models that are: a) successfully stealing away customers from the established and… b) are so specific that the established have difficulties to copy. Such attackers we call NIGHTMARE COMPETITORS
  7. 7. Rocking Business Innovation | 7© NC-Creators Deprived of customers by Nightmare Competitors the established are left with whatever remains
  8. 8. Rocking Business Innovation | 8© NC-Creators Conclusion: Learn to create strategies like start-ups. Create your industry’s Nightmare Competitors and disrupt before you are disrupted Offering (O) Value-Creation System (V) Suppliers (S) Model for Utilization (U) Model for Generating Revenues (R) Standards of Integrity (I)
  9. 9. Rocking Business Innovation | 9© NC-Creators Go to to download core elements of the Nightmare Competitor Approach
  10. 10. Rocking Business Innovation | 10© NC-Creators