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Завод по производству биоэтанола второго поколения

Завод производству биоэтанола второго поколения. Инвестиционный проект группы компаний "Укртепло"

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Завод по производству биоэтанола второго поколения

  1. 1. New Bioethanol 2G plant development opportunity in Ukraine
  2. 2. About Ukrteplo Group Main Activities: • Heat generation. Ukrteplo Group has more than 100 boiler houses with a total installed capacity of 123 MW, that heats more than 1,3 mln. m2 of housing, hospitals, schools, and other facilities; • Growing energy crops; • Manufacturing of Biomass boilers. New directions: • CHP from Biomass (6 and 12 MW of electricity under construction); • Hydroelectric power plants • Solar power • Synthetic gas • Production of bioethanol The structure of Ukrteplo Group: • The structure of Ukrteplo Group includes 34 enterprises • 16 regions of Ukraine • More than 800 employees
  3. 3. Main idea of the project • Key idea - to build a plant for the production of bioethanol using second generation technology with capacity of 50 000 tons per year. • Electricity power plant with capacity of 12 MW is planned as a part of the project to utilize biomass remains with the output of energy to the network for "green" tariff of 0,12 eur/per 1 kWt-h (that lasts up to 2030). • Construction of the plant requires an area of 20 hectares with industrial infrastructure, water 5000 m3 per day and railway line. • Zaplaza sugar plant was selected from a lot of different other options because of a) large water ability b) good infrastructure c) huge volume of available biomass d) working condition. The plant was purchased by Ukrteplo Group in 2016.
  4. 4. Key figures • Nominal output 50 000 MT of bioethanol per year • Planning working time – 8000 hours per year • Biomass consumption – 286 000 MT per year • Capex 75 mln.euro (1500 euro/MT) • Annual income 32 mln. Euro (68% from bioethanol, 32% from energy and additional products) • Planning EBITDA 16 mln. euro per year • Planning number of employees – 400.
  5. 5. Existing inputs for the project • Plenty of unused biomass in Ukraine (9,6 mln. Ha, 64,1 mln. MT grain harvested) • Developed infrastructure of existing large Zaplaza sugar plant in Odessa region (3000 MT/day) • Ukrteplo Group as experienced local partner in Ukraine • Ability of Ukrteplo Group to co-invest into the project
  6. 6. Biomass availability • Ukraine has a developed agriculture. • The area under cultivation in 2015 amounted to 26.5 million hectares or 44% of the country. Total production in 2015: • 26.5 million tons of wheat • 8.2 million tons of barley • 22.5 million tons of corn • 10.3 million tons of sunflower • Available volume of agricultural waste in Ukraine is 33.0 - 35.0 million tons; Bioethanol plant with capacity of 50 000 MT per year requires 286 000 MT of straw per year. • Available volume of agricultural waste in a 50 km radius from the proposed location of the plant is 350 000 MT per year.
  7. 7. Area with infrastructure • For this project Ukrteplo Group purchased Zaplaza sugar factory • Manufacturing plant with remote sites constitute 115 hectares. • The plant has a connection to two transmission lines of 35 kV and a transformer substation in working condition. • Providing process water through the water intake on the river Kodyma. Water intake possibility 10 000 m3 per day. • There is a railway line of 5.5 km long, four kilometers pathways inside the plant, unloading and loading ramps. • The total area of ​​buildings - 20, 000 square meters. • Area buildings, suitable for operation - 8 000 square meters. • The factory is located in the small town Zelenogirsk, Lyubashivskiy district of Odessa region five kilometers from the railway station Zaplaza, Odessa railway.
  8. 8. 3D factory model
  9. 9. Factory plan and railway lines
  10. 10. Bioethanol advantages in Ukraine • The demand of bio-ethanol is increasing now • Bio-ethanol is fuel • Bio-ethanol has to be added to petrol according to EU Directive 2009/28/EC and to Euro 5 and Euro 6 Standards in amount of 5% now and 10% until 2020. • ​Volume of sales of petrol is up to 2 million tons annually in Ukraine • Demand of bio-ethanol on Ukrainian internal market will grow to 200,000 tons annually next years • Existing bio-ethanol plants in Ukraine produce up to 120,000 TPY of first-generation bio-ethanol • Demands of European market is much higher
  11. 11. Key Financial figures • -According to various estimates, the cost of the investment project of bio-ethanol plant construction using second-generation technology can be from 60 to 100 million US dollars • Ukrteplo Group intends to invest around 20% into the project using owned assets including acquired assets. It is 12-18 million US dollars. Estimated cost of Zaplaza sugar plant is 4,5 million US dollars • Required part of financing can get complex structure and will consist of partner's owned assets, third parties investment and credit funds. • Estimated payback time of the project is 5,2-6,4 years from the moment of the plant start-up • The construction time of the plant is estimated to be 18 months
  12. 12. Partnership offer Who we are looking for: • Ukrteplo Group is interested in the company-partner with specialized expertise in construction and operation of 2G bio-ethanol plant • Ukrteplo Group is interested in the company-partner which will also invest in the project • Ukrteplo Group is interested in a partner who can bring and implement his technologies into the project; What we offer: Ukrteplo Group is ready to consider any partnership and cooperation formats: • Investment in the project • Joint management of the project • The joint venture • Agreement on joint activities • Any other comfortable format for both partners.
  13. 13. Contacts Group of Companies «Ukrteplo» Tropinina str. 5v, Kyiv, 04107 +380 67 3264021 Roman Shved Head of CHP and Bioethanol division Mob. +38 067 249 05 17