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Emergence of the customer oriented enterprise (gunther verheyen, scrum day europe)


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Abstract: Scrum and Enterprise Agility

Scrum is a widely adopted framework for complex product development. Gunther Verheyen, Capgemini’s global Scrum leader, has witnessed how Scrum is a powerful mean to adopt the new, Agile paradigm of software development. Gunther will share his observations how Scrum is currently surpassing the walls of the software department. Gunther has a vision that helps people and organizations capitalize on this evolution and use Scrum to grow into Enterprise Agility. Because organizations can do more than just faster and better software development to delight its customers. What emerges, is the “Customer-Oriented Enterprise”. But Gunther will demonstrate why it is highly unlikely that this is the last stage of organizational evolutions…

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  • I was looking for a new way of doing enterprise architecture and was thinking that 'agile enterprise' would be nice to have. And see what I found, 'Enterprise Agility'. Great slides, sorry, great ideas. I want to know more about it.
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Emergence of the customer oriented enterprise (gunther verheyen, scrum day europe)

  1. 1. Emergence of theCustomer-Oriented Enterprise! Scrum!and!Enterprise!Agility! Gunther!Verheyen! Capgemini!Global!Scrum!Leader!
  2. 2. Hello world… Liberated markets The age of twitterMarket pressure A global economy What is IT contributing to our business? The consumerization of IT Fast media coverage Competing opinions Distributed skills Legislations and regulations Stakeholder impatience Unstable stakeholders Dispersed decision taking Technical integration “Have you got an app for that?” Collaborative competition Strategy revisions Shrinking lead times The must of mobile
  3. 3. This volcano of seemingly uncontrollable disruptionscreates a BURNING PLATFORM. All the time.You can deny it, but you cannot escape it. YourICEBERG is melting.
  4. 4. You seek, but don’t find control. You can’t manage itall. You become a FIREFIGHTER. All the time.Because every eruption, every unforeseen event is aCRISIS. And is treated that way.
  5. 5. The firefighter act isnt helping. It takes all yourtime and you still lag behind. All the time.Did you miss the train to EXTREMISTAN? Isthat why these ancient control models basedon industrial linearity are kept in place?
  6. 6. We’ve been there in IT. We too believed theindustrial paradigm to offer CONTROL.Superior staff designs and plans executable tasksfor workers. Workers are overlooked by hierarchicalsupervisors. QA is always done… too late.
  7. 7. The significant anomalies of the oldparadigm did give rise to a new one.AGILE thrives on competing ideas. Ambiguity andcomplexity are resolved by people and creativity. Encourage!Change!
  8. 8. SCRUM became the leadingAgile framework.With Scrum we set objectives, explore options andact. We sense, probe and adapt. At all levels.
  9. 9. With Scrum we build better software. Faster. In 30days, or less. We drastically reduce the time torespond to change. Up to instant responsiveness.Some organizations have even introduced anegative response time to change. They… LEAD.
  10. 10. Scrum is transcending software development, andbecomes a mean to the goal of Enterprise Agility.The CUSTOMER-ORIENTED ENTERPRISE emerges! Business* IT* Release* Support* Scrum TeamCommercial* Product*1* Scrum Team Scrum TeamCommercial* Scrum Team Product*2* Scrum Team Scrum TeamCommercial* Scrum Team Product*n" Scrum Team * ure ture* e rchitchit k,*A Ar re,*Infrastruct ctuecture,*Infrastruc v overnan Ris GoGernance,*ce,*Risk,*
  11. 11. Agility is about deep CULTURAL change and cannotbe achieved overnight, dictated or planned. It ismore about BEHAVIOR than it is about ‘process’.•  Scrum is probably already in use in your organization.•  Capitalize on the bottom-up enthusiasm via an Agility Capture Team (‘ CT’). A
  12. 12. A predicted roadmap is replaced with discovery andthe art of the possible through a Scrum qua Scrumapproach and a Transformation Playbook. Time = f(dedication * 1/firefighting)"
  13. 13. In the Customer-Oriented Enterprise:•  The self-directing, bottom-up intelligence of cross-functional Scrum Teams serves to envision, develop, maintain and grow great products.•  Managers create motivating boundaries from which complex products get delivered in 30 days, or less.•  Managers and Scrum Teams achieve mastery through focused accountability and dedication.All find purpose in excellence upon collaboration.*
  14. 14. Enterprise Agility has no end-state, there is onlyCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.The Customer-Oriented Enterprise dissipates intouniverses of learning, creativity and collaboration.Ancient concepts fade out (‘users’, ‘requirements’,‘developers’, ‘departments’). Players contribute,interact, exchange, interweave and combinecomponent pools, emerging patterns and services.The illusion of eternal growth and our triple-Pobsession (projects, profit, productivity) is replacedby social enterprising (value, purpose, benefit).
  15. 15. Hello universe…
  16. 16. Thank you* Gunther!Verheyen! * •  eXtreme*Programming*and*Scrum*since*2003* •  Capgemini*since*2010* •  Financial*Services*NetherlandsFBelgium* •  Global*Leader*for*Scrum* •  Contributor*to*Capgemini*Technology*Blog* •*since*2009* •  Professional*Scrum*Master*level*II* •  Professional*Scrum*Product*Owner*level*II* •  Professional*Scrum*Trainer*PSF,*PSM,*PSPO* * Mail*** Twi)er*@Ullizee* Personal"Blog*hRp://*