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Prominent Businessmen League


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Special prize in nomination "Effectiveness.Small projects"

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Prominent Businessmen League

  1. 1. Prominent businessmen League Nomination: “The Category: “Small most effective project” projects” (budget less than 150 000 grn) The Author of the project The customer PR-department of “Defense” full service marketing agency St. Skrypnika, 14A, Kharkiv +38 (057) 728 41 19 +38 (067) 577 93 70 “Strategiya” MBA-center St. Petrovskogo, 12, Kharkiv +38 (057) 700-00-09 +38 (050) 301-10-89
  2. 2. Description of situation After the last five years the number of students of the “Strategiya” MBAcentre (representation of the Open University of Great Britain in Kharkiv and the only MBA-school in the region) has decreased in 3 times. After the crisis Kharkiv businessmen unwillingly invest money in the education of their administrative stuff. And only some of them really think about a system business education. The businessmen and top-managers are poorly informed about MBAcentre’s presence in Kharkiv. They receive the information from their colleagues mostly. 80% of the students come to study on the recommendation of the MBA-centre’s students and alumni.
  3. 3. Description of situation Goals: Build the familiarity of the “Strategiya” MBA-centre in Kharkiv Update the demand for businesseducation among Kharkiv topmanagers Establish the communication among the MBAcentre’s students and alumni Demonstrate that the “Strategiya” MBAcentre gives the students an extra business administration knowledge Form the feel of pride of possessing the Kharkiv MBA-centre alumni status and the feel of closeness, belonging to some community Tasks: Ensure the mention of the MBA-centre in the local media with the biggest part of target audience Receive the socially significant information for the constant, not a single spreading among the Kharkiv media
  4. 4. Limitations and threats Market limitations Lack of the corporate clients stream No transnational No opportunities of corporations’ subsidiaries involvement students from other regions Very narrow market segment: the only individual customers Limitations of the information field Lack of the active business editions and shortage of the “alive” social and politics media 90% of mass-media belongs to an owner Toughening of the auditorial climate because of the mentioning of the company’s name in the texts Customer’s limitations No newsworthy information Limited month budget Lack of the direct access to the students and alumni* Unwillingness of the businessmen to give their companies’ and their own names *according to the conditions of education in the “Strategiya” MBA-centre it is forbidden to give the contact information to other people
  5. 5. Preparation The survey of Kharkiv journalists for identifying which businessinformation may be interesting for publishing (>50% Kharkiv region editions) The survey (interview format) of twenty Kharkiv top-managers and medium-sized and big enterprises’ owners (who are not MBA’s students and alumni) to define the character of economics formation which they feel the lack of.
  6. 6. Solution Сreation of the expert community for the “Strategiya” MBA-centre’s alumni and students on-line. The project was named “Biznes Liga”. Project key points : On-line quizzes were monthly organized among the MBA-centre’s students and alumni on different top business themes such as business administration, micro and macro economics developments, their influence on the business situation in the region etc. As a result the journalists has been provided with high-quality economic content and the entrepreneurs – with the relevant integrated information about the business activities in the market. Note. During the realization of the project it was necessary to avoid an association between “Biznes Liga” and lowstatus physical clubs of the entrepreneurs which already exist in Kharkiv.
  7. 7. What we did? The representatives of "Strategiya" MBA-center distributed the invitations to participate in the project among 450 students and alumni. We received the agreement of 150 persons. Each month we organized the quizzes among the people who accepted the replies. Each quiz consisted of 3-5 questions. Each answer had an illustrative comment except “yes” and “no” ones. We received not less than 50 full-filed quizzes, processed them with the participation of our sociologist and gave the integrated data to the local mass media.
  8. 8. Originality The agency developed a unique promotion way for MBA-schools. This way makes possible to stay in an attention field of the target audience when there is lack of newsworthy information in the company. None of the MBA schools has never been promoted this way.
  9. 9. Results An active participation in the “Biznes Liga”’s on-line quizzes of 32% of project’s members (about 50 peaple) The shortage of the relevant economics information in the region has decreased. Not only the state officials but the businessmen started to «talk». of publications was put in the target massmedia of target media published the texts on continuing basis for free The number of the company’s contacts has grown up by a third. More than 100 non-commercial publications were issued during 6 months in the local mass-media (to compare: MBA-schools of other cities with over a million dwellers had 1-5 non-commercial publications during the same period) = 1:2,7 Target audience reach is more than 60 000 contacts
  10. 10. Examples of the publications
  11. 11. Opinions Vitaliy Stavropolskiy, VOOMY IT-Park founder After the launch of the on-line quizzes we’ve started to share our opinions on different events and phenomena which take place in our country and the way they influence the local business. The quizzes are especially important because it is the proper MBA-centre’s project, which was offered not by the Open University. It takes the characteristics and other local business features into account. “Biznes Liga” mobilized us to discus different important to us topics, to be heard not only by each other but also by other Kharkiv entrepreneurs. Vitaliy Hudyakov, TH “Diana” All economics information in the local media is given without taking into account specific features of Kharkiv region. It leads to misunderstanding of what is going on our own territory. Participating in the MBA-centre quizzes without indicating our names and the names of our companies, Kharkiv entrepreneurs has got a chance to express their opinion and in return of it to get a piece of processed information about the market which there is always lack of.
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention! “Defense” agency’s team: Yana Chumak, Kiril Nagornyi, Anastasiya Manina, Margarita Berger