The patients won


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Special prize in nomination "Pro-bono projects"

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The patients won

  1. 1. The patients won: they will receive treatment from Hepatitis C on the state expense Pravda awards 2013 Nomination: pro-bono projects/ competition of cost free projects Executed by: the patients organization UCAB Period: April-September, 2013 Contacts: Dmytro Sherembey, tel: (097) 418 80 66,
  2. 2. The Condemned
  3. 3. Status quo  3 500 000 Ukrainians suffer from viral Hepatitis C  UAH 0 for the Hepatitis C treatment in the State budget  UAH 100 000 per annual treatment course per patient
  4. 4. Goal and tasks
  5. 5. Solution. GR+PR Announcement pressure: Facebook virus: ‘The Condemned will come to the Cabinet of Ministers to look into their hangmen eyes’ Announcement sending to mass-media and government Appeal to the Prime-minister Lobby: Negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies to reduce price Meetings in the MOH and the Cabinet of Ministers
  6. 6. Solution. PR • 100 Condemned with cotton bags on their heads and loops on their necks lined up, as for the execution • Message: the patients with hepatitis C will die without treatment. The State should allocate funds for treatment from the State budget. • The action budget – UAH 0. Target audience: mass-media, the Target audience: mass-media, the state authorities, society state authorities, society
  7. 7. Solution. MR • • • • Press-briefing with activists and state officials from the MOH and the Cabinet of Ministers Maintaining mass-media contacts after the action – for production of analytical materials Distribution of press-releases to the key mass-media Interaction with the press-offices of the MOH and the Cabinet of Ministers
  8. 8. PR-campaign results About 20 TV broadcasts, 150+ online publications
  9. 9. PR-campaign results. Media Photo of the Condemned – among the Pictures of the Week in TIME International International mass-media mass-media coverage coverage Analytical, Analytical, summary and summary and weekly weekly broadcasts broadcasts
  10. 10. GR results. The Government response • • • The Prime-Ministered issued an Order to allocate the needed funds The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the State programme on combating the viral hepatitis Total cost of medicines procured – UAH • • 33,2 mln The MP’s group on overcoming the epidemics was formed The patients work over the Budget-2014 together with the MPs, the MOH and the Ministry of Finance
  11. 11. GR results. The response of Pharma sector • • Arrangement on 2 times price reduction Both key manufacturers will participate in tender, which will ensure the needed competition • Twice more patients will receive treatment
  12. 12. Contacts Thank you for attention! The patients’ organization UCAB